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25 things you'd never hear a Camp Counselor say

Camp Counselors are a community of crazy, enthusiastic hooligans that spend their summers around a campfire, attempting to start a fire so that their children can eat their dinner before 10pm. 339 more words

Summer Camp


I don’t feel ready to leave, but when is the right time to be ready to leave a never land like Fernwood Cove. As we drive down island pond road, I can feel a huge lump in my throat and I miss it already. 1,579 more words


How I spent my summer

The past 3 months have been the best 3 months of my life. I was lucky enough to go to North Carolina, USA and work at YMCA Camp Weaver as a Marketing Intern/ Counsellor. 141 more words

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35 Truths All Girl Scout Camp Counselors Know To Be True

“We hold these truths to be self evident, that not all bug sprays are created equal…”

Today is Labor Day, which is a day in celebration of working people in the US and Canada. 618 more words

Counselling For Dummies

As I’ve already written in other posts, I spent my first two years of camp working as a general counsellor, which meant that I was responsible for a cabin of 9-12 campers over the course of each camp session. 659 more words


A Day In The Life

When talking about camp, one of the most frequently asked questions is, “So what do you do?” As each camp is different in its own way, this question is near impossible to answer with one single response, but camp life tends to follow a similar routine regardless of where you are placed. 1,049 more words


The chapter of camp closes and NY adventure begins!

After last night’s late sleepover this was the morning I struggled to get up and did a quick get ready before heading down to a lazy style breakfast, the last meal on camp. 972 more words

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