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Races of Manadus: Aasimar

I am going to go through the various playable races that exist in Manadus. Generally, I let players in my campaigns use whatever races they want. 394 more words


Q&A, July 2017

Wellis of RPGnet asks: How difficult is it to learn most of these languages?

That’s a rules question. It depends on what edition you are playing! 728 more words


Fall of Atlantis (Teaser)

For the past few months I’ve been running a Dolmenwood/ Barrowmaze mashup using Labyrinth Lord and haven’t posted too much about ACKS. In the background, though, I’ve been reading the sneak peek pdfs of the… 356 more words


Welcome to the Jungle

Wizards of the Coast announced its upcoming storyline, Tomb of Annihilation, during its streaming event Stream of Annihilation, held last June 2 and 3. 308 more words


DaggerAndBrush now on Patreon - A modelling guide for the intrepid adventurer and more choice rewards

In the past years the DaggerAndBrush blog has become an essential part of my hobby and I really love to write tutorials and articles for you that hopefully inspire and entertain. 951 more words


Languages of Manadus

Manadus is a diverse world with many languages. The most widespread one is Aviokai, for it was the lingua franca of the Silver Empire. Throughout most of the Empire, Aviokai completely supplanted local languages. 368 more words