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NYTimes: Why Dark Money Is Bad Business

Money is the root of all political evil and it keeps our government from being of the people and for the people.

Anonymous corporate donations are not helping this country. 147 more words


Current status (as of 5/15/16) of NJ Senators and District 12 Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman on Proposed Legislation relating to Campaign Finance Reform and Voting Rights

Check out how our NJ Senators and our District 12 Congresswoman are responding to legislation to reform our campaign finance  system and to extend voting rights.   591 more words


Tell your Representative to take action. Use the letter below – adapt as you wish and send it to your Representative Now.

Dear CongressPerson ______________________________: 211 more words

Campaign Finance Reform

NYTimes: After Conventions, a Debt to Donors

When will we recognize that corporate finance of politics is at the root of our political problems?

Convention spending is part and parcel of the creeping corporate buyout of America’s political system.

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Pleas by Donald Trump for Campaign Funds Prove the Need for Reforming the System

The cost of electing our representatives in Washington is a travesty; wasted money which could have been used for the needs of our nation. No greater proof that Citizens United is a travesty can be offered than the fact that now that Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party, he is asking for campaign contributions from the Republican elite. 525 more words

Mayor fundraised ‘stupidly,’ but it’s not a crime, says TenantsPAC

By Sabina Mollot

With multiple well-publicized probes into the de Blasio administration currently underway, investigating, among other things, the mayor’s attempt to help Democrats control the State Senate in 2014, it’s still too soon to say if Senate Democrats will be harmed in the upcoming elections. 654 more words


Brilliant! Finally, A Workable Campaign Finance Innovation!

A new idea has breathed some life into the campaign finance reform debate. Rep. David Jolly (R-FL), has introduced a bill that would ban federal officeholders from soliciting political donations. 157 more words