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The Road to America

I applied for Camp America in August, an epiphany moment for me. I realised in my gap year I had not done anything that felt even slightly adventurous, I still haven’t driven outside of Wales. 468 more words


The interview 

The good thing about a camp America interview is that you can pick your interviewer. I looked through the long list and chose the person that looked most approachable and similar to me. 272 more words

Camp America

10 Reasons to Work at a Summer Camp in the U.S.A.

Are you contemplating working at a summer camp this year? Or maybe you’ve already been to camp and are sitting at home with ‘Camp Blues’. Maybe you’re even considering returning to the same camp this summer? 1,426 more words


Camp America 

So over winter I decided I need a change. And a change to me was going to America for 3 months as a lifeguard at a summer in the summer. 130 more words

Camp America

Sandy Hill Camp - The summer camp trip everyone should take once

Summer camp is one of those things with a reputation after movies such as American Pie Band Camp where all that went on is trouble making and lude behaviour. 402 more words

Dreamer's disease.

Here is the story of my adventure into the world of Camp America. Long story short: I can’t focus on anything right now other than how  247 more words



Kolejny bardzo ważny przystanek dla fanów 90210, to oczywiście Beverly Hills! Musze przyznać, że to miejsce naprawdę skradło moje serce. Jest tam po prostu przepięknie. I chociaż chciałoby się mieć naprawdę dużo w portfelu odwiedzając to miejsce, warto i tak czy siak tutaj zajrzeć nawet z ograniczonym budżetem! 18 more words