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Play MST3K for Me: Space Mutiny

Each issue Lorihajitura takes a look at one of the so bad they’re good films featured on Mystery Science Theatre 3000 – the Comedy Central/Sci-Fi Channel cult show from the late 80s and through the 1990s. 1,002 more words

Issue 002


Ask most western fans what their favorite Paul Newman western is, and I’d say 9 times out of 10, you’d get “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” back. 798 more words


By Cameron Mitchell

That day started with the smell of an April morning rain on the Pacific Coast Highway outside of Malibu, which was followed by the blinding sun’s glare off of the whitecaps as the frothy sea met the shore and found us binging on the taste of sashimi…caught, cleaned and eaten right on the pier.   910 more words

Short Story

Erik the Conqueror (1961)

This tale of Vikings at odds with Britain comes from the man who had unleashed the terrors of Black Sunday just one year prior to this outdoor adventure, Mario Bava.  947 more words

Daily Take

Memorial Valley Massacre (1989)

A Forgotten Evil That Will Never Die!

The untapped wilderness of Memorial Valley has long been untrod by human feet, but in the final days of a decade fueled by hairspray, arena rock and Wall Street, land developer Allen Sangster (Cameron Mitchell) has turned it into a summer destination.

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Calamity Jane reclaimed

One Eyed Man Productions in association with Neglected Musicals and Hayes Theatre Co, Sydney, March 10.

The high-falutin’ way to describe director Richard Carroll’s Calamity Jane… 814 more words

Musical Theatre