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July Photo Challenge 27-31

The end of July found me overwhelmed with the final stages of a project at work that seeped over to my home hours.  The extra minutes that I had to take pictures seemed to evaporate, and the final five topics (numbers 1 through 5) were “on the fly.”  But I liked that the limited time actually made me think more outside of the box. 184 more words

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July Photo Challenge: 16-26

I have to admit that I like that the alphabet assignment has really required more creativity with my subjects –only one cat this time.

#16. P is for … Paranormal. 371 more words

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July Photo Challenge: 1-15

The challenge this month with Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day brought a bit more of my creative nature.  It’s A through Z and 1 through 5.   418 more words


#JunePhotoChallenge 16-30

Now that I am taking more photos, I am also starting to branch out and take chances with my shots–different angles, more blur, and riffs on topics.   201 more words

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Wine Wednesday Quote: June 29, 2016

Wine Wednesday Quote:

“Anni, amori e bicchieri di vino –nun se contano mai.”

Years, lovers, and glasses of wine; these things should never be counted.

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Wine Wednesday

#JunePhotoChallenge: 1-15

Another month Fat Mum Slim‘s Photo a Day.  I also joined the Facebook group– FMS Photo a Day–which quickly made me realize that I need to step up my game.   431 more words


#May Photo Challenge 1-31

It was a fun month of following Fat Mum Slim‘s photo challenge. I discovered a lot about the importance of paying attention to the time of day.   1,007 more words

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