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That's Action (1990)

Welcome to one of the more curious entries in the canon of AIP and David A Prior, a documentary made in the middle of their most prolific period (late 80s / early 90s) about their own movies. 588 more words


No Down Payment (1957)

Plot: David (Jeffrey Hunter) and his wife Jean (Patricia Owens) have just arrived at their new home, a nice house in a nice neighborhood, in a nice area of the suburbs, the kind of place most people would love to call home. 644 more words

88 Films' Horror Blu-rays reviewed

My reviews of a trio of grisly horror films that have been issued on Blu-ray by 88 Films were published at CineSavant earlier this week. The Toolbox Murders (Dennis Donnelly, USA, 1978), Blood Harvest (Bill Rebane, USA, 1987) and A Cat in the Brain (Lucio Fulci, Italy, 1990) are distinguished by the fact that they each feature a pop culture icon in a leading role. 38 more words

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El sabor de la Venganza (1971)

El Sabor de la Venganza (1971) aka A Taste of the Savage (Australia) | Occhio per occhio dente per dente sei fregato Cobra! (Italy) | Eye for an Eye (USA) 285 more words

Tension at Table Rock (1956)

“I didn’t have the sense to know the difference between a war hero and a murderer.”

Wes Tancred (Richard Egan) is a notorious gunslinger, known for allegedly having killed his best friend with no provocation, while his back was turned.

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What Scares You? - Terror On Tape (1983)

Back in the day when VHS was king, back in the day before the internet, before digital files, and before almost everything was available at almost the slightest whim, it was harder for the average person to find out about things that interested them, and this was true as much for fans of horror films as anything else. 654 more words


Low Blow (1986) 3.5/10

Low Blow (1986)

Director: Frank Harris

Writer: Leo Fong

Cast: Leo Fong…Joe Wong

Cameron Mitchell…Yarakunda

Troy Donahue…John Templeton

Diane Stevenett…Diane

Akosua Busia…Karma

Low Blow is an odd film that features a comically basic plot, horrible sound, and characters devoid of charisma. 341 more words

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