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Break Down Barriers Between People

Sara and Amani were bumping the volleyball back and forth after lunch. Paul came running up to them. He was out of breath and his face was flushed. 402 more words

Danger - Hazardous Sport

Caution, danger is everywhere.  A moments inattention and disaster can strike.  Riding in remote areas can be dangerous and all participants should fully prepare for when disaster strikes and bodies get injured 19 more words

A Refreshing Change

This past weekend I went to visit two friends, Kristi and Jackie, who also go to PLU and work at camp with me. They are studying Alpine Ecology in Bø, Norway (the Telemark region), and it was so nice to see them again. 822 more words

Second group of refugees to leave Australian camp for U.S. resettlement

SYDNEY (Reuters) – A second group of about 30 refugees held in Australian-run detention centers on South Pacific islands will leave soon for resettlement in the United States under a controversial refugee swap deal, a U.S. 8 more words

The Sadistic Plan of the Elks, Part 3

(For the first two parts of this story about a night on a solo backpack trip in the Bighorn Range, check out the previous posts on the Adventure Blog.) 653 more words

Updated: Anti-fracking camp relocates from Derbyshire drilling depot

Campaigners against fracking who established a camp outside a drilling supply company in Derbyshire have relocated. 464 more words