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Happy birthday to me!

Well, I made it to 51. Woohoo!

Had a get together this morning with friends, had lemon poppyseed cake and coffee.

Diane tried to sing the happy birthday song while I tried to shut her up but she kept going til the end. 43 more words

Ehrenberg, Az

Mornings On The Ranch

“Instead of loneliness, I feel loveliness.”–Edward Abbey, Desert Solitaire

I awake with a buzzing feeling that urges me to leap out of bed and run out the front door. 827 more words


Spring cleaning

I’m spending the day spring cleaning.

It seems whenever I spend long periods of time somewhere I accumulate. Things were buried under things and got forgotten. 21 more words

Ehrenberg, Az

Awesome picture

Russ and Parker, at last night’s fire. Taken by another friend Mark.

Ehrenberg, Az

Welcome to my world

This blog will be a personal one, no links to other blogs. I chose the name of the blog Les Quatre Nomades (the four nomads) because we are four: me, my son, my grrls Kaylee and River. 88 more words

Ehrenberg, Az

My NYSC experience (The Finale) 

Now about the other segment of the NYSC—SAED.

The SAED which stands for skill acquisition and entrepreneurship development is actually the scheme’s initiative of enabling corpers acquire skills for self-employment. 1,874 more words

Da Diaries


Finally got myself to sit down and try to complete this series I started. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like we are ending it soon.

So after obtaining the kit, I had to check to see what fitted right and what didn’t and check with other people to see who I could make an exchange with. 1,491 more words

Da Diaries