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Day 5: Knight Inlet Lodge (Glendale Cove, Canada)

I’m sitting here on the main dock outside our dining room and am attempting to process just how lucky I am. Book in my left hand, latte in my right, waves lightly crashing against the boats, and the sun glistening off the water. 217 more words


Another week has come and gone. Time passes so quickly up here. The week started off with moustache adventures. The employees of Tim Hortons weren’t even phased by Chrissy and I walking in with our fake stick-on moustaches (mine was even falling off the sticky strip). 411 more words


Night of Craziness a.k.a Theme Nights

You see Pine Cove not only exist to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I mean yes everything we do is to break down walls and so that the Gospel can change lives. 151 more words

Camp Life

About face

I think I’m reversing my previous comment about enjoying camp. I’m enduring it.

Who wouldn’t after having to give one hundred triple hunches? Don’t Ask me what that means. 63 more words


I swear: NYSC Oath of Allegiance

In pursuance of our Aspiration to build a United, Peaceful, Prosperous, Hate-free, Egalitarian Society and a great Nation and of our motto “Service and Humility”. 302 more words


All in a days work

ITS FRIDAY! FRIDAY! Week one of maintenance is done. And I am suuuuper tired. Going from the student lyfe to working maintenance 9-5:30 everyday was a good shock to my system. 161 more words

Camp Life

Hello, my name is Beats

See the interesting thing about Pine Cove and something that they differently is they give you camp names. What I mean by that is they bring you (being a new staffer) on stage and you sit in a chair with a microphone in your hand for 5-7 minutes. 337 more words

Camp Life