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Nothing Measures Up! The West's Mightiest Cavalcade of Adventure! (October, 1955)

The Tall Men (1955) Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation / P: William A. Bacher, William B. Hawks / D: Raoul Walsh / W: Sydney Boehm, Frank S. 34 more words

Movie Ads

6 Donne Por L'assassino/Blood and Black Lace (1964)

‘Guaranteed! The 8 greatest shocks ever filmed!’

A young model is brutally slain by a masked killer and her body dumped in a cupboard at a prominent fashion house. 494 more words

Movie Reviews

How to Marry a Millionaire (1953)

So this is why Marilyn Monroe is a star. As predicted in my previous review, I am indeed kicking myself for thinking she was nothing special. 620 more words


Travelogue: Kung Fu Cannibals

Dear Readers,

I decided I needed a vacation, so I booked a passage on a cruise ship going to the Philippines. How exciting! A bunch of my shipmates were from a karate club in California, and they decided that the main thing they wanted to see on our tour was a place called Warrior Island, where old martial artists go to retire. 642 more words

80s Horror

Pony Soldier (1952)

Seventy five cents a day to carry the law where there is none.”

Under the 2oth Century Fox banner, this technicolor feature casts one of the studios leading money makers, Tyrone Power, as a member of the Northwest Mounted Police. 778 more words


O.H.M.A.D. Day 5: Without Warning (1980)

Oh no!  Vacationers are set upon by extra-TERROR-estral parasites!  These vicious blood-suckers are circular monstrosities that spin like tops before affixing themselves into the flesh of their victims.  295 more words


Blood and Black Lace (1964 Full Film)

Blood and Black Lace.  Or as I like to call it.  A really great freaking film!  Others would call it Six Women for the Murderer.  Blood and Black Lace is definitely a much cooler title though. 596 more words