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A letter to my MP on the humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean

We’ve all seen it on the news and in the papers over the last couple of days; we’ve seen the harrowing pictures of a children lying face down in the surf. 944 more words


Cameron you've spent years telling people to do the right thing. Time YOU did. Now!

There’s an exodus going on with hundreds of thousands of people fleeing their homes because they are at risk of being murdered – or even worse being left alive living a nightmare at the hands of evil bast*rds doing unspeakable things while the world looks on and Britain does sod all. 114 more words


Tories to debate abolition of fire, ambulance services

We have a “moral duty” not to run around saving lives

Delegates to the Conservative party conference in October 2015 will have the chance to debate the abolition of state-funded fire and ambulance services. 295 more words


UK: Israel Lobby becomes ‘Lord’


Posted on August 31, 2015 |

In response to Arrest Netanyahu for War Crimes campaign, UK’s prime minister David Cameron, announced on August 27 that the veteran director of  353 more words


The shame of Farage and Cameron's UK

If the picture of a dead three year old from Syria being plucked from the sea does not stir the hearts and emotions of Cameron, Farage and their ilk I don’t know what will. 883 more words