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Packing for summer camp in the USA

I’m heading back for another summer at camp in America (through Camp Leaders again), and after last year I feel like I’m definitely better at packing; I’m more aware of what to pack and what to avoid taking. 538 more words

Be a CA Brand Manager!


I figured that because I head to the USA in just under five weeks time… (exciting!!) I have a fair amount of things I need to get organised before then and therefore, whilst I am free for the moment, it would be a good time to write this post for future BMs. 600 more words

Camp America

The one when an idea comes to life!

So, after months of working as a Brand Manager for Camp America, I have had the privilege of meeting and getting to know a heap of like minded people – and I’ve had a blast promoting all things CA! 554 more words

Camp America

The Most Magical Place On Earth

I was researching ideas for different blog post and writing about my Favourite spot on earth seemed like an amazing idea. Straight away i new where i would write about. 155 more words


Interview – Check, Flight Booked – Check, Visa Acquired – Check, Sweet Baby Jesus you’re ready to go to America.

By now you have probably already spoken / found at least one person who is flying on the same day as you from the airport, well guess what theres probably another 5 from your camp you didn’t even know about, intact Rob from my first year managed to get half way over the atlantic before he realised there was other people from his camp on the plane. 495 more words

Camp America

CA - What to Pack

Within my two years at summer camps i hope i’ve gathered enough information to advise you on what to take! There were times in my first year i wished i had something, wish i hadn’t got something, so here’s my view on what you should take! 729 more words

Camp America

CA - The US Embassy (London)

The London US Embassy appointment is put across to you as the scariest thing you’ll ever do in your life and you have to have everything in order otherwise you won’t get approved. 546 more words

Camp America