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New Lens for Phone Camera

A macro lens shows a small red succulent,
which can barely be seen in the lower part of the other photo
taken with phone camera. 129 more words

Cameras do make you look fatter - ESIST

Dan Vojtech

It’s a comforting thought: The camera adds 10 pounds. After all, it means that the “you” that you see in photographs is not actually your best self. 183 more words


Photography tutorial All about Camera lenses - Coming soon at Gmax Studios

Learn photography tutorial trailer all about Camera lenses.What is a prime lens? What lens to buy? All that you ever wanted to know about lenses. A photography tutorial on all about lenses.This tutorial is coming soon on Gmax studios. 111 more words

Photographic Filters - Which Ones Should You Use?

Affordable and easy to carry, photographic filters are an accessory that you should have in your camera bag. The type of filters you want depend on the type of photography you do. 311 more words