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Day Zero - more fun than you'd think

The field season has officially started. Yesterday Rick, Carly and Charlotta arrived to Quinhagak, and today Véro, Paul, Cheryl & Roman joined the team. While Rick went to the airstrip in the new fancy van to pick up the (newly wed ;) ) scientists (Véro & Paul), Carly and Charlotta loaded a trailer and set of down the beach to bring a first load of gear down to the site. 212 more words

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Activities Around Camp: Rasaboxes

While mornings are always spent in rehearsal, afternoons and evenings offer opportunities for fun and games or other (non-rehearsal) theatre activities for our campers. Camp Life Director, Tess Garrett, shared with the campers her specialty, Rasaboxes, on Friday afternoon. 205 more words

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"The play's the thing!" -Hamlet, 2.2

After a long day of workshops, rehearsals, learning lines, and running blocking, what could be more rewarding than seeing a play?  Attending plays at the Blackfriars Playhouse often tops the campers’ lists of favorite activities. 253 more words

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Senior Campers Will Backpack

This spring, Susie and camp press manager Katey headed up the trails into the Black Mountains to scout for water and campsites appropriate for this year’s first-ever Camp Spring Creek backpacking trip! 257 more words

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Gearing up for summer!

It’s hard to believe that our first campers are only a few weeks away! That’s what happens when you are busy working to get the camp open for the summer months and ready for a new group of campers to come through the gates! 548 more words

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Week 1 Photos, 2015

The senior campers are preparing for their three day hiking trip by learning the proper techniques to poop in the woods.

The seniors also learned how to properly sanitize creek water. 252 more words