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"This one time, at band camp.."

Not quite band camp, but it just seemed like quite a fitting title.


On my own. I’ve never flown before. I’ve never even been away from home for more than two weeks. 442 more words


Holy Shit I'm About to Cross the Pond for Four Months

Well, more like three months and two weeks but STILL. That’s a quarter of the year. A whole big massive chunk of 2017 that I’ll be spending in America. 782 more words


America #3 

I remember one of the earlier weeks at camp there was a boy in my cabin…let’s call him Trent. I think he must have been going through a rough patch at home but his dad and nana managed to get him to camp without too much fuss. 308 more words

Camp Amercia

2 Days to go - I still can't pack 

I know I’m a bad packer. It’s been repeatedly demonstrated to me that my talent does not lie in remembering what I need to take or leaving myself enough time to make sure everything is properly and neatly packed. 139 more words

Camp America

America #2

After the training week there were nine weeks of camp. Generally ever week we’d get a new set of kids although some did stay for a few weeks or come back later in the summer. 400 more words

Camp Amercia

Top 10 Camp America Tips

I thought i’d begin my blog with a topic in which i believe there wasn’t a lot of information available to me, and that’s camp america. 1,972 more words


Camp What?

What even is Camp America?

For the past three years, I have spent my summer months living and
working in sunny America on a cultural exchange programme that sees young adventurous individuals work at children’s summer camps across the USA. 350 more words

Pre Summer