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darktable "lighttable" view: how to show only one of each JPG or raw image in a directory?

I’ve just installed the 2.4.x (latest) Darktable on a new Ubuntu 18.04 PC. On my old machine (Ubuntu 16.04), when I’d open a directory full of .jpg and raw files from a camera memory card, the “light table” view would show me just one image for each pair of .jpg and raw files. 188 more words


How to win a camera using my photography skills?

I am interested in pursuing photography as a hobby. Now I am using my smartphone for this. I would like to start using a mirrorless camera. 25 more words


Some life lessons I've revisited this week

Cultural sensitivity is a muscle that must be exercised often (at least daily). It is a lesson that never stops teaching, whether or not you’re paying attention. 91 more words

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Trying to recall the name of a camera with infinite depth of field

A few years ago (at least 10 years I believe), I read in a magazine about a “revolutionary” camera which was able to take pictures such that from… 77 more words


It's Been Real Photog.

I am sad to say this is the last photography class I will take at Marywood University. I am so happy that I added photography classes to my course selection. 184 more words

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How to install AOL Desktop Gold?

To Install AOL Desktop Gold, you need to follow the steps below:
 First of all, you must download the file through the two plans that you have subscribed to or through the email confirmation link. 75 more words