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What Is A Stop?

As I was sitting down and starting to write the post on Shutter Speed, I realized that I had lied at the end of the… 335 more words


Freeze Motion Shots of Night Fountains

Fountains are designed to please the eye, but they often produce disappointing images when shot during the day. However, many are dramatically lit at night, and are better isolated from their background in the dark. 188 more words

Fine Art Photography

Using a custom white balance

Previously we talked about white balance and why it is important.  In the previous post we talked about using preset white balance.  Today we will talk about using a custom white balance. 496 more words


Best Camera, Best Lens, Wide Open, Black and White

I suffer from gear-itis, and while I’m not seeking a cure, I do need to treat some of the symptoms. I’m grateful to have a collection of cameras, lenses, and flashes sufficient to tackle whatever assignment comes my way, but it also makes me lazy and indecisive, making technical rather than artistic choices. 213 more words

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The importance of white balance

The importance of white balance in photography is that a properly set white balance ensures proper colors.  White balance is, in reality, color balance.   “An important goal of this adjustment is to render specific colors – particularly neutral colors – correctly; hence, the general method is sometimes called gray balance, neutral balance, or white balance ( 510 more words



One of the most common questions I get is some variation of “Do you really know what all those controls do?” or “Can you help me figure out the settings on my camera?” And, honestly, there are a lot of switches, dials, and settings on a camera and every year it seems something new is added too. 436 more words