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I’ve started organizing information from my Astonishing ACKS campaign into actual pages on this gameblog. I’m posting this fragment today so I don’t misplace it…

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April Update - D&D World Building

Hello, I’m still around.

I’ve taken this past week off from work so I’ve been able to just relax at home. It’s given me the chance to refresh things: change my bed, get new clothes, shave, etc. 755 more words

Game Projects

Designing new PC races

I gave myself some guidelines for new PC races.

  • 1 big perk that grows over time and also 1 big static flaw
  • 1 or more roleplaying trait (should not be significantly + or – gameplay-wise.)
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The Many Faces of Xathoqqua

(I feel that I’ve neglected Xathoqqua thus far in my home campaign. Although I’ve provided house rules for followers of other deities, I haven’t shown the diversity available to disciples of the sloth-bodied toad god.)

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Hi! I’m almost brand-new to pen-n-paper roleplaying, but I’ve decided to write a Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition campaign setting, and sort-of concurrently, an actual campaign. 96 more words


Mists of Akuma: Wu-Jen Warlock Pact!

A great tragedy has overcome the entities of Soburin’s seasons, making access to powerful elemental magic require obedience to dark powers: Natsu Ītā, Akinochisō, Fuyu-Noyaban, and Haru-Oshōhi. 19 more words

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