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Player and GM Sheets for Star Trek: Cypher

After launching the Romulan sourcebook to go along with all the options available in the Character Creation and Gamemaster’s Guide books, I felt it was important to give GMs and players alike some tools to keep everything organized. 117 more words

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Top 10 Microsoft Project Best Practices for Project Managers

By Rebecca Bennett

At some point in your project management career there will be a point where you throw your hands up, ditch MS Project and resort to good old Excel. 799 more words

Best Practices

New Gamemasters

Last week I wrote about some tools for making sandbox games easier. I didn’t really think about it at the time, but this fits neatly into Monte Cook Games’s… 1,054 more words

Campaign Skeletons

Marketing in the customer's environment

Everyone is busy. C-suite decision-makers are usually not available to take a call. It doesn’t matter how good your pitch is if nobody gets to hear it. 153 more words

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Notes for Campaigns

I am finding it hard to organize things for all the little games going on. There are more intermittant games than I have ever run before all with the possibility of picking up at random notice. 131 more words

The Power of A/B Testing: The Difference Small Changes Can Make for Your Marketing

Marketing is a decision-based world. At any given moment, you’ve got a variety of options floating in front of you. Which of those two headlines should you use in your next e-mail? 521 more words