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What to pack for camp! 

You’ve got your placement, you’re counting down the days until camp, but wondering what on earth you need to pack to last you the whole summer right? 2,547 more words

Camp gave me confidence

So, you’ve heard all my stories about life at camp, but this is a little story about the confidence working at summer camp has given me. 822 more words

How to be an awesome camp counsellor

Now, I’m not saying I’m the best camp counsellor because that would make me sound cocky, and compared to the bunch of talented people I worked with during the summer, I’m not. 918 more words


One of my most recent travel experiences is going to Liverpool for the Camp America job fair. The journey took 4 hours from my university in Aberystwyth….and I had to change twice in Shrewsbury and Chester. 327 more words


11 Reasons to become a camp councillor

Let’s set aside the fact that you will be in a new country (or maybe state, if you’re American). We will skim over the amazing landscapes that surround you – gorgeous lakes and Narnian trees. 1,094 more words


New move!! 

So since I started this blog I’ve known I’m going to camp America this summer, and I thought it was sort, camp merry heart in New Jersey, for disabled children and adults. 213 more words

Why you should Travel after Working at a Summer Camp

Working at a Summer Camp isn’t just about the Camp experience, you are already in America, have a visa with some time left, why not travel around the country for a bit. 134 more words