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Leading Ladies like myself will be attending this groundbreaking conference...

Since I returned to my country in August 2015, I haven’t attended any conferences. Workshops or small gatherings yes, I even tried organizing some under the platform I launched called… 644 more words

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UDP Party presents President Paul Biya as their candidate for the upcoming presidential elections in Cameroon

The United Democratic Party  (UDP) of El-Hadj Lawan Bako has presented president Biya as the people’s candidate for the 2018 presidential election.

This decision was made known by the party chairman El-Hadj Lawan Bako on Saturday June 23 during a press briefing that held in Bamenda Cameroon. 23 more words

Findings in love

I had linked to a study on Ugandans dating and marrying white people and it seems from using word search (or something like that), far more Ugandan women preferred white men than the reverse. 224 more words

He wants to marry up

Like I said, some (black) communities are outliers in that sense that it’s the men who want to marry up unconsciously or not. In other… 208 more words

She makes money

I remember somebody commenting on Shawn James’s video that there are other reasons why many, if not most African American women become independent. They often outearn their male counterparts and have to switch jobs to support their families. 271 more words

Terror attacks increase in Africa

AFRICA. The report Changing Patterns in Terrorism and the Threat to Business, Control Risks by African Analysis at Control Risks show that terror is on the rise in the sub-Saharan countries. 240 more words