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Blasphemous anagrams

Like I noted, there seems to be some correlation between accusations of and beliefs in dog witchcraft (and dog demonology) and the rise of Abrahamic religions like Islam and Christianity which aren’t kind to dogs save for sects like Sufism and Dominicanism. 378 more words

A Brief History of Bakwa Magazine

Dzekashu MacViban

On Tuesday, February 1, 2011, I stared in disbelief at a computer screen in a cybercafé, at a sentence which announced the end of… 1,246 more words

Nonfiction / Reviews

A Cameroonian Report: No Internet in Ambazonia

Wherever you’re reading this from, even if you’re in the most godforsaken nation on Earth, you currently have a privilege that the people of Western Cameroon lack. 733 more words


120 seconds on my porch

There’s a slight breeze blowing, bringing with it the smell of woodsmoke from my neighbor’s cooking fire and the rustle of mango leaves in the tree over my head. 298 more words

Home Again: Part I

Well hello again beautiful people,

Greetings from not so sunny Mauritius. For the past 3-4 days the island has been experiencing cyclone Berguitta, which in many ways has rendered my life rather troublesome.  463 more words


The dogs, the horrifying dogs

A great number of Westerners own dogs regardless of breed for companionship though this is a recent development. In Early Modern and Enlightenment Europe, there was some suspicion towards sentimental dog ownership. 239 more words