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Advantage to Insight | Campaign Settings

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How many Dungeons & Dragons campaign settings can you name from memory? We discuss our favorite ones, get nostalgic about the “good ol’ days”, and debate the merits of a good campaign setting! 38 more words

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The City Of Pain Campaign Setting

This past Monday, I posted an image to my Twitter timeline that I hoped would serve as an inspirational “starter idea” for everyone’s campaigns, but it quickly grew into so much more! 1,445 more words

RPG Campaign/One Shot Idea: The Finites.

The Finites

You’re a Time Bomb. Literally.

You wake up. There’s an unfamiliar tightness around your throat, a strong chemical after-taste on your tongue. With a shaky hand you press your fingers against your neck and find a segmented metal collar securely fastened there. 352 more words

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