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Political donors back winners just before they start winning

Several major industries have shifted their political donations to Republicans from Democrats: nytimes.com/interactive/20… http://t.co/qYgOdbeZAp
NYT Graphics (@nytgraphics) June 29, 2015

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Schneiderman Calls Absence of Ethics Reform From Albany Deal 'Incomprehensible'

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman today attacked the final legislative package to come out of the state capital before the end of the 2015 session for not including any of the recommendations from his… 441 more words

Corruption Is the Political Issue of Our Times

Represent.Us helps you understand their American Anti-corruption Act.

is the political challenge of our times, because it affects everything… What we need is a way to pass laws that The People want, but politicians don’t.

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The Callous Politics of Passivity

Harrisburg’s Three Musketeers

Wouldn’t you love to be paid not to work? Some Pennsylvania state legislators have figured out how to do just that.

I’m going to explain in the most basic terms possible, as education policy has become so complicated, why House Bill 805, a piece of legislation that passed the State House on Tuesday, now headed to the State Senate for approval, is an unquestionable disaster for students, teachers, administrators, policy-makers, and taxpayers alike. 2,628 more words


Doug Hughes in D.C. for Federal Court Hearing

UPDATE: What is happening with Doug Hughes?

No good deed goes unpunished. American hero Doug Hughes is in Washington D.C. this week for a federal court hearing on his April 15th act of civil disobedience. 447 more words


Bernie and a Progressive Agenda

“When you take on the billionaire class, it ain’t easy,” Bernie Sanders said at Brookings . “We would have to put together the strongest grassroots movement in the modern history of this country, where millions of people are saying, ‘You know what?

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Feingold's PAC-Gate Underwhelms

(Photo of Russ Feingold in Public Domain)

By John Kaufman

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s columnist Dan Bice looked up  former Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold’s Progressives United PAC on OpenSecrets.org and… 669 more words