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Thoughts on Barrowmaze (Part 3)

This is my third (and final) post about Barrowmaze in my recent DolmenBarrow campaign. You should probably start by reading my first and second… 828 more words

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Equipment Availability in Trade Town

(I’m getting pretty excited about my new Black City ACKS campaign. I’m working on a bunch of ideas in the background, but want to post some reference material now.

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Thoughts on Barrowmaze (Part 2)

Last week I posted some of my thoughts on Barrowmaze, and it turns out that I still have a ton of notes jotted down about the game. 919 more words


Thoughts on Barrowmaze (Part 1)

Last month I wrapped up my DolmenBarrow campaign (see the adventure log). With the PDF for Greg Gillespie’s Caverns of Archaia being released today I’m finally posting some thoughts on Barrowmaze. 676 more words


The Black City (Campaign Idea)

Last year I really got into John Arendt’s Black City Project. John explains the Black City as follows:

The vision behind the project is to create a “weird horror” megadungeon, that blends the standard D&D tropes with aliens and elements of sci-fi fantasy, a touch of H.P.

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Renata's Robbers

Last session the PCs came across a band of brigands in the Barrowmaze. It turns out that they were the remnants of Renata’s Robbers. The group had heard rumours about them earlier – that they were camped in the woods near the barrow mounds and were charging a “toll” for adventuring groups returning to Prigwort. 323 more words


Races of Manadus: Aasimar

I am going to go through the various playable races that exist in Manadus. Generally, I let players in my campaigns use whatever races they want. 394 more words