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HUGE reveal on season two premiere of "This Is Us"

Nah, just kidding. We understand why there are millions of Ussies* devoted to This Is Us, what with NBCUniversal’s inaugural Symphony, cross-channel marketing campaign last season. 291 more words

And in Healthcare News...

Doesn’t it make sense, as in common sense, you know the kind we all hope the people in Washington have, that if the GOP actually thought their bill was an improvement over the ACA they would want the whole country to see it. 640 more words


Campaign Finance Reform


The issue of campaign finance is one that has been debated among academics for many years, and has gained greater public attention in recent years due to the enormous, and constantly increasing money spent on political campaigns. 3,230 more words


Frank Jackson Has Raised A Whole Lot More Money Than All Other Mayoral Challengers Combined

All the political cash is sickening. Am quoted in the article below, but a few points were left out: “The system of legalized bribery (e.g. campaign financing) is alive and well in Cleveland as demonstrated by Frank Jackson’s rapid rise of his campaign war chest…Legalized bribery will only end by legalizing democracy — via lower contribution limits and, ultimately, by amending the US Constitution to give voice to the needs of people and communities by abolishing the doctrines that money is constitutionally protected ‘free speech’ and corporations possess inalienable constitutional ‘personhood’ rights.” 22 more words

July 28th, 2017 The Stone Thrown May Bounce Back Against Yourself

Having a winning strategy in politics is all about having information and money. The first trick is to have the right information about your opponent without letting your opponent have any useful information on you or your side. 461 more words

What is "Citizens United," and Why is it a Problem?

During the 2016 election campaigns, the words “Citizens United” were brought up often, particularly by Senator Bernie Sanders. Those words represent the controversial Supreme Court decision on the case Citizens United v. 787 more words