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What Rhymes with Camp Nano?

If you’re thinkin’ of takin’ part in Camp Nano
Do ya gotta have some sort of planno?
Do you write first to last?
Do you skip and advance? 511 more words


It's time for Camp - April is coming!

I’ve noticed a few emails from the NaNo folks reminding me Camp is coming up and to join in the new adventures. It only took me a minute or two to seriously consider – I mean, who wouldn’t want to go camping? 72 more words

Camp Nano

Are you participating in April's Camp NaNoWriMo?

I am, and it’s time to start preparing for it. I will be making a video soon about how to actually prepare for Camp NaNo, but I’m including a video where I talk about Camp NaNo and what I plan on working on in April… 30 more words


Creative update for March: ribbon, flowers on my shoulder blades and Camp Nanowrimo

So I am home from the hen do with two weeks until K’s wedding.

This leaves me with a fairly realistic time frame to begin some fun projects. 381 more words


Wherein I Divulge the Secrets of my Absence


Little fishies? Are you still alive? I haven’t fed you in about…six months? Give or take? I hope you’re all still alive and kicking–er…swimming! :) 850 more words

Through Blizzard Winds and Blinding Snows

Ahhh…sitting here relaxing by the fire of pellet stove, my Raggle at my feet. In case you didn’t know what a Raggle is it’s a dog that is part beagle part rat terrier. 565 more words

General Updates

New Idea I Want to Share

Hello Readers!

So, I am participating in a cover reveal tomorrow and I am SO excited for that but I needed to do a post of some sort to tide me over until tomorrow morning when I can show this wonderful cover to you all. 365 more words