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Early Pioneers

I was talking to one of my sons recently about how our support-raising was going, and I said it was coming along slowly but surely. It is humbling, I said, when I think of all the folks who are generously giving to help us to minister in Cameroon and Nigeria, and he asked me whether I felt any pressure to do well there. 366 more words

Kamerun: Relikte der deutschen Kolonialzeit

Mittagszeit an der Avenue Marchand. 29 Grad Lufttemperatur, der Himmel ist bedeckt, Luftfeuchtigkeit: fast 90 Prozent. Kein Wind. Es ist tropisch schwül in Jaunde.

Jaunde ist eine quirlige Stadt mit Dauerstau auf den Straßen. 1,255 more words

German Architechture Worldwide

Yaoundé, je t'aime

I mentioned in my last blog that the other Cameroon volunteers and I would all be going to Yaoundé. There were two events that we attended while we were there; la Rencontre Trimestrielle and la Réunion Régionale. 2,121 more words

Erin's Edéa

Fête de la Jeunesse 2017

Photos from this year’s Youth Day celebration. The highlight in my humble opinion? The women’s gardening group marching with their watering cans and acting out their gardening project during the parade. 100 more words

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Five Life Lessons from my Hero Erico: "The So called Fool" in Wum

All the above pictures were taken on the same day, in the space of 6/8 hours. Is anyone else excited at the transformation like myself? I forgot something insignificant in wum, but I am threatening to do 20 hours on the road to go get it… wish I could afford that now, just so I see my… 654 more words

Marie's Garden

All Aboard: A Guide to Seating on Camrail

In honor of yesterday’s/today’s long voyage…

I drew this a few weeks ago, but then we learned that there was no more wagon-lit, in addition to the lack of first-class, which means no more reservations. 182 more words

Peace Corps

Internet Shutdown Costs Cameroon $1.39m

Businesses in Cameroon have lost over $1.39 million as the internet shutdown in the country enters a fourth week, a coalition of rights organisations monitoring the outage disclosed. 176 more words

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