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Xathoqquan Woodcut

Here’s a sweet Xathoqqua/Tsathoggua woodcut from Xylographilia:

All hail Xathoqqua!

Astonishing ACKS

Temple of the Frog (Mullen)

A more whimsical piece today. The Temple of the Frog, courtesy of Peter Mullen:


Khromarium Harbour District

My second pre-scheduled post. This one’s another Thomas Kinkade piece – a view of Khromarium from the hills overlooking the harbour district:


Hyperborean Ruins

I’m away for a bit so I scheduled a few posts ahead of time. Here’s the first one – an image of some Hyperborean ruins in the Spiral Mountain Array:

Stay frosty, my friends.


Insatiable Hunger

Xathoqqua/Tsathoggua is sometimes depicted in a comical manner, and definitely seems less “evil” than other Great Old Ones.

Don’t be fooled, however. As James Daly… 10 more words


Deep Ones in Astonishing ACKS

I noticed today that I had this sitting in my “Drafts” folder. May as well post it, and also take the opportunity to note that I’ve recently updated my… 259 more words


I’ve finally put together a set of Astonishing ACKS campaign pages summarizing the game.

You can use the menus at top and right (on the desktop view), or click on the following links: 32 more words