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The A quick post while I prep for tonight’s game… Autarch’s Patreon program releases monthly playtest documents (which are subsequently bundled into the Axioms releases). The latest one is entitled… 157 more words


Weapon Master Custom Class

Here’s a custom class that I put together a while back but forgot to post. The Weapon Master is a HD 1 / Fighting 3 variant who trades heavy armour and missile weapons for specialization with a favoured weapon. 21 more words


Lore of the Realms : Kelzorh-Khar

As we continue to develop the Great Realms of Kur, we’ll add new pages each week to the Master Index. Today, we’re proud to introduce the Dwarven Realm of… 6 more words

Realms Of Kur

Lore of the Realms : the Great Realms

Over the last couple of days, we created new pages in the Realms of Kur Campaign Setting, most of which pertained to the Great Realms of Kur. 64 more words

Realms Of Kur

ACKS Vivimancer

Continuing with yesterday’s biotech theme, I’m presenting an ACKSified version of the Vivimancer from Theorems & Thaumaturgy and the Complete Vivimancer.

Vivimancers (also known as fleshcrafters) are mages who study the arcane manipulation of biological life. 159 more words


Hyperborean Biotechnology

I’m still on an Alien/Prometheus kick and am really digging the Hyperboreans as Promethean Engineers thing.

I’m thinking of playing up Hyperborean Biotechnology in my game. 303 more words


Hyperboreans as Promethean Engineers

I did my very first Astonishing ACKS post over three-and-a-half years ago on the topic of Hyperborean Custom Classes.

At the time, I had in my mind an image of the race from the… 169 more words