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RPG Campaign/One Shot Idea: The Finites.

The Finites

You’re a Time Bomb. Literally.

You wake up. There’s an unfamiliar tightness around your throat, a strong chemical after-taste on your tongue. With a shaky hand you press your fingers against your neck and find a segmented metal collar securely fastened there. 352 more words

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Campaign Setting Supplemental Details: Tibera and Itasoa

I decided to do some updates to my two D&D campaign settings- because why not. I’m also working on a couple others in the back of my head that I might write up for the hell of it. 1,575 more words

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“With little time, and not much life left, Scho Bo left the nest with arms held high. Though the bolts from the Faerinese invaders pounded into his carapace, he felt no pain. 1,727 more words

Six Pillars

Thoughts on Game Worlds: The Good, the Weird and the Nerdy.

So. You’re a big fan of a popular roleplaying game world. Suddenly there’s a new Games Master on the scene and he or she wants to do something a little bit different while keeping the overall theme of your beloved setting. 299 more words

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