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Cameraman at work, Antarctica

Beauty is a relative concept. In Antarctica, however, I found absolute beauty.

Every day I thought, “I could die here tomorrow” – for “today” was always too hectic with work.




Lee Durant: From the Marines to the Media

In today’s podcast interview I speak with Lee Durant a cameraman based in London. Lee is a former Royal Marines Commando and we speak in detail about his military career both as an infantryman and as a photographer and then his transition to a full-time career in journalism. 72 more words


Camera Love

Giving the hard-working cameraman some photo time at the SEC Basketball Tournament.


Covering hurricanes and extreme weather: An interview with Stewart Pittman

I’ve never covered extreme weather events. But if you are based in the USA then the chances are that you’ll have to film hurricanes and tornados and all sorts of crazy things. 80 more words


Business Conference w/Lemonzest - Jan 2018

Yesterday I spent the day in Brum filming a business conference working as a contract camera operator for Lemonzest events. Throughout the day roles varied as there was a live camera set up (In which I camera operated for the first session and the evening session) as well as other roaming cameras capturing highlights for the day (In which I roamed during the middle session and in the breaks). 37 more words

Camera Operating

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