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Sorcerers of Minaria

(Today it’s Minarian sorcerers. I’ve taken the spellsinging rules from the ACKS Heroic Fantasy Handbook and just renamed it “sorcery”, then built a human sorcerer class.

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Wizards of Minaria

(A post today about Minarian wizards. With the exception of the “Language of Magic“, none the game mechanics presented here are original; it’s all adapted from the ACKS…

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There’s less than a day left now in the HYPERBOREA: Beasts & Cannibals Kickstarter. You should pitch in, if you haven’t already!

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I’m publishing an old post today that I’ve had in draft forever…

In my Astonishing ACKS campaign I was pretty vague about the length of year. 244 more words


Sample Domain - Tyrvo March & the Tower of Octavius

The wizard’s tower has perched atop a steep hill for centuries. It has served as a home to minor noblemen, bandits, and wild animals in need of shelter.

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Minaria - Sephir & the Black Knight

To the south of Muetar is the free city of Sephir, which is defended by the infamous Black Knight from his stronghold known as… 537 more words


Minarian Demographics - Muetar

Let’s play with the campaign-building rules from ACKS (Chapter 10: Secrets) and make some realms on the map from Divine Right. I’m going to start with… 455 more words