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Uni uni uni uni uni


Currently a waiting game. I’m forever waiting for my Uni to confirm my classes for this semester so I can get prepared and purchase myself some new books. 216 more words


Scan Your Film The 3D Printed Way

Everyone has a box or two at home somewhere full of family photographs and slides from decades past. That holiday with Uncle Joe in Florida perhaps, or an unwelcome reminder of 1987’s Christmas jumper. 195 more words

3d Printer Hacks

WHAT YOU SEE vs. WHAT HAPPENS! #photoshoot #bloopers

As a photographer, blogger, and a 21st-century teen- pictures are everything. They can be amazing and expressive but very quickly they can turn be negative and be objects of obsession. 925 more words

Craziness With Katie


The sudden release of Cloverfield Paradox immediately after being revealed at the Superbowl caused a lot of discussion about the future of film releases. The movie was not received well with critics or audiences based on scores and polls, so it seems like producer J. 181 more words


Independent Film Study: Week 6

-“Wearing Three Hats: Process Notes from a Polymath” by Meredith Monk in Envisioning Dance 
-“Intimate Encounters: Screendance and Surveillance” by John White in the… 630 more words


This is Earth and the Moon from 40 Million Miles Away

That’s here; that’s home; that’s us—the two bright objects in this picture are Earth and the Moon, imaged by NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft on January 17, 2018 from a distance of 39.5 million miles (63.5 million km). 156 more words


The WyzeCam is a $20 security camera, and it just got better

(Source: www.theverge.com)

I’ve never owned a security camera, so don’t quote me as an expert, but I’ve been reading some WyzeCam reviews this afternoon and they’re a little astonishing: a good, functional, easy-to-use, and feature-rich streaming security camera for $20. 176 more words