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These little guys visit every morning and I’m never lucky enough to get pictures of them. This morning there are at least 4. I put leftover corn flakes by the tree and watch the show. :)

Camp Life

Greatest Dad of All

“Father to the fatherless… “ Psalm 68:5

Maybe some of you have lost a father, or grew up without a dad at all, or your relationship with your father isn’t as it should be.  477 more words

Family Legacy

Day 118

What a fond memory: once our camp dining hall was completed, we were able to return the plaques to their rightful home.

A Year Of Niftiness

Cottonwood, AZ

We got here last night. After visiting my usual haunts which were fenced off or occupied, I settled at a spot at the entrance. It wasn’t bad, noise level was better than a truck stop.

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Camp Life


Hey everybody, this week I want to tell a story about the Summer of 2016, when I was a CIT and photographer for a month at California’s best sleep away camp, … 401 more words

Winds ablowin'

Last night at the fire Russ thought it’d be a good idea to do the Macarena and people joined in.

Russ looks like he’s really into it. 70 more words

Ehrenberg, Az