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I learnt a new skill in the gym!

It is crumbly cookie day and awkward donut morning! Also happy camp hump day, halfway through camp, 23 days! Cannot believe that my journey is halfway, where has the time gone? 413 more words

Camp America

Brant Lake Social

Hello from camp!

As the vault was a success from the day before, the team decided to do the same lesson plan again. A suggestion to include some more handstand work was made so we put some landing mats up against the wall so the girls could practice safely. 442 more words

Camp America

I Was Almost A Cowboy!

With my family having just returned from holidays, after lumping me with the care of the house and animals (in whose wellbeing my mother was more interested), it occurred to me that I haven’t had an actual ‘holiday’ in about 4 years. 810 more words

Bucket List

Vault, vault and more vault!

Nearly at the half way point at camp, at breakfast the Snow White red delicious apples were being served which are my favourite type of apple, so juicy! 519 more words

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Skateboarding and sunbathing in Lake George!

My third day off!

After running around the various tables to collect hot chocolate, a bagel with cream cheese and fruit to take with me for another hot and sunny day in Lake George! 479 more words

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Camp is alive with the Sound of Music!

Good morning, I look forward to Saturdays as my day off is the next day which I am always ready for as I need a break from coaching even though I love teaching the girls, my muscles are crying out to relax! 483 more words

Camp America

Murder at the Point

Hello from camp, I am in desperate need of tea bags! Still waiting on the post which is making me very impatient, I am gonna be one of the campers getting agitated for the post! 522 more words

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