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Get Out and VOTE!

April 26 will be the day of the primary election in Pennsylvania. I urge everyone within the sound of my blog to get their asses out and VOTE. 343 more words


KOB: Lt. Gov. Sanchez pocketed $43K of campaign cash; ethics questioned

First Dianna Duran, now John Sanchez?

When Republicans took control of the top three statewide offices in 2011 they promised to run “the most open and ethical administration” ever.   706 more words


The Election So Far

The “election” of Hillary Clinton last night in New York last night does NOT impress me; it was “won” through the deliberate removal of voters from the rolls, something that would shame the most backward county in Alabama. 116 more words

Money isn't Speech

Why is giving money to a candidate considered free speech? Free speech means you can say or write whatever you want without fear of imprisonment or worse. 342 more words


Pigs Fly

Late last week, the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Labor did something unheard of in recent memory – it removed ethically and morally corrupt language inserted by another legislator.  364 more words


The game show dynasty Wheel of Fortune rakes in more money from political ads than any other show on TV

In the 2012 presidential campaign, no other show on television earned as much money from political TV ads as the stalwart game show Wheel of Fortune… 177 more words

Electoral Commission releases Media Handbook for EU Referendum

The Electoral Commission has revealed its Media Handbook for the EU referendum to be held in June.

The Handbook includes key dates of the referendum timeline, along with the restrictions on spending to be imposed on the respective campaigns. 121 more words

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