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Caluphel Factions: The Reavers of Deculon Prime

Continuing with the backstory for Caluphel Prime, our 40k campaign setting, here is a write up of the Reavers of Deculon Prime, my Chaos Space Marine Night Lords warband. 686 more words


The Lack Of Master Chief Was The Least Of Halo 5’s Campaign Problems

(Source: kotaku.com)

Video game sequels often fix the problems of their predecessors thanks to, among other things, the iterative advancements of technology. That’s on top of the fact that making creative work in the gaming medium is still an exercise in being an artistic pioneer. 904 more words


Kasich's Two Paths, Reviewed

John Kasich is back in the media spotlight this week, touting his campaign reflection, Two Paths: America Divided or United. He was in Cambridge on Wednesday, giving… 2,427 more words

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Unique Page: Email Marketing

Spam folder filler

have you ever gotten an email from a weird website telling you how to grow your male testosterone levels? how about stores that you have discount card from asking if you want to do a small questionaire or see their latest discounts? 699 more words

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#WeakandWobbly May forgets where she is. Literally.

Concerns are increasing for Theresa May’s health – and her fitness for office – after she appears to forget where she was during a TV interview. 338 more words