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Vintage Eastman Kodak Brownie Automatic Camera

Vintage camera estimated to be from the 1920s.
Price: $80 Firm
Please come down to Churches Thrift Shop if you are interested in purchasing this item. 6 more words
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New camera!

We’ve got a new camera and we can already see its potential on our trip. It’s got a wickedly long zoom and this complements the other camera we are taking which has a portrait lens fitted. 41 more words

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Firmware will not update on D700

I have a Nikon D-700 I downloaded the firmware version 1.04/1.03 to a formatted card with the .bin file but when I go to the menu to update, I have the yes button and I can see the previous and newer firmware versions but the menu will not allow me to select it. 31 more words


Storage of 35mm slides carousel boxes

Can I store my carousel boxes on their side like a library book or do I have to lay them flat? My concern is sideways, the slides may buckle. 21 more words


Soft images on Canon 6D + Canon 24-105L F4

I am not sure why, but I get a lot of very soft images from my Canon 6D + Canon 24-105L lenses. Light conditions could be perfect, focus is ok, shutter speed is 1/500, but result image looks like it was taken with 1/10s from running car. 92 more words


Do raw images of the same camera have the same size?

I have a project in which I’m trying to balance load between several computing devices. These devices are similar and are supposed to have a camera segment. 96 more words


Using a DSLR without flip screen as a selfie cam

I have a Canon EOS 1200D DSLR and I want to use it to film myself playing the guitar. It doesn’t have a flip screen I can use to see how I’m positioned in the picture. 71 more words