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Camino de Santiago Day Twenty-Two: Arcahueja to Valverde del Virgen-Hope

It’s hard to believe we have walked so far, and it’s scary to think we have so much farther to go! Despite being up almost all night worrying about our next big jump, we realized in the morning that we would be best off having a reservation at our next stop. 1,506 more words

Camino De Santiago

The Bella Road to Belaroda

With a rush of activity, door opening and closing, we wake up at 6:20. Rather than wrestle our gear into packs in the chaotic bunk room, we go down to the common room to organize and fill them there. 364 more words

Camino De Santiago

Camino Mozárabe stage 8 - La Peza to Quentar 28 km

Today’s distance 28 km
Elevation gain 747m
Elevation loss 861 m
Total distance from Almería 189.5 km

We leave earlier than usual at about 7:20 because of today’s long hike. 627 more words

Camino De Santiago De Compostela

Cleaning moments in Ourense

Today was one of excitement as we were going to be in a town! With options for restaurants and bars and a laundromat!! I was particularly excited about the laundromat as you can see here 😃 521 more words


Leticia, Mexico.

“I’ve walked long stretches alone, taking my time to think and meditate, and also to thank. I feel very grateful for my children, and for the many blessings in my life.” 71 more words

Camino De Santiago

The rocking parish albergue

We leave our Nájera albergue at 7, thinking we will go to Santa Domingo, thirteen miles away. We felt good after yesterday’s distance, but are feeling cautious about pushing too much. 432 more words

Camino De Santiago

Torres Del Río to Logroño to Navarrete

Day 7: Torres Del Río to Logroño 12 miles

The sun has finally decided to stay out for good. I thought that I would be much happier when the rain finally stopped, but now it’s really hot. 1,762 more words

Camino De Santiago