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The winter is back

فكّر بغيرك

وأنت تُعدُّ فطورك، فكر بغيرك
لا تَنْسَ قوتَ الحمام
وأنتَ تخوضُ حروبكَ، فكَر بغيركَ
لا تنس مَنْ يطلبون السلام
وأنتَ تسدد فاتورةَ الماء، فكَّر بغيركَ


Wanted: A Willing Heart

Hi! It’s Kayla :)

Friday afternoon. After school.

My GPS told me 20 more miles until I got onto Highway 371, heading north up to Bible Camp for the weekend youth retreat. 905 more words


Luxury Camping at Bin Majid Beach Hotel

Imagine a bonfire by the beach, a tent on the sandy shores, the waft of a decadent grill… and all this inclusive of the amenities of a 4-star hotel. 803 more words


19 Conferences Every Creative Should Attend In 2018

(Source: www.forbes.com)

In 2018, relaxation and education are my top two priorities.

Both goals come with a long list of resolutions, which include reading more, scrolling less, listening more, assuming less and, most of all, investing in my career. 213 more words

Money Matters

Americamp Fair: 19/31 Days of Blogging Challenge

Unfortunately, this is not one of those magical #plACed posts, but it most definitely is a post full of #FreeBiscuits and fun! Today I headed up to Central London to go to the Americamp fair. 796 more words

5 Reasons to Work as a Tutor in TECS Land Wales

Our newest (and possibly coolest) camp is in Wales. A small staff, with only one monitor (!) and two tutors, it provides a wealth of different opportunities, and maybe particularly interesting for people who are returning to camp work but looking for a different camp experience. 485 more words


English Winter Camp in Korea! Harry Potter Themed

Since this was my first English camp I’ve ever done, I decided to keep a log of how each day went from my perspective. I’m planning to do this for the other two weeks of camp as well, and hopefully I’ll remember to take pictures for those logs! 1,266 more words