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Coffee Fudge Cake with a Versatile Coffee Fudge Icing

I absolutely love coffee cake. I don’t make it as often as I’d like though as I tend to bake cakes that everyone in my house will eat, and my son detests coffee! 969 more words


Letters to The Whistler

Dear Editor

In reply to David Foot’s article ‘It all started in a Coffee House’ in the last edition, I did not start drinking coffee until I was about 10 years old, apart from Camp Coffee out of a bottle, as my dad, who came from up North, drank strong tea. 548 more words

2 Letters

& Chicory Kimberley Point

And the process continues. I still do not like the Glasgow point, and all I can say really is that it doesn’t feel right. As so after playing with it for a while I decided to opt for an overtly plano-convex approach with my next attempt. 215 more words

Experimental Archaeology

Chicory, endive, witloof

I first knew of chicory as a child when we had coffee with chicory, which mum used to prepare in a percolator (do they still make them?) and also coffee essence – Camp Coffee with the picture of the soldier in a kilt and an Indian soldier in his finery. 333 more words


Using old glass

The above Kimberley Point has been made from an old piece of glass, the flat side of a Camp Coffee bottle. My aim was to retain the raised letters that spelled ‘chicory’ but it was not to be. 191 more words

Experimental Archaeology

Painting, Planting, Planning

We spent the weekend working….to put it mildly. Being a home owner is not what I would call rainbows and cupcakes all the time. Yes, it’s a great investment for your future IF it does not consume all your time repairing, remodeling, and reinvesting more money into that so called future investment. 380 more words