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Camp NaNoWriMo Reflection Upon My Failures

It’s taken me a long time to think clearly enough to write this post, or to even think that I wanted to, so sorry for being so late to the party.   462 more words


Yet another post about me failing another NaNoWriMo event

Well, I did it. I’ve failed three NaNoWriMo events in a row (hold the applause). I don’t even have a good excuse this month. Yeah April was busy but so was… 254 more words

Camp Nano Week 4: A Refuge

WEEK FOUR. IT BEGAN. AND IT ENDED. Well, ha, it actually ended…. a week ago. But nonetheless! I don’t mind this being pretty late, because, hey, it’s here now! 854 more words

The Life Of Angela R. W.

April Recap


So April was… rough.  Last month was the kind of perfect storm that I’ve not seen since Sept 2015, when I ran out of blog buffer at the start of NaNo right after pooping out a new human.  122 more words

Camp NaNoWrimo 2017: Week 4 & Final Results

The last week of Camp NaNoWriMo went pretty well for me. I finally got over being sick and my tooth has stopped hurting (for now). I finished on the 28th but according to my math, only wrote for 15 of those days. 180 more words


May is Here! And other things

We survived! Fellow Camp NaNoers and/or PAD challengers, congrats. Whether you achieved your personal aims or not this go ’round, I applaud you for your effort and ambition! 280 more words


I Finished Camp NaNoWriMo and I Love to Plot Three is Live!

I finished Camp NaNo today.  I had meant to focus April on two things, completing a vampire novella and write a suspense romance novel. As always, priorities change. 112 more words