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The FOX In An Expensive Suit

This is a short story about perception and manipulation. Draw your own conclusion…

There was concern around the farm about the growing number of eggs that were being taken by the hen house guards who’d always been trusted to care for them. 589 more words

The Politics Of Oppression

Time for the Second American Revolution

This country is in need of a revolution, not the shoot-em-up kind but a civilized, quiet and peaceful revolution of thought. It’s time we woke up and realized we are being used by money mongers and power brokers to suit their purposes and their purposes are not OUR purposes. 1,659 more words

Government And Business

Giving limits for city candidates would more than triple since 2010 with new proposal

By Doug Livingston / Beacon Journal staff writer
December 19, 2016

The reporter didn’t quite get it right regarding what I said needs to happen — not just public financing, but ultimately a constitutional amendment to abolish corporate personhood and money as speech.

De Blasio Rants Against the Media and 'Wealthy Interests' as Grand Juries Weigh Charges

Mayor Bill de Blasio fulminated against his two favorite targets—reporters and the rich—when pressed with questions today about the news last night that state and federal grand juries are hearing evidence regarding his political fundraising efforts. 903 more words

Bill De Blasio

Commit to seeking common ground

Letter to the editor
Akron Beacon Journal, December 4, 2016

With the nation seemingly more divided that ever following the election, people of good will on all sides can make several commitments to seek common ground. 186 more words

US for Sale

The disarray in the Trump transition team centers on a single issue: the power of money in our political system. This has caught up the transition because Trump promised to “drain the swamp” in Washington, but upon his election found that all the knowledgeable candidates for the Administration were part of the system. 829 more words


Money Can't Buy Them Love

Bradley Smith has a piece in the Washington Examiner (“Kill the ‘money buys elections’ cliche” – 2016-11-14) in which he points out that in the 2016 election cycle Clinton outspent Trump two-to-one, and of  “independent” groups the Clinton side outspent the Trump side by three-to-one. 410 more words

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