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Noche en Paraguay

in my dreams there are seas
of yellow grass;and the dirt of the road
is red like the blood
of unconquered Guaranis

we scrub nuestros trapos;the giant sapos… 89 more words


Cameron Lets Side Down

The PM’s a lover of sport/
Or so his PR folks report/
But put on the spot/
He went and forgot/
Which team he’s supposed to support.
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Scanlan: Senators find their Sniper-like 'battle rhythm'

Eric Gryba, a renowned hunter, draws parallels between the Senators recent experiences and that of Chris Kyle, the late author of American Sniper, which was made into an Academy Award-nominated movie. 1,211 more words


Farage supports Palace, but does he support the players?

Nigel Farage was incredibly quick to jump on David Cameron after the PM forgot which football team he claims to support. In a bid to reaffirm his “everyman” image, (as far as any ex-public school, city trader can be an everyman) Nigel posted a… 587 more words


A foreign free election – or is it?

You don’t win many votes for foreign policy.

In keeping with this thought the main parties had largely avoided talking about it so far in the campaign and been… 825 more words

Zero Hour Contracts

So what is wrong with zero hour contracts? They have formed a significant part of the election campaigns over the past few weeks because they go hand in hand with Cameron’s claim of creating so many jobs during his time in Downing Street. 500 more words