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I am proud of this one and wanted to share. But then again, how could I go wrong with my little super model???


Take More Than One Picture

Take more than one picture with you camera. Then you can save one or two of the best photos. With 30 pictures or so of the same object you can choose your favorite shot to keep and delete the rest.

Camera Settings

Use Tap to Focus

One simple feature on all iPhone models is the Tap to Focus setting. When your camera is on, you can tap the view point to change the focus point on the camera. 22 more words

Camera Settings

An Intro to White Balance and Colour Temperature

White Balance is a setting on your camera which ‘removes unrealistic light’. To put it in a basic term different light sources give out different shades of light (Professionals tend to use the term ‘Colour temperature’). 256 more words

Vantage Module

Solar Eclipse this Friday 20th March - tips and hints about photographing it

I’m trying really, really hard not to get too excited about this, since, if I do, it’ll be cloudy. But this Friday, there is a solar eclipse, which is where the moon will be in front of the sun. 430 more words


Stay Updated with the Latest firmware

Sometimes Apple releases new updates for the iPhone, many of these updates have important changes to enhance the camera on the iPhone. This is an important when trying to take the best quality pictures.

Camera Settings

Keep iPhone Horizontal When Taking Pictures

Always take photos with the iPhone horizontally. The iPhone is designed for the user to make use of the camera horizontally. When you look at photos a horizontal picture is more pleasing to view that a tall, vertical photo. 11 more words

Camera Settings