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No Money No Worries

Travelling costs money, obviously. However there are companies that enable you to travel and see some unreal places, including accommodation and food & drink for an incredibly low price. 498 more words


And so it begins, applying for Camp America Part 1🇺🇸

Hey, welcome back to my blog. I’m going to do this one in 2 parts, the application part and the placement/confirmation part. So bare with me, we’ll get through it and you’ll know everything you need to at the end! 952 more words


Camp America

Camp America is a once in a lifetime opportunity even if you mildly dislike children. You learn a lot about yourself and others and as cheesy as it sounds, its a really great character building experience which will stay with you forever. 1,922 more words

Travel Advice

6ish Tips to Help You Succeed at a Special Needs Camp

This blog is going to be a quick look at some things you should consider whilst working with children who have special needs. Even if you aren’t going to be working at a special needs camp this summer, I believe these are great things to keep in mind when working with any population of children. 1,352 more words

Pre Summer

Seligman, Arizona, USA

Hello World,

One of the final legs of our Camp America road trip was driving along a section of the infamous Route 66!

Also known as ‘Will Rogers Highway; ‘the Mother Road’ or the ‘Main Street of America’, Route 66 originally spanned from Chicago to Santa Monica in California, passing through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona on the way. 327 more words


"Remembering the small things" A camp counsellor's packing list

So you’re going to camp this summer, and you’ve been trailing the internet for every packing list going. You’ve seen the same old list around a hundred times telling you to bring clothes you don’t mind getting ruined but you want more of an idea about the little things you might not think about? 834 more words


The best things in life are camp related

Welcome to my little space in the internet, a place to share my travels, my challenges, but more importantly, my incredibly fun and wonderful summer. Since you ended up here, I’m presuming you fit into one of two categories, either you know me in the real world, or you love Camp America as much as I do! 1,054 more words