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NYTimes: Can the States Save American Democracy?

Finally grass roots movements to drive out corporate influence in politics, and gerrymandered districts is gaining steam.

We can’t have nice things unless we fix the system. 10 more words




……… and why it’s not working

2016 Presidential Election

Our Revolution Resignations Smack of Sabotage

Our Revolution — the successor organization to Bernie Sanders’ historic 2016 campaign for the president — will launch on August 24 as over 2,300 house parties across the country tune into a livestreamed address by Sanders on the path forward for the political revolution he inspired. 669 more words

Bernie Sanders

The Wall Street Tell

Hillary Clinton has received much press, mostly negative, about her ties to Wall Street in recent months. She reportedly agreed to speak to Wall Street entities for fees in the realm of $275,000. 850 more words

On The Road

Alexandra Pelosi's New Film Reveals Why Billionaires Pour Millions into Elections

A new documentary by Alexandra Pelosi—Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and daughter of the former speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi—made its debut on HBO last night. 2,265 more words


Sanders supporters flock to Philadelphia: What do they want?

Sen. Bernie Sanders is likely to see a large show of support at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) which starts on Monday as protesters flock from all over the country to show that they are still “feeling the Bern.” 90 more words

The Christian Science Monitor

Campaign Finance: The Elephant in the Room


Despite the anti-donor rhetoric of Donald Trump, the platform of his party – the Republican party – is notably pro-donor class with calls to raise or repeal limits on what is acceptable as a political donation, as well as calls to end restrictions against corporate involvement in politics. 673 more words