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How much do we spend on potato chips? Campaign finance reform - George Will at Prager University

What corrupts politics more: Millionaires and billionaires? Or the rules that intend to limit the influence of wealthy donors? At Prager University, George Will, author and Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for the Washington Post, explains who designed campaign finance reform and why Congress’s solution to the problem may actually be the bigger problem. 742 more words

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Campaign finance bills filed in Florida House and Senate

Two bills, HB 631 by Rep. Amanda Murphy and SB 892 by Sen. Darren Soto, have been filed in the Florida House and Senate. The legislation involves campaign financing reports, and would require Political Committees to disclose… 54 more words



Read this article:  https://www.issueone.org/bipartisan-reformers-caucus-launches-washington-demands-action-money-politics-reform/

“Yesterday, Issue One’s bipartisan group of more than 100 former members of Congress and governors gathered on Capitol Hill to call for renewed action to enact solutions to money in politics. 149 more words

Two Former PA Lawmakers Join New ReFormer Caucus Devoted to Campaign Finance Reform

Two former Pennsylvania lawmakers have joined a newly created caucus that is devoted to campaign finance reform.

Former U.S. Reps. William Clinger (1979-1997) a Republican, and Peter Kostmayer,(1983-1993), a Democrat, joined Issue One’s ReFormers Caucus – a group of former governors and members of Congress who have survived the front lines of our campaign finance system and know first-hand how: 140 more words

(Video) Campaign finance reform is corruption

For Prager University, George Will explains how government regulation of political donations and even political speech (1) is nothing more that an incumbent protection act: 75 more words


FEC Refuses to Close the ‘Chevron’ Loophole in the Ban Against Campaign Contributions from Government Contractors

A deadlock by the U.S. Federal Election Commission on Public Citizen’s request that the agency close a loophole of its own making that allows federal contractors to make campaign contributions through subsidiaries means the loophole remains. 497 more words

Terese Berceau Lays out her Version Of Campaign Finance Reform

Democratic Rep. Terese Berceau of Madison proposed an alternative bill for campaign finance reform that was proposed in October by State Republicans

The proposed legislation from  Terese Berceau  seeks to addresses many of the concerns Democrats have raised about a campaign finance reform bill the Assembly is expected to vote on next week. 247 more words

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