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First Rotation Done!

I’m on the plane from Mary River to Iqaluit. I love flying. Those few moments before the plane lifts off are exhilarating.

But I’m so looking forward to being home for a few days. 515 more words



For the second year I am spending this week before Easter sleeping on a bunk bed in a camp cabin with 17 & 18 year old girls. 355 more words


Good morning guys. I know what you are probably thinking..”is she back”…yeah I’m back from serving my father land, well i just started but atleast from the crazy camp. 1,016 more words


Supper in Bilbao, Lunch in Getaria and Breakfast in.....jail?

Bilbao, Spain : October 2017

The camp site we checked into was high up on a hill overlooking Bilbao. It was more a large parking lot for campers; basic and clean but with  a really good view I must admit. 2,043 more words

A Highlight in Comillas, El Caprichio de Gaudi.

Cóbreces Cantabria Spain : October 2017


Rolling hills around our camp spot at Cóbreces

our camp spot in Cóbreces, Alfoz de Lloredo in Cantabria… 1,460 more words

Portugal, Spain, Wolves, Fish, Surf & Cider

Puebla de Sanabria Spain : October 2017

Previously on Parsleyspursuits; we had spent a wonderful few hours in the Douro Valley, but needed to get ourselves and ScootR back to Spain as sadly, our trip was sadly drawing to a close, and us suddenly finding a thousand and one spots that we really needed to and had to visit within the next three days. 1,647 more words

Port in the Douro Valley with a Station?

Lamego Portugal: October 2017

Leaving Coimbra we headed North, unfortunately the end of our road trip was drawing close and we needed to get back to a Spain. 1,988 more words