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Designer Diary #2: The Scope of an RPG (Part 2)

Welcome back for another designer diary! This is the second in a new series, so if you’re just jumping on board, check out our last one and let’s roll! 1,967 more words


A matter of style - not-exactly-a-review (or two!)

Yesterday I finally drafted the first GreyWorld scenario I mentioned a few days back.
It will be called The Snow Globe Affair and it will hopefully awaken some interest in the setting. 847 more words

GreyWorld Design Musings

So it Begins

It took a while, but there have been two fresh new characters rolled up for the persistent campaign that I am starting.  It took a while because on of my players was feeling not-very-well-at-all, and I was attempting to explain all of the differences between what we had been playing (via Sliders) and what we will be playing.  204 more words


The Adventure (Maybe) Begins

Christmas has slowed my game-research to almost a halt, but I did manage to pick up a new RPG supplement for half-price that I’d been wanting to get for awhile. 121 more words

Shaking up Assumptions: Creating a Setting by Tweaking Race and Class Lists

In the five years since its release, Pathfinder has grown into quite a big game. It has seven hardcover rulebooks covering player options, four bestiaries, and ten full adventure paths. 2,438 more words

Role-Playing Games


Or more specifically, the northeastern portion of the Illyrian Empire, which can be divided, roughly speaking, into two seperate areas depicted above.  The northern area is less densely populated, and has to deal with problems from orcs living farther to the west, along the coastline and islands of Soulfreeze Bay. 359 more words

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