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Brilliant! Finally, A Workable Campaign Finance Innovation!

A new idea has breathed some life into the campaign finance reform debate. Rep. David Jolly (R-FL), has introduced a bill that would ban federal officeholders from soliciting political donations. 157 more words


Big Sky, Big Money Documentary Screening

Join us for this informative and entertaining documentary film and  Learn how you can help pass an anti-corruption resolution in Lawrence to let our representatives in Trenton and DC know that we want our democracy back. 99 more words

MD Advocacy Groups Lament Lack of Progress with Good-Government Initiatives

With the 2016 legislative session nearing its close, advocates in neighboring Maryland expressed disappointment that more progress was not made on good government reforms in the past 90 days. 311 more words

Electoral and Campaign Finance Reform Advisors for Trump

This 2016 presidential race is leaving many Americans with a very bitter taste in their mouths when it comes to its electoral and campaign finance process. 182 more words

2016 Presidential Elections

Putting the Puzzle Together

Putting the Puzzle Together    —by Jinny Batterson

This past weekend I traveled from my home in central North Carolina to Washington, D.C. with a bus full of college students and a couple of other “gray hairs” to participate in parts of a “Democracy Awakening” weekend. 803 more words

Democratic Unrest

As we crawl towards the conventions in July, it’s time for the parties to take stock not only of their chances in November, but also their long-term health. 2,304 more words


PAC Sanders

Well, the other shoe finally fell tonight. Bernie Sanders has levelled charges jointly against the Democratic Party and the Clinton campaign for corrupt campaign financing. The issue, as I understand it, is that the DNC agreed to help fund-raise for both Sanders and Clinton, with the understanding that individual contributions would be capped so that down-ticket campaigns would benefit from the excitement generated by the nominating process. 186 more words