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The Ascendants

It’s easy to forget yourself in the Labyrinth.

Life, that fragile thread, seems like only a second after years, perhaps centuries wandering through this infinite maze of phantom structures: a colosseum of mist-soaked black stone piled with the bodies of its sacrifices, the shell of a corroded rocket half-buried in silt, the silent beam of a lighthouse surrounded by skeletal ships. 2,983 more words


Knights Of The Silver Eagle Outpost Map [2 Versions]

This week, the players in my Blossom Vale campaign finished exploring an old outpost that used to belong to the Knights of the Silver Eagle approximately 300 years before. 217 more words

A Taste Of Old School Map Fun

This past Autumn, I decided to create a unique map with an “old school” flavour by adding sections to it whenever inspiration came to me. Though it took a little bit, I was well pleased with the end result… 133 more words

Advantage to Insight | Planescape Trivia feat. Darcy Ross and Space Rhino

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“Philosophers with clubs” are more interesting when they are in combat! So we brought two Planescape officiandos to battle it out head-to-head with their… 48 more words

Dungeons & Dragons

The Chronicles of Darkness [RP]

A sharp pain echoes through your mind as you try to blink the haze out of your eyes. You are lying on a hard stone floor, with a numbing cold that pierces all the way to your spine. 1,311 more words

Advantage to Insight | Ravenloft feat. Alan Patrick

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We continue our podcast series on campaign settings by diving deeper into Ravenloft with super fan Alan Patrick–this week on Advantage to Insight… 36 more words

Dungeons & Dragons

Advantage to Insight | Eberron feat. Kristian Serrano

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Thanks to the great listener feedback on the Campaign Settings episode, we continue our series and dive deeper into Eberron with special guest… 52 more words

Dungeons & Dragons