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For Susan, thank you!

Since you have been exceptionally awesome, I’ve made a taggie and a wallpaper for you. I hope you like them! :D

I’ve got a larger size of this, tag if you want it. 21 more words

Digital Creativity

The Pearl - Columbus, OH

Although I’m not a fan of oysters, or a whole lot of different seafood for that matter (white fish, shrimp and crab are about all I go for), The Pearl has been on my list of brunches to eat in Columbus since they opened in early 2013. 1,010 more words

Island of the Fishmen (1979)

A guilty pleasure I’ll surely watch again when the opportunity presents itself.

Equal parts, Voodoo, Dr. Moreau, Atlantis, Sunken treasure, Mad Scientist, Mutations, Greedy Villain, Barbara Bach, Giant Fishmen and an active volcano thrown in for good measure. 530 more words

Daily Take

Mara gets married!

Mara got married! If you don’t know who Mara is.. Well, she’s 1/2 of Asteria Photography! I’d like to think she just got married to get some inside knowledge on the intricate inner workings of weddings, but I guess she really loves her husband ;) I would never want to photograph a wedding without Mara so instead I got to partake as a guest instead of as a photographer! 150 more words


The Guild House

- Disclaimer: Neither of us have culinary backgrounds, we just really enjoy a lot of food together (a decent portion of our relationship revolves around food if you couldn’t already tell), so we decided to call our adventures at restuarants recaps instead of reviews! 478 more words


Darby Dan Farm in the Fall

Ashley, the stunning bride,┬áplanned her vintage-inspired wedding at The Darby House to absolute perfection – and it shows. She and Brandon met while living in separate states and just so happened to be in the same bar in Ohio at the same time and shared a mutual friend. 193 more words