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Create Effective Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Ads That Scale With Your Product Catalogue

As your product catalogue grows and changes, dynamic product ads scale along with those changes. Creating ads directly from the information in your product feed saves a significant amount of time, removes the possibility of errors, and quickly puts your ads in front of shoppers. 573 more words

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Don`t Separate Your Campaign Management and DAM Solutions

If you use a campaign management solution, you may be shooting yourself in the foot and then tying both hands behind your back to boot. The amazing thing is, stopping the bleeding is so easy that you’ll be kicking yourself by the time you finish reading this (just make sure to use your uninjured foot and be careful to keep your balance—it’s not so easy with your hands tied). 656 more words

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Multi-channel brand positioning: Drivers of success

A key challenge that brand managers face these days is ensuring consistency in brand positioning across multiple channels. Increasingly, digital advertising spends is either at par or overtaking traditional advertising spends. 947 more words

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Meet Chris Cesarini – Wisdom Executives Promotion to Assistant Manager

We are excited to announce the promotion of Chris Cesarini to assistant manager at Wisdom Executives.

Here’s a little bit about Chris:

Chris was raised in Acton, Massachusetts, a small town less than an hour outside of Boston. 217 more words


Bringing In The Backstories

When I start a campaign I know the story I want to tell. I generally know how I’d like to see things begin, how they might end, and a few good… 1,472 more words


Programmatic Advertising

Advertising has long been the predominant source of revenue for media and entertainment companies. Now a new factor is disrupting the media landscape and opening breakthrough possibilities: programmatic advertising. 484 more words

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How to Manage Alerts and Other User Preferences in MDM?

 Microsoft Dynamics Marketing contains several ways for a user to customize their experience with the service. An alert is an automatic notification sent by Microsoft Dynamics Marketing when a certain event occurs. 1,143 more words

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