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Hiring? How campaign management can work for you

Hiring is a long-term investment, and to make the best investment it can be a timely and expensive process. You don’t only need to make sure that you are effectively attracting the right talent, but that candidates possess the skills they claim, that they have the motivation to utilise their skills and that they are a cultural fit for the company. 379 more words

10 important tips for e-commerce platforms on Baidu marketing in China

Understand Baidu

Baidu is the largest and the most dominant search engine in China. The influence of Baidu on the Chinese digital market is unprecedented. If you want to enter the Chinese market it is vital for any e-commerce platform to have a strong presence here. 419 more words


A Beginner's Guide to Build a Negative Keyword List

One of the most important tactic to successfully inheriting and optimizing an Ad Words account is to build a negative keyword list. Negative keywords are a pay-per-click advertising match type option offered by most of the major search engines and is a way of designating what kinds of searches can trigger your ads to appear.   1,205 more words


Your Agency's Conflicts of Interest May Be Costing You Money

by Robert Glazer

The goal of advertising is to make a business money, but conflicts of interest are all too common. Agencies talk a big game about protecting their clients’ long-term interests, but many agencies fail to serve their clients first when their financial incentives don’t align. 888 more words


Create Effective Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Ads That Scale With Your Product Catalogue

As your product catalogue grows and changes, dynamic product ads scale along with those changes. Creating ads directly from the information in your product feed saves a significant amount of time, removes the possibility of errors, and quickly puts your ads in front of shoppers. 573 more words

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Don`t Separate Your Campaign Management and DAM Solutions

If you use a campaign management solution, you may be shooting yourself in the foot and then tying both hands behind your back to boot. The amazing thing is, stopping the bleeding is so easy that you’ll be kicking yourself by the time you finish reading this (just make sure to use your uninjured foot and be careful to keep your balance—it’s not so easy with your hands tied). 656 more words

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Multi-channel brand positioning: Drivers of success

A key challenge that brand managers face these days is ensuring consistency in brand positioning across multiple channels. Increasingly, digital advertising spends is either at par or overtaking traditional advertising spends. 947 more words

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