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Chasing the Summer

This is, or was, my second year as a movie making specialist for the very lovely Tyler Hill Camp. I couldn’t believe how different the experience was. 780 more words


I’m good with goodbyes. Normally. But this time it was very tough for me. I’ve been on jobs and met people and I’ve had to say goodbye but I was okay. 156 more words

Camp America

Home life

Living in house with 6 complete strangers had it’s ups and downs. Getting to know everyone and getting used to people’s habits and routines was different. 118 more words

Camp America

Cincinnati Reds

10th August 2017 – Only 3 days left of summer. Our boss had organised one night to take us to Cincinnati to see a Baseball game. 91 more words

Camp America

4th July

4th July is nothing special back home. However in America, it’s huge. And what a day it was.

Luckily we had a close friend of the boss who had quite a bit of money so we managed to celebrate 4th July at camp. 66 more words

Camp America

Indian Lake

Indian Lake – Our staff trip. What a weekend it was. Drinks flowing, music blasting and chilling out on a boat all day. I was very lucky to have a staff trip. 99 more words

Camp America

The Internationals

How I’m lucky to have been an International. Yes I am missing two others but it was the only nice photo I had.

These 3 made Camp Life so fantastic out in USA. 141 more words

Camp America