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Gerrard, Posey and Patriotism

Tailgating in the US is one of the best alternative meanings of a word out there. There’s no road rage implied here, just smokey barbeques hooked onto the back of pickups for as far as the eye can see. 1,161 more words


Summer Camp? Summer Can!

What did you do with your summer? It might have been slightly different than mine. Summing it up in a few words, I spent 3 months in Tucson, Arizona at Triangle Y Ranch Camp (Tri Y) as a Camp Counsellor looking after children aged 6 – 17. 516 more words


American Adventure

Two years ago I made a decision – at the time I thought it would be a job, I would earn some money, get a tan, and at the end of summer return home to start my life after school. 1,207 more words


Clouds, Coyotes & Cable Cars

From outside the window above my head, the first bus of the day hissed past, waking me up from my uncomfortable sleep. Cradled between my body and the bed was my rucksack which now had left a considerable impression across my belly. 1,491 more words


The Night Bus.

I was in San Jose, a very different city to San Francisco despite there being just as many tech companies in the glass buildings towering above. 2,055 more words


17 Things Camp America will make you Thankful For

With Thanksgiving soon approaching, here are¬†17¬†things Camp America will make you thankful for, whether you’ve done camp, or will be in the future. 149 more words

Camp America

Gap Years, Re-Thinking and Adventures!

Hey guys,

So I haven’t blogged in a while, I lost the blogging bug but I’ve got it back and I realllyyyy want to start this up again! 528 more words