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Sourdough Crumpets | recipe

Sinking your teeth into hot, spongey, butter-laden crumpets is the paragon of comfort. When there’s rain sliding down the windows, and a fresh pot of tea brewing, I can think of no greater pleasure than devouring crumpets soaked and dripping with butter. 493 more words


Sourdough September. Getting Started with a sourdough starter, crumpets and a loaf.

In his article about sourdough, Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall says that baking your own is ‘life-affirming and transformative. And why wouldn’t it be? You are, after all, growing your own bread.’ These are terms I’ve heard parents use about carrying and rearing their children. 645 more words


In Knead of Sourdough September

September is the month of new beginnings, isn’t it? A time for projects and planning. There’s a seasonal shift and we look to fill our bellies and climb under the covers all cosy and covered in crumbs; hopeful of what’s to come. 331 more words