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Bringing In The Backstories

When I start a campaign I know the story I want to tell. I generally know how I’d like to see things begin, how they might end, and a few good… 1,472 more words


Programmatic Advertising

Advertising has long been the predominant source of revenue for media and entertainment companies. Now a new factor is disrupting the media landscape and opening breakthrough possibilities: programmatic advertising. 484 more words

Campaign Management

Have I met you somewhere before?

If you ever wanted a lesson in how politicians sometimes live in a strange world where they don’t actually get to meet any real people. 73 more words

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How to Manage Alerts and Other User Preferences in MDM?

 Microsoft Dynamics Marketing contains several ways for a user to customize their experience with the service. An alert is an automatic notification sent by Microsoft Dynamics Marketing when a certain event occurs. 1,143 more words

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

Tracking CPC Inflation

A complex search algorithm determines cost per click on an SEM ad. Things like bids, quality score, position, and competition all affect CPC. As a search manager I’ve noticed an upward trend in CPC over the years. 499 more words

Campaign Management

Things that Keep Me Up At Night

Our digital marketing aim at Exhibit India is to stay ahead in a competitive online market. In an effort to continue differentiating ourselves we focus a significant portion of our efforts on building the best possible customer experience. 553 more words

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Boost up your e-commerce strategy, Increase your sales!

e-commerce can be the direct impact of an online marketing campaign – and even an offline marketing campaign. Here are ten interesting ways to help you optimize your e-commerce strategies online in order to augment sales with ease. 490 more words

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