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Mist in the Mountains, continued…

I arrive at Lake Junaluska about 8am and it’s socked in, heavy mist. I know the sun will be reaching over the mountain tops in about 20 minutes, so I… 254 more words


Week 1 - Different Camera Angles

First week back at college and we looked into camera angles and when we would use them, as basic as that was it really made me think about how I can push myself into perfecting these shots and how I can tell my story better in my upcoming short films. 987 more words

Top 5 ways to improve your sports photography

Photographers only get better from learning from others. Read articles, watch videos and above all else practice, practice, practice!

It’s great to pick up new tips and tricks to try something new and improve your shots. 274 more words


Understanding Aperture in Camera's

Aperture is one of the three reciprocal settings on a camera, used to get the perfect exposure, the other two being ISO and shutter speed.Simply put, aperture is a hole inside a lens, through which light is let onto the camera”s sensor (DSLR). 374 more words

The Fundamentals of Photography: The Exposure Triangle

So, you’ve decided to get into photography or you just bought a new DSLR and you’re not sure where to begin. I’ve been there. Luckily, the internet is a wonderful place to acquire information. 1,431 more words


Camera settings for sport photography 

At GeoSnapShot, we want to help you capture that perfect memory.

There are no magic settings that work in every circumstance. However, the following settings are a great place to start for outdoor sports photography. 112 more words


Building a sunburst into the landscape for more interest.

Landscape photography can be greatly enhanced if selecting a unique point of interest that relates to the overall scene. Using the rule of thirds can be a great composition maker. 431 more words