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Pay2play.tv/A_to_Z: E is for Education

Letter of the day from Pay 2 Play comes with some great links for those looking to dig deep on the issue.

The cost of going to college has increased 1,000% since the 1970s so schools have to charge more to attend. 61 more words

Campaign Finance Reform

Pay2play.tv/A_to_Z: D is for Defense

Letter of the day from Pay 2 Play comes with some great links for those looking to dig deep on the issue.

Via Pay2play.tv/A_to_Z:

President Eisenhower first warned of the military-industrial complex in 1960 and the industry remains one of the most powerful to this day, taking public funds and recycling them to politicians in the form of lobbying and contributions that guarantee a steady flow of new weapons contracts.  47 more words

Campaign Finance Reform

Main Campaign Issues: Getting Big Money Out of Politics

Via berniesanders.com

Freedom of speech does not mean the freedom to buy the United States government. Oil companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, Wall Street bankers and other powerful special interests have poured money into our political system for years. 210 more words

Campaign Finance Reform

My Three-Part Solution to Corruption

The major problems I identify in US government today are partisan bickering, corporate lobbying, and an overemphasis on fundraising.

Part One – Simplify and Reduce Campaign Funding… 477 more words


Move to Amend touring with Neil Young

Via Naturalnews.com, Neil Young looks to bring activist groups further into notoriety with his latest tour. As the race towards the national election creeps up from still so long away, Young seems to hope this latest move will allow more light to be shed on the problem of money in politics.

Campaign Finance Reform

Edwards, Van Hollen Feud Over Money

The Huffington Post has a good rundown of the recent escalation in the feud between Donna Edwards and Chris Van Hollen over the impact of outside money in the Senate primary. 486 more words

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Money in Politics A-Z: Pay2Play.tv releases latest tool in fight for campaign finance reform

With letters A and B already released, Pay2play.tv/a_to_z is a great new project released by the makers of the documentary of the same name.

Each one of the letters, released daily, contain links relating to the subject at hand and unique sponsors in support of a related cause, making the list appealing to everyone from the casual observer to the probing skeptic. 93 more words

Campaign Finance Reform