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rayography (the kiss) (1922) Camera Techniques used?

I was looking at some surrealist photographers and stumbled on Man Ray, And was wondering about the camera techniques used in this image,

(If you don’t want to talk about the camera techniques feel free to comment about the ideas in this photo or any other aspects you might find interesting.) 15 more words


Developing with Caffenol

My first roll of 120 Ilford 400 developed with caffenol. 9 minutes of development time as indicated at Caffenol.org

Image is weak, there is no clear areas in the image, and the overall film is still grey on one side and tan on the other. 23 more words


Captured 5/26/2019

Captured, a weekly photo essay. No edits, just a moment captured.

Simplee 7 more words

Gluten-Free Food

Ringed Splotches on DSLR photographs

I’m a new user so I don’t have a lot of technical knowledge yet, would appreciate some help on this. I’m seeing these splotches and spots on the photos in my DSLR camera. 106 more words


How to capture more stars?

I finally borrowed a tripod from a friend so that I could take pics of stars from my apartment balcony. However, when I did some test shots yesterday, the pics where far from my expectations. 149 more words


Clean up hierarchical tags when adding new levels

I often find myself restructuring and refining my hierarchical tags in digikam.
For instance, assume that an image is assigned Tag 2 which resides below… 83 more words


The New OnePlus7

  • The OnePlus 7 Pro features a brand new design, with a glass back and front and curved sides. The phone feels very premium but’s it’s also very heavy.
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