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I’m not a fan of raccoons, but I tolerate them in the pasture.  That’s where they belong.  I hate them in the barnyard.

Gabby was pulled from her nest and killed.   25 more words


Sunday's Scavenger Hunt

The items for Scavenger Hunt Sunday this week are:  alive, movement, starts with T, friends or family, and photographer’s choice.  Without further ado.

The Canada geese in the Back Forty are planning on starting a… 238 more words


Kinda Cute

The opossum is North America’s only marsupial.
This one was rooting around under the bird feeder.

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Can U See Me?

I can hides in ur grass and eats ur dandelions. Pretty clever, huh!

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Eastern Meadowlark

I’ve had several eastern meadowlarks out in the pasture lately.

I think the last time I posted a picture of a dickcissel, I was wrong.  It was an eastern meadowlark too.  48 more words