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DCC Magic in 5e

Drunkens and Dragons was the first place to put me onto Dungeon Crawl Classics, in particular, the DCC RPG rulebook. This 400+ page long monster is a love letter to the feel of AD&D, and is filled with incredible art and inspired ideas. 948 more words


Revisionist Theology Pt. 3 - Artemis

This is my third Revisionist Theology post, converting the Empyrean gods of the Auran campaign to the Greek gods of AS&SH.

Today I provide guidelines for Artemis. 503 more words

Astonishing ACKS

Revisionist Theology Pt. 2 - Apollo

As I mentioned in a previous post, I now regret replacing the classical Greek gods of Hyperborea (Apollo, Artemis) with their Empyrean equivalents from the Auran campaign setting (Ammonar, Ianna). 672 more words

Astonishing ACKS

Draining Characters of their Hard-Earned Gold

I’ve been running some low-level games for my kids lately. They’re really keen on knowing what they can buy with¬†their ill-gotten loot. This came up as well in my previous Sakkara game, and I figured I should highlight “interesting things that you can buy for 1000gp or less”. 1,207 more words


...So What's Talomire Then?

In my last couple of blogs (and almost any Instagram post I’ve made in a while) I’ve mentioned something called Talomire. So…what is it?

Talomire is the first part of campaign setting I’m currently working on in my spare time, and hope to debut (both in my home game, and on DMs Guild) in the near future. 420 more words




It’s been some time since my last update since I’ve been busy with work for the past several months, but through it all I’ve managed to work on the project devoting as much time as I can. 198 more words