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Snapshots of 2016


Austin.  My sister’s first performance with the Austin Burlesque Alliance was on January 30th.  I made the trip to delight in the Star Trek Burlesque and have a few drinks and meals in this amazing city. 1,733 more words

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Glad Tidings at Christmas

As my beloved and I walked the beach knowing that our next days would be blessed with glorious rain, we breathed the winter air and counted the seconds as the sun sank into the Pacific.   26 more words

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July Photo Challenge 27-31

The end of July found me overwhelmed with the final stages of a project at work that seeped over to my home hours.  The extra minutes that I had to take pictures seemed to evaporate, and the final five topics (numbers 1 through 5) were “on the fly.”  But I liked that the limited time actually made me think more outside of the box. 184 more words

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July Photo Challenge: 16-26

I have to admit that I like that the alphabet assignment has really required more creativity with my subjects –only one cat this time.

#16. P is for … Paranormal. 371 more words

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July Photo Challenge: 1-15

The challenge this month with Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day brought a bit more of my creative nature.  It’s A through Z and 1 through 5.   418 more words


#JunePhotoChallenge 16-30

Now that I am taking more photos, I am also starting to branch out and take chances with my shots–different angles, more blur, and riffs on topics.   201 more words

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Wine Wednesday Quote: June 29, 2016

Wine Wednesday Quote:

“Anni, amori e bicchieri di vino –nun se contano mai.”

Years, lovers, and glasses of wine; these things should never be counted.

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Wine Wednesday