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Grimwyrd: The Ansible of Spirits

The ultimate weapon of destruction. The most sophisticated arcane device. The most cursed object ever devised. Final redoubt of the last line of the ogre mages. 1,149 more words


Mutant Manual - abnormal life and unlife from the Broken World

Mutant Manual

“Evolution train has no brakes, baby!”

The Triple Cataclysm transformed much of the land of Tergaur – largerly inhospitable wilderness and dense forest cover the land, while there are many of the so-called anomalous areas, where normal physical laws are broken in various ways. 2,704 more words

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So You Want to Hunt Some Monsters

So, what’s this Monster Hunter thing everyone’s been talking about?

Oh, yeah. That. 2,624 more words


Setting Info - Personalities of the Black City

Update 28-Jan-18: I’m going to try to keep this post up-to-date with key NPCs from the Thule Archipelago. Newest additions are at the bottom.

Bergfinn and his men can provide adventure hooks, Skabu sells her healing services, while the Tolberts are a source of eldritch lore.

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The devil-worshipping empire of Ysmoult

The Empire of Ysmoult, or The Accursed Gem of The Civilized World, is feared and respected. The Empire is rich and populous and its legions are one of the most feared military forces on the Material Plane. 3,318 more words

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The Broken World

Gone are the mighty empires of men, gone are their splendid cities. Humans are no more – only their warped descendants remain. Huge portions of the once fertile land are occupied by inhospitable wilderness and in some places the land is just… 1,201 more words

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Gamer ADD - Dungeon Degenerates

I’ve got a ton of other projects and obligations on the go, but I’ve spent the past month playing way too much Dungeon Degenerates. 245 more words