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Finally got myself to sit down and try to complete this series I started. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like we are ending it soon.

So after obtaining the kit, I had to check to see what fitted right and what didn’t and check with other people to see who I could make an exchange with. 1,491 more words

Da Diaries

Day 9

This is one of my all time favorite pictures of a frog. He looks so upset that a young girl is holding him…


The year that was!

Towards the end of every year I usually like to reflect and then write a list of a million things I could have done better in hopes that maybe ‘one day’ I will accomplish what I want to do. 671 more words

Rebel Cannoneers and Their Infamous Christmas Rice Pudding, 1864

During the war, rarely were soldiers granted leave to go home to spend the holidays with family. Most of the time, they were encamped temporarily in their winter quarters, which allowed the armies to stay stationary during the winter / holiday season. 630 more words


The AoP Settles into Winter Camp, 1863

As the Army of the Potomac settled into its winter quarters around Brandy Station and Culpeper in December 1863, Lt. Col. Theodore Lyman—George Gordon Meade’s aide-de-camp—toured the camps with the Army of the Potomac’s chief of staff, Andrew A. 329 more words


Delay of Game

Sadly Jim and I will be leaving the little White House. The septic system has had enough and with modern codes and regulations a solution will take much longer than I can hold it for, so… 121 more words


My Regimentation Experience

Easy my brother easy!!!

He said, we’re – referring to himself and his other colleagues – are all capable men here, we are all here for you. 198 more words

Inordinate Musings