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Access denied: Visa Policies

I am in Cameroon, working with Marius, a student from central Africa. Cameroon, Buea, is for him a writing environment. The situation in Bangui does not allow him space to reflect and write. 831 more words

Team Cameroon @ the 1st TReND Advanced Open Labware Workshop

Use of 3-D printing as well as low-cost and user-friendly microelectronic circuits grants us the luxury of changing and customizing our laboratory as well as the opportunity of building entire setups de-novo. 1,029 more words


History: King Njoya

King Njoya, the African King who created his own writing system which was destroyed and banished by colonialism.


Light Bite Book Club - Behold the Dreamers

This month, the Light Bite Book Club discussed Behold the Dreamers, Imbolo Mbue’s impressive debut novel. A 2017 pick for Oprah Winfrey’s book club, the novel is about Jende and Neni, an immigrant couple from Cameroon, a small country on Africa’s west coast, where the author is also from. 377 more words

Light Bite Book Club

What I Eat in a Week


  • Breakfast is oatmeal with some sugar and care package cranberries (I love cranberries in oatmeal) and some black tea for my morning caffeine dose.
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The skin that breaks the norms, boundaries, and categorisation

The prevalence of albinism is subject to all races, but often attached to black communities, as it is clearly visible on black skin. According to under the same sun (UTSS) – a charity organisation dedicated to the needs of people with Albinism (PWA) in Tanzania, Africa has the highest prevalence of this condition. 906 more words