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In Focus: Camera Basics

Confused over what terms such as “shutter speed”, “aperture”, “ISO speed”,”exposure compensation”,”white balance” mean? Have no fear – our Camera Basics series take you through each of these important fundamental concepts of photography, so that you won’t only get to know your camera better, but also have a better idea of how you can tweak camera modes and settings to get amazing shots! 1,007 more words


The basics of shooting in manual mode on your DSLR camera - put simple!!

So many people these days buy a decent dslr camera & shoot on auto 24/7. While you will get good images this way, if you want to really take control of your shot & experiment with different effects, you need to be shooting on manual mode! 972 more words

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Dog helps adviser enhance photography skills

After picking up a camera when I was 16 and working with them for the past ten years, I wasn’t really sure if there was much left for me to learn walking through an introductory photography lesson. 543 more words


Why I Only Shoot in RAW and What You Need To Know About Shooting JPEG

There’s this debate that’s been going on between photographers since Digital Photography became famous. Do I shoot in RAW? Do I shoot JPEG? What’s better? Now, I can’t speak for everyone. 707 more words

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ISO measures the sensitivity the image sensor. The lower the number is, the less sensitive your camera is to light and how finer the grain is. 65 more words

Camera Settings


Aperture? Whats that you may ask, well aperture is an opening, hole, or gap, that can be made bigger or smaller by turning a dial, this will make pictures blurry, focused, blurry background or everything focused. 86 more words

Camera Settings

Which Picture Profile To Use? Creating Unique Style

What’s going on friends! I’m back with a new video, talking about something i’m constantly debating on, “WHICH PICTURE PROFILE TO USE”? There’s so many out there that give you a filmic look with MORE dynamic range and there’s also the built in profiles every camera has, which to choose? 348 more words

Camera Settings