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Photographing Clouds for Drama

Use any camera to capture dramatic clouds. The trick is to take a vertical exposure with the widest lens you have. Lower the horizon to include the clouds… 71 more words



Bare Feet

For the B part of the photography theme challenge, I chose to shoot bare feet.

As mundane as feet may be and possibly overlooked since we see them every second and minute of the day, they make beautiful subject to photograph because no two feet are the same and a mundane object can be made interesting with specific camera settings. 96 more words

Digital Photography

Auto White Balance, a Cautionary Tale

Author: Ken Brown

AWB is a pretty neat (I am trying to avoid color temperature terms like “cool”) concept.  Set it and forget it.  Right ??   850 more words


Capturing the emotions of nature with camera

Capturing the emotion of nature requires a certain awareness as well as camera.  Enjoying the journey, while learning the camera’s limitations we notice how light showcases our subject. 551 more words



The  power and importance of light

When it comes to taking shots, light is so important as it can really can make or break a picture. 247 more words

Taking Shots

Introduction on camera settings

Getting to know your Camera

The Digital camera may seem intimating to a lot of people, but it is really a simple enough device to use. 616 more words

Taking Shots

Why Aperture Priority Mode is Preferred by Photographers

Photographers have their own shooting preferences. Some like using flash, some don’t. Some love to play around with depth of field, while others want motion blur and freeze motion effects more.  1,334 more words