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Island owners – Kayaking and camping in Sweden Part 2

What a night on Lake Malären! Who would have known that sleeping on a lonely island in the middle of a lake was louder than in the middle of Stockholm? 697 more words


Radical Rock Climbing

As you know, I recently went to camp. Our camp was at the Sunshine Coast and it was soo much fun! As I was too busy to take photos most of the time and only took photos of some places, I chose my favourite place that I took photos of to share with you! 75 more words


Catching Up

Hey everyone! Considering the fact that I failed to write anything last weekend, it would seem I now have two weeks of camp to tell you about, in this one post. 549 more words

Serious Stuff


Starting up a legit blog is something I never thought I would have created in my lifetime. I’ve been meaning to put something online that translated my moleskine journal entries into words on the internet for a while now and luckily this is the perfect platform to do it on. 212 more words


A Night of Change.

A call from my best friend, a night of packing only the essentials, a two-hour drive into the great wilderness, and I’ve emerged feeling changed. 1,317 more words

Vietnam Sales & Marketing Camp 2016 tuyển tình nguyện viên

Bạn yêu thích Sales & Marketing? Bạn thích làm truyền thông, tham gia những sự kiện lớn chuyên nghiệp?

Chắc chắn bạn sẽ không thể bỏ qua ngày hội lớn nhất dành cho giới Sales và Marketing tại Việt Nam – Vietnam Sales & Marketing Camp 2016. 219 more words


Chương trình Trại hè Quốc tế lần 2 với chủ đề Eco-Culture Camp

ICYE Vietnam, cùng với Volunteers For Peace Vietnam trân trọng giới thiệu chương trình Trại hè Quốc tế 2016 lần 2 với chủ đề Eco-Culture Camp độc đáo cho các bạn trẻ năng động và tràn đầy nhiệt huyết. 515 more words