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(photo credit: personal photo)
I saw with my own eyes
a humpback breach
on cool grey waters. An ice berg floating
in the distance.
I did not need a macro lens shutter burst… 177 more words


Lens | 50mm f/1.8


I told you that you’d be seeing me again soon and this is the reason. Yes, yes, I got another camera lens. But in fact, this is only my second lens now. 422 more words


Do you Zeso?

Now that I got your attention!  Zeso Lens are the perfect accessory for anyone who enjoys snapping memories with their smart phone!  The Zeso Lens easily attaches to any cell phone, laptop, tablet, or iPAD and will enhance your image.   274 more words

Product Reviews

The Personable Factor: On-camera Eye Contact

When viewers perceive you as “personable” in video presentations, it’s a good thing–a very good thing. In fact, it’s apparently even more important than we thought. 390 more words


Seeing the world in focus

My camera, its constant presence over my shoulder, has become something of a standing joke… it is true that I seldom move without it. You just never know what you will see, and the when and where are even less predictable. 795 more words


Implement projects.

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