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Cameron Park (CA), Jackmanii Clematis Flower, Leaves, Aphids

It has been a bit of a challenge to take decent photographs of this beautiful clematis climbing vine in the “French Quarter” of the yard.  This patio area of the sideyard is nicknamed the French Quarter due to the functioning lamppost topped with 4-yellow hued lights.   189 more words


Cameron Park (CA), Four Large Koi, Square Crop

Stop and smell the roses – an idiom (phrase) that means to relax and/or take time out of one’s busy day to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature.   128 more words


Cameron Park (CA), Longiflorum Asiatic Lily Plant, Monochrome

As most of you know by now, the posts the photographs are not always 100% relevant, but do tie back to the photograph in some way.   525 more words


Cameron Park (CA), Snowball Viburnum, Bokeh Background

The thought was to take a walk to the nearby hills and see what has sprouted up or grown out with the abundance of rain this season.   261 more words


Cameron Park (CA), Pink Gerbera Daisy, Isolated

The recent conversations I have had about vintage advertising posters, specifically those with a singular center image on a solid dark background, has me on a similarly styled photography kick.   286 more words


9 Things to Do in Waco, Texas

It has been entirely too long since I’ve been to the grand old state of Texas.  Being a type A-planner personality (I promise I’m a fun person some of the time), I’m used to anticipating trips long in advance.  740 more words


Cell Phone Walk #2, El Dorado Hills (CA), Bass Lake Hills

While this is the second all cell phone walk post, it was actually the first one I attempted this month.  These are the hills closest to my home, on the dividing line between Cameron Park and El Dorado Hills.   129 more words