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5 pointers that help you with panning

You’ve mastered motion blur and you’ve achieved some nice effects, but you now want to take a shot where the image looks sharp and the background gives a nice whizzy impression of speed. 503 more words

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Learning about camera settings

In this day and age of automatic controls there’s no need to understand how a camera works to get very acceptable results but to get exceptional results and to really enjoy the concept of taking photographs an understanding of the controls and ways of setting the camera up are a huge advantage so I’m going to attempt to help explain some of the more common settings which you should understand. 422 more words

Photography - What's the right path?

Photography does not have to be difficult. Some photographers work hard at trying to learn everything first, then venture out with the camera. And that’s OK, obviously for those who are attracted to that road. 474 more words


Night shooting

New Zealand 5, New Zealand Invitational XI 0
North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, January 26 2016

I had permission to photograph the second leg of the Football Ferns’ Olympic qualification tie vs Papua New Guinea on Tuesday night. 1,010 more words

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What Settings Should Be Used for Motion Blur?

The Easy Answer
Motion blur is achieved when you keep the shutter open for long enough that your subject has moved. The longer your shutter is open, the more motion blur you will achieve. 426 more words

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Getting Accurate Canon Camera Date and Time

Canon users, remember to run EOS Utility every once in awhile to make sure that your date and time are synced properly. The time tends to drift in cameras a little. 43 more words

Let's get serious!

Do You want to be a videographer? Do You want to work for a television company as video operator or just make awesome videos on Youtube? 414 more words