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new pattern for the netherlands?

Floating around the wobbly web for some time now has been a digital pattern (see below) rumoured to be under development for the Dutch armed forces. 73 more words

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a dazzling comeback?

Battlefield Dazzle Camouflage Disrupts Enemy’s Perception
Posted by Armed Forces International’s Defence Correspondent on 07/06/2011 – 11:20:00

Historic military camouflage designs could return to the 21st century battlefield after the release of a new study that describes their value to modern warfighters. 411 more words

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serbia steps up

News from the Balkans, via Soldier Systems: After several years that saw some unusual digitally-designed camouflage schemes getting publicity as ‘the next new Serbian pattern’ (see examples below), the real-deal is now on show. 43 more words


better camo on the web

My ICUS colleague Jon has launched a website for his new business  ‘Better Camo’ whose stated aim is to

“achieve superior concealment through the use of large, environmental texture and color based, digitally designed camouflage patterns”

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hyde definition's new look

Hyde Definition, the digital camouflage and concealment company I run, has finally finished revamping its website. Well actually, not quite, as there are still one or two things that need adding and tidying, but to all intents and purposes it is done. 7 more words


metamaterials, laser resin and invisibility cloaks

Metamaterials can bend light around objects to render them near-invisible, begins a recent report in New Scientist. But it is an imperfect, lossy process, meaning some light is absorbed on its way through the metamaterial, and therefore the object remains semi-visible. 123 more words

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camouflage takes centre stage

If you’re anywhere near Brussels, Belgium from October 13th to 15th this year, you could do worse than go to the city’s Royal Military Museum… 138 more words