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The sign-off process

It’s a bad idea to sign off anything after 6pm on a Friday evening – especially if it’s for print. The human brain is simply not working at full capacity at the end of a frazzled week. 177 more words

Free Stuff: Campaign Calender

DM Ron here. I love playing D&D, and I love running D&D games. One of my favorite parts of being a DM is the hobby side of preparation. 215 more words


Campaign Management in Dynamics CRM

Campaign Management is an important aspect in Dynamics CRM which allows you to create Campaign and manage your marketing efforts. This blog article will showcase the high level OOB steps to create and execute the Campaign in the Dynamics CRM. 264 more words

MS Dynamics CRM Online

Retrieving data out of a Query string

Every website has a url (uniform resource identifier)/ unique readable web link.

The link points you to the web server and the web page you are looking for. 650 more words


Reconciling Conventional Wisdom and New Data on Direct Mail

A recent study conducted by the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) in conjunction with the United States Postal Service (USPS) found that 75 percent of Millennial voters, those aged 18-35, “use political mail to remind them when to vote.” At first glance, this seems to be a surprising finding especially comparing it to the older generation of voters, only 58 percent of whom are motivated by direct mail to go vote. 659 more words

Project Management by Week and Best Before dates

Week numbers matter. The 3 days difference between February and March can mean loosing over half of a working week. It can slip by unnoticed, leading to last minute panic. 92 more words

Realm Works - How do I handle Players and their Characters


Realm Works is a product created by Lone Wolf Development used for a roleplaying game’s campaign management. It allows the Games Master (person running the game) to provide information to the players with restrictions managed by the tool’s “Fog of World” ability which makes sure they only get access to what they need during and between games. 1,328 more words