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Ex-Gymnastics Instructor From El Dorado County Suspected Of Child Molestation

CAMERON PARK (CBS13) – A man who works as a gymnastics instructor and professional photographer has been arrested on suspicion of child molestation.

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office says 54-year-old Cameron Park Keith Willette had been under investigation since May 18 when a former student of his came forward and accused him of sexual abuse. 99 more words


Cameron Park (CA), Purple Bearded Iris, Close-up Details

Instead of the using the 35mm prime lens to photograph the garden flowers as has been the norm lately, I switched to the long lens.  Compositions are a bit more difficult with the prime lens as the lens does not get as close to the subject as I would like resulting in the need to crop the image to magnify the details.   93 more words


Cameron Park (CA), Bearded Iris, Overhead View

There are certainly different angles to explore with this Bearded Iris.  The idea is to spend some time in the early evening photographing this flower after the direct sunlight has dropped behind the nearby hill .   252 more words


Cameron Park (CA), Peony Petal, Wood Surface, Low Light, Monochrome

Photography subjects are sometimes as easy to find as walking outside to get the mail.  I have been watching the various Peony plants start forming flower buds (really the outermost green leaf-like sepals) over the last month.   153 more words


Cameron Park (CA), Tokina 11-16mm Lens, Low Light

The hope going into this weekend was to shoot the Milky Way using the lens in the photograph rather than shooting a photograph of the lens.   205 more words


Cameron Park (CA), Jackmanii Clematis Flower, Leaves, Aphids

It has been a bit of a challenge to take decent photographs of this beautiful clematis climbing vine in the “French Quarter” of the yard.  This patio area of the sideyard is nicknamed the French Quarter due to the functioning lamppost topped with 4-yellow hued lights.   189 more words


Cameron Park (CA), Four Large Koi, Square Crop

Stop and smell the roses – an idiom (phrase) that means to relax and/or take time out of one’s busy day to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature.   128 more words