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The Fundamentals of Photography: The Exposure Triangle

So, you’ve decided to get into photography or you just bought a new DSLR and you’re not sure where to begin. I’ve been there. Luckily, the internet is a wonderful place to acquire information. 1,431 more words


Building a sunburst into the landscape for more interest.

Landscape photography can be greatly enhanced if selecting a unique point of interest that relates to the overall scene. Using the rule of thirds can be a great composition maker. 431 more words


Photographing a spider on a wild web

Calm air is a big help if photographing a spider.

This little spider, not more than 1/4 inch body, could be a challange. I might have to focus closer than the lens would normally allow. 225 more words


Travel tips for camera and photographer

If I could do only one thing to make my travel images better, what would that be?

Probably, this… Have a camera handy for that spur of the moment photo op. 447 more words


Five Steps To Getting To Know Your First DSLR Camera

You have just purchased a state of the art digital SLR camera, or maybe you have owned one for a short time and feel a little uncomfortable with the multitude of controls and settings that present themselves to you. 674 more words

Photographic Illusions vs. Artistic Impressions

If I were an artist that paints, could I reach an audience with this image?

It is not something imagined with a paint brush, but created with a camera. 473 more words


Camera Sensor Cleaning - No Charge

Digital camera sensors attract dust.


If your pictures have a lot of dark specks on them, it is probably dust on your camera’s sensor. If you bring your Digital camera to the Haywood Historic Farmers Market  on Pigeon Street in Waynesville, NC next to the Salvation Army Thrift Store, I will clean your camera’s sensor no charge. 50 more words