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Day 9. June 7th '16: Camp Birthdays Are The BEST!


Happy Birthday to meeeee! Just woke up to the house filled with about a thousand balloons. I love my friends so much… so that’s what they were doing last night! 528 more words

Summer Camp

Camp Nano countdown

Four days until camp.
What have I planned today:

I’ve made a background for my daemon race until October 1955.  Seeing my slight futuristic setting, I’ve got a lot of work to do.   25 more words

the camping trip. 

camping. on fraser island. an island in australia that is infested with wild dingos, thousands of horse flies, goana’s, crows, geckos and lizards. with no toilet. 439 more words

I left home and said hello and goodbye

I left home and said hello and goodbye.
My parents sent me off to better me;
I grew up like a bird found wings to fly. 176 more words

Silly Sunday: Camp!

OK. So… this isn’t silly. But this is my last chance to remind everyone before it starts because this coming week is mostly A.

This is my first year doing Camp NaNoWriMo. 291 more words

My Camp Hat

Camp hats are a big deal in Girl Guides. They hold tokens and memories from all of the places you’ve been and all the people you’ve met; some notable items on my hat include a piece of sealskin from Newfoundland, pins from places like Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and the Calgary Stampede, and a piece of bandana from when I learned how to square-dance; a spontaneous decision that I would never have normally made, given my nervousness around dancing. 23 more words


On a Marriage Retreat

We were invited to join in on a marriage retreat this weekend hosted by co-workers from Nick’s counseling firm. So we headed up to the middle of the nowhere, around misty lakes in the early morning and windy, wooded roads to Camp Lutherhaven. 309 more words