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Developing Film (4)

In Tuesday’s lesson, we learnt how to manipulate the prints. This will make the picture better and is quite simple to do. To start off with we changed the developer, but we did not pour the old dev down the sink, we put it in a special container to dispose of. 280 more words

Camera Settings

Health and Safety when Developing film

Health and Safety is very important when working in the dark room as the conditions can be very hazardous. This is because it will be pitch black when loading the film, this can lead to slips, trips and falls. 198 more words

Camera Settings

Taking Photos on a Film Camera

Today we went out into town to get the feel of taking pictures on a film camera. I think I did ok at taking these pictures and I got a few of some abandoned buildings or some buildings that looked run-down and had things such as peeling paint and boarded up windows. 249 more words

Camera Settings

Choosing photography as a career field - “Dabble a lot”


Thanks for you inquiry into how I got into photography.

When I first started thinking about photography as a career, it wasn’t because I disliked what I was doing. 482 more words


Did You Know...Biology

Did you know…

…that the F-numbers are actually written as they are due to human biology, more accurately, due to the logarithmic nature of human perception. 46 more words


Images that speak…

If writing with light is the old photo mantra, the new might be “images that speak.” This image could be a cartoon type, prime for many captions. 261 more words

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What do you shoot with?

Yesterday a friend showed me a FStoppers video where Lee Morris makes a whole photo shoot with an iPhone, instead of a DSLR. Not really going into the merit of the video, Lee loves to create polemics everywhere, but into this concept. 473 more words