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Unequal Representation?

When a child receives a big and expensive present for Christmas from one uncle and maybe a smaller and inexpensive one from another uncle, the child tends to favor the first uncle. 1,599 more words

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The Permanent Campaign

The increase in campaign spending and the ensuing dependency on campaign contributions have been named the “permanent campaign,” by certain scholars. The concept of the Permanent Campaign explains the state of modern campaign financing. 972 more words

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Does Money Win Elections?

When talking about campaign spending, an important question comes to mind: Does money win elections? This article will attempt to answer that question, while looking at campaign spending’s effect on electoral success.  748 more words

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Campaign Spending

It is undeniable that money and politics are deeply entwined within the US political system. The main reason for this is campaign spending. 805 more words

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Political Finance Regulation and Perceived Corruption: Some Preliminary Exploration

Corruption is closely linked to problems associated with money in politics. Indeed, some have argued that an excessive/inappropriate influence of money on elections is corruption… 2,006 more words


Presidential campaign spending: Reports show Gov. Walker's team spent about $90K/day

MENOMONEE FALLS — Gov. Scott Walker stopped by a Menomonee Falls business on Friday, October 16th — a day after the Federal Election Commission (FEC) released finance reports from his presidential campaign. 306 more words

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158 (mostly) white families have contributed almost half of 2016 campaign spending

The New York Times published an incredible story this weekend (paywall) highlighting its investigation into the 158 families (paywall) that control $176 million in political donations so far this cycle, or nearly half the amount raised in advance of the 2016 presidential election. 367 more words