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Review of Gods and Icons

Let me just begin with saying that this is a MASSIVE supplement. There is so much information and so many resources that can be pulled from this, it’s incredible. 1,059 more words

13th Age

Shards, Part 2

I am still extremely nervous. So far, the Shards of Essence, my first major work and contribution to the dmsguild and players of d&d community is not moving so well. 255 more words

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Up and coming content

Now that I have put the shards out into the world, and so far they aren’t flying off the shelves (so to say), I have already been making plans for more. 170 more words

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Short post today. I spent some time in Nova Scotia this summer and travelled along the Bay of Fundy:

I’m not really a “water person” – I grew up about as far as you can get in North America from an ocean – so the tides caught me by surprise. 103 more words

Astonishing ACKS

The Purple Planet as Underborea

Peril on the Purple Planet is an excellent mini-campaign from Goodman Games. I got the boxed set as part of the Kickstarter, plus all the add-on modules (either in print or pdf). 560 more words

Astonishing ACKS

My first step

I have taken my first big step into a larger world. I posted my first major content contribution to the DMsGuild website not 3 minutes ago. 699 more words

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Remnants of the Fallen Ages

Is now complete! The first articles (I originally published as a series hoping to make a little money) are now completed on the dmsguild.com!

“Dragonborn, descendents of the mighty beasts that once inhabited the lands of Korriban. 451 more words

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