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I am Glen Harvey Jones a cinematographer and documentary cameraman equipped with my own RED Dragon camera, plus a few other nice, but essential filming toys. 17 more words

Impressions List, 2016

Perhaps I’m a bit ambitious, but I like to plan ahead. This isn’t even a complete list of impressions I want to do – just the ones I’ve done research on, enough to feel confident about starting them. 469 more words


The Silent Harmony

Greetings Blogverse,

Ever since I started college last year in September, my favourite thing about it was meeting such like minded people in my Drama class. 257 more words

Popping up in India: My latest assignment

I usually work in sub-saharan Africa, I love it and am in no rush to work anywhere else. But, my other favourite part of the world is the Indian subcontinent so when the chance arose to be one of the VJ’s working on the BBC “Pop up” project I jumped at it. 86 more words


Bodies Found In The Himalayas 16 Years After Avalanche

Sixteen years ago, there was an avalanche in the Himalayas, which killed renowned mountain climber, Alex Lowe and expedition cameraman, David Bridges.

Even though the probable outcome of the avalanche was death, the families of these men never really got any closure. 99 more words


Post 043b

A TV reporter, with her cameraman, is preparing a news story that will be aired in a couple of hours if not minutes. In a fast-paced world, getting and setting the information real-time do matter.

Photo by Wata Dugayo


The Institution

I and many others have had the pleasure of working with legendary cameraman Gerry Williams – a man who is also known as “The Institution”. A cameraman of perfection. 73 more words