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Medical form disaster

Up until my medical form was due I did not declare that I had depression and other issues previously in the past. This was asked on my application, at my interview and when I got placed. 219 more words

Camp America

I GOT PLACED // London recruitemt fair 

So I decided fuck it I’m going to a recruitment fair.

I went to the last one in London in February and it was actually the first time I had been to London. 218 more words

Camp America

33 and 1/3 reasons there is no place like camp

‚ÄčThis artical by Camp America sums up perfectly why I choose the summer camp life and why I’ll hopefully go back in the future! Heres to my second home! 48 more words

Camp America Application Process and Getting Placed.

This is probably the longest post I will ever write and I will try my very hardest to explain the process as best as I can. 1,094 more words

Why did I apply for Camp America?

Rewind to almost 2 years ago, I was in my final year of school attempting to sort my life out. The majority of my friends had already received their first choices at top University across the country and I still hadn’t sent my application away. 341 more words

Quick Camp America Update!

Hey there!

Hope you are having a lovely day!

This is just a quick Camp America update, my Visa has been approved, there is officially no more obstacles left, I have no outstanding fees. 71 more words


X days to go

I know, it’s been a fair while. I can safely say, I’ve been busy. Having now come back from my ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE trip to Thailand, I’m working in my local market town earning money before America in the summer and then university in September. 140 more words