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Camp NaNo Wrap-Up and Exciting News!

Hey all.

So between book reviews, Camp NaNoWriMo, and crazy life events, I haven’t done a great job of keeping you all informed on exactly where I am in the whole writing process. ¬† 392 more words

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FLC 2016 Project #3- Dragon Haiku

Hello, all! This is the 3rd project in FLC 2016. I hope you enjoy!

Information Station:



Kathryn @ In Depths of Dreams

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So you won Camp Nano, now what?

That is a very good question.

Although I technically won Camp Nano by completing my self imposed wordcount goal, I didn’t actually finish the story I was writing. 551 more words

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Summary Saturday

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Well would you look at that, a post at the time they are supposed to be at. Slap bang in the middle of the day. 103 more words


How to win Camp NaNo

One of my ¬†most excellent cabin mates [Balladeer] from Camp Nano pointed out to me that I hadn’t mentioned the brilliant support I got (we all got) from each other in our cabin . 343 more words

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This Loss is a Win

Camp NaNoWriMo is officially over for another year. I’m proud to say that my winning streak has broken.

This would have been my fifth win in a row, but I never reached 50,000 words. 373 more words


Camp Nano Update - The Final Installment

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Hump Day innit (seriously, why is that a phrase that exists, I still don’t get it). Anyway, as I am sure that you are aware it is in fact now August and that means that July is now over and so concluded Camp Nano with it, which means that I am due to write one final update. 426 more words