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I Can't Stand The Rain

It’s been raining on and off recently…delightful.

This a bit delayed, granted, but being a previous resident of New York City:
my thoughts go out to all of those who suffered from the recent hurricane Sandy…

The Amazing Slothman

Future Up Ahead

I’m not sure why this was on the outside wall of a sex motel…
But the guy who did this was inspired.

The Amazing Slothman

Happiness; Swallow with water

I know what you’re thinking, but it’s just┬ácandy… :I

The Amazing Slothman

Nana Heart

A recurrent character, called NANA, I found tagged in the Hongdae area (North Western district);
For New Yorkers, this may be similar to the artsy/hipster area of Williamsburg BK.

The Amazing Slothman