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Getting to Camp: How, What and Why

Your guide to getting the ultimate summer job at an American Summer Camp. 

Working abroad can be a great way to travel on a limited budget. 865 more words


A Year Ago

I only recently noticed that around a year ago, I was just coming down from the high of working through Camp America. I felt wildly independent and completely dependent all at once. 305 more words

The Path We Take... Roxy's Story

One of the questions I get asked most often is “how do I become a camp director?”
There are also variations, like “how do I do what you do?”, “which degree is the best choice if I want to become a camp director?”, and my personal favourite “how do I, well… how do I become you?” (we laughed, and bonded, and now we’re pals!) 1,336 more words

Camp Director

25 Things That Happen at a Summer Camp

  1. You start off showering, but as the days go on you realise you can get an extra 10 minutes of sleep instead.

2. Your wrist will be covered in friendship bracelets, and they will be your prized possesions. 321 more words


25 things you'd never hear a Camp Counselor say

Camp Counselors are a community of crazy, enthusiastic hooligans that spend their summers around a campfire, attempting to start a fire so that their children can eat their dinner before 10pm. 339 more words

Summer Camp


I don’t feel ready to leave, but when is the right time to be ready to leave a never land like Fernwood Cove. As we drive down island pond road, I can feel a huge lump in my throat and I miss it already. 1,579 more words