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Deppiesse Cameron, La Shawn

Name: La Shawn Cameron Deppiesse

Personality: Cancer

  • Neat
  • Shy
  • Active
  • Serious
  • Nice

Marital Status:



  • Family

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Spain and Poland eye change

David Cameron may be surprised that he’s likely to get a pretty strong hearing as he tours the European capitals this week – but it won’t just because Europe’s political leaders are all wanting to bow to his Eurosceptic demands, it will also be because he is something on an enigma in European politics – an establishment figure who has retained office by a decent margin. 306 more words


UK To Scrap Human Rights Shock Horror!!

Okay, prime minister David Cameron isn’t planning to scrap human rights in Britain (I hope).  The plan, which was (i’m told) in the Conservative election manifesto, is to dilute Britain’s obligations under the Convention on Human Rights, in particular to withdraw from the European Court of Human Rights, and to create a British Court of Human Rights to enforce whatever rights the government decides all humans deserve (which, to judge from the Conservatives’ record, doesn’t seem too appealing). 299 more words


Cameron isn't really interested in reform of the EU - just keeping foreigners out.

Europe’s problem is this: what does David Cameron actually want?

He has been infuriatingly vague. He has spoken of ending the principle of “ever closer union” enshrined in countless EU treaties, but that’s not going to happen. 256 more words


The Tory government might be awful for the country but it is changing politics for the better

When I saw the election results I was genuinely crushed. I had a sense of impending doom hanging over me, and I still do. But somewhere in there is a glimmer of hope, there is a silver lining to this cloud. 662 more words


Cameron and Juncker meet: Cameron wants the EU to be reformed #cameron #juncker #eu #uk #ec

This Monday, David Cameron Monday met with his former ennemy, Jean-Claude Juncker, before starting a delicate tour through Paris and Berlin this week-end, to promote his idea of reforming the European Union before the UK takes part in it. 112 more words