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So it Begins

It took a while, but there have been two fresh new characters rolled up for the persistent campaign that I am starting.  It took a while because on of my players was feeling not-very-well-at-all, and I was attempting to explain all of the differences between what we had been playing (via Sliders) and what we will be playing.  204 more words


Traveller: BSU & SSU in the OTU

Finished my IMTU Spinward trade map which may be of interest to someone.

(courtesy of the awesome travellermap.com )

The map (pdf)


purple are long distance routes… 1,291 more words


Traveller: Nobility

The Imperium is huge and travel is slow so the Capital may be a year or more away from the frontier.

Historically this sort of problem is solved by decentralization and the problem that arises from that – risk of rebellion – is solved with some kind of feudal structure – hence the importance of the nobility in Traveller. 973 more words


Traveller: Scout Ship Thoughts

General ideas from the forums

1) movable partition walls -> 4 x cramped state rooms, 2 x okay size, 1 x large

2) TV walls – programmable electronic wallpaper… 68 more words


Traveller: Imperial Army


Generally IMTU the Imperial arms are the Navy and Marines with the army being a planetary thing.

The doctrine is generally marines attack, army defends but there is a special case when the Imperium are on the offensive where arny units come in directly after ground has been taken by the marines. 369 more words


Traveller: making sense of the world stats

A lot of the Traveller OTU random world stats seem illogical at first but this creates a reason to dream up interesting explanations. This post will be a general list of potential explanations as ideas occur. 467 more words