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Beelddenken of beeldbeleven?

Mijn gedachten gaan alle kanten op wanneer iemand mij vraagt wat ik doe voor mijn werk. Allereerst voelt mijn dagelijkse bezigheid niet als werken, maar als hobby. 630 more words


Cameraman at work, Okavango Delta, Botswana

The cameraman was filming a Japanese actress in another vehicle but they had an unexpected guest between them.

別車両の女優さんを撮っていたカメラマンの前に素敵なモデルが現れました。 6 more words


Cameraman at work, Okavango Panhandle, Botswana

Sunset over Okavango River. The water was so clear in winter that we saw a mother hippo and her baby walking on the bottom of the river, under our boat. 6 more words


How Cameraman, Police Saved Lives From Damaturu Suicide Attack

But for the extra vigilance of a cameraman and police officer at the scene of a suicide attack that killed eight persons at the outskirts of Damaturu,  the Yobe State capital, yesterday, more lives would have been wasted if one of the injured suicide bombers had succeeded in igniting a handbag filled with more bombs. 361 more words


Cameraman at work, Kalahari Desert, South Africa

Meerkats are full of natural curiosity. They always become friends with a cameraperson before anybody else in the film crew. A creature with such interesting and mysterious gadgets definitely needs to be investigated! 7 more words


CNN Philippines cameraman shot dead

A CNN Philippines cameraman was shot and killed in Cavite buying cigarettes at a convenience store. He sustained four gun shots to the head from unidentified gunmen. 85 more words


Friendly Kitty Wants To Hang With Cameraman

Friendly Kitty Wants To Hang With Cameraman.

Maybe he is filming in Tashirojima, the Cat Island in Japan.

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