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Squirrels, Masters of Balance

With this post I want to show you some other photos of the same squirrel I uploaded some days ago. I prefer to upload the most funny photos of a set later, so, with this post you see the last photos of that squirrel. 324 more words


White Balance and the ExpoDisc 2.0

Lights have different color temperatures which are measured in Kelvin. Our brains translate the colors so for the most part everything evens out. However, our cameras lack our… 616 more words


Tips for achieving bokeh in macro photography

Bokeh (meaning “blur” in Japanese) can be used to great creative effect in macro photography. Sometimes it will occur naturally in your photos, but most of the time you will need to go and look for it. 230 more words


color vs. black and white photos

Black and white or color photos? I admit these are not the best, but I think both color and black white are equally eloquent each in its own way. 8 more words


new black and white photo

I’m still experimenting with black and white photos, shadows and depth. It’s pretty dark but I kinda like it.

P. S. I found my favorite selfie:


Trip to the local dog park....and playing with the camera settings

We had a good time, all three boys are now napping after their ball chasing. ¬†Even my boy Tim at his “distinguished” age kept up pretty well. DRT

New Mexico

Getting Snappy

Welllll, it’s been 8 months since my last post. Such is the life of a teacher during the school year . . . sigh. I’m sure my productivity will really get going sometime in early June. 441 more words