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Homebrew Worlds 101: Map It Out

You’ve finally decided to design your own setting for a D&D campaign. You’ve read the overview I posted and think you can actually take on this monumental task. 1,044 more words


Digital Media in Practising Campaigning and Virality

By: Aaliya, Amna, Hanan and Sanaa


“Going Viral is every marketers dream, but what makes content go viral?” (Bullas, 2010).

In today’s media landscape, virality is the new dream. 1,506 more words

Continuing The Da'wah Efforts

Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi had stated that da’wah is an effort to bring others to the religion of Islam, fulfilling all of the stipulations on earth, calling towards good and forbidding evil, as well as undertaking… 684 more words


Session 0.5 & character creation.

My preferred number of players is six, not because I think six is a good number to have at the table, but because with six players it is likely that each week I will have 4+ players (as people cancel for other life commitments).I allow my players to create a character from any source book, and encourage imaginative backstory or homebrew tweaks. 359 more words


Let's explore the tides of feminism

with one book at a time. One checklist with esteemed authors at a time. One man…one brave woman in a moment’s time. I’m on the journey to create the most rich and dense feminism literature that the world has yet seem. 148 more words


Snippet: "Donald Trump doesn't like to read" - why we read [non-fiction; op-ed]

The Trump statement was used in an ad campaign (“World, stay awake”) by the German bookstore chain “Thalia” to attract attention; according to former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, it is true (cf. 454 more words

Warehouse Optimization Seminar Assets



Agenda and Map


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