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Astonishing ACKS - Hyperborean Ghouls

I love ghouls. But I don’t picture them quite the same way as in the standard D&D rules. I’ve had this post in “draft” forever, but the PCs ran into ghouls tonight so I’m posting my rough notes. 156 more words


Early Experience running Out of the Abyss

House Rules for Out of the Abyss

I’ve decided to take the framework for Out of the Abyss and mold it to my liking. First, if you intend to run “Out of the Abyss” straight out of the “box”, good luck. 1,122 more words

Role-Playing Game

The sun no longer shone with the whiteness of its prime, but was dim and tarnished as if with a vapour of blood. New stars without number had declared themselves in the heavens, and the shadows of the infinite had drawn closer.

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Astonishing ACKS

Setting Info - Personalities of Fort Türas

UPDATE (27-Sep-15): I’m going to try to keep this post up-to-date with key NPCs from Türas Tem and environs. Malyn is the most recent addition.

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Type, Descriptor and Foci

Type, Descriptor and Foci

The 1st challenge with the conversion of Earth Space to the Cypher system is to “translate” the d20-based Classes into Type… 102 more words


Setting Info - Armour Costs in Türas Tem

One item that came up last session… Costs for heavy armour in Astonishing ACKS are higher than in the Core Rules. And the selection in Türas Tem is somewhat limited: 101 more words


I meant to post this earlier; here’s the regional hexmap for the current campaign:

Scale is 3 miles per hex. Bjorn Skullsplitter rules from Fort Türas along the banks of the Krysivor River at the north shore of Brigand’s Bay. 24 more words