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That's Blaxploitation! 11: Jim Brown in SLAUGHTER (AIP 1972)

Jim Brown  is one bad mother… no wait, that’s Richard Roundtree as Shaft! Jim Brown is one bad dude as SLAUGHTER, a 1972 Blaxploitation revenge yarn chock full of action. 471 more words

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A Movie A Day #286: The Tomb (1986, directed by Fred Olen Ray)

 Sybil Danning is top-billed in The Tomb but she only appears at the very start of the film.  She lands an airplane on a landing strip in the middle of the Egyptian desert and then gets into a gunfight with two archeologists who have robbed a tomb and are now trying to sell off the artifacts.   268 more words


Maneater of Hydra/The Blood Sucker/Island of the Doomed/La Isla de la Muerte (1967)

‘It looks like a cucumber, but it tastes just like meat!’

A group of half a dozen tourists take an organised sightseeing trip to a remote island. 754 more words

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The Monroe Doctrine

I bought Conversations with Marilyn by J. Weatherby because it was 25p, and my Scottishness exerted itself (the inability to resist a bargain can wind up being expensive). 1,086 more words


Erik the Conqueror (1961)

As a child, Sunday afternoons were a time to watch historical epics with family, and Erik the Conqueror was one that made a lasting impression. Coming back to it now, as an adult, with the newly restored Arrow Video release on Blu-ray, not only brought back fond memories but heightened my respect for its director, Mario Bava. 116 more words

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Erik the Conqueror (1961)

Plot: A blood soaked battle has left the king of the vikings dead, but the king of Britain isn’t as pleased as you might think. He wanted to use diplomacy to defuse the violence, but instead one of his military leaders slaughtered the vikings. 637 more words

The Demon

The Demon – 1979 – South Africa

A psychotic killer with a mask (sometimes) and clawed gloves kills people by wrapping plastic bags around their heads. 183 more words