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7 top influencers support #ROAR4TCA

A campaign has been lunched by Collab supporting Teen Cancer America  to spread the word about the teen cancer on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Vine. They requested from their audience three things: (1) To post a “ROAR” photo or video (2) To tag  three friends and ask them to do the same (3) To tag the campaign name along with the specified channel. 101 more words


The Revolutionary Won - with Help

Fox and I just got home from an organizational meeting for the Bernie Sanders campaign in my state. I introduced myself in front of a group, shared why I support Bernie and admitted to some of the insecurities that have kept me from being more involved, attended training to be able to canvas and phonebank … and signed up to be a co-leader of the campaign in my town. 327 more words

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Trump dismisses riots, focuses on battle against Clinton

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican front-runner Donald Trump on Sunday dismissed reports of a riot outside his rally in California, pressing ahead with his claim that Democrat… 487 more words



Safety is a core value of the Beecher-Donnelly Community Association.

Over the past month, residents completed a survey either at Donnelly Food Mart or during one of the neighborhood cookouts. 203 more words

Alignment in Branding: Learning from Starbucks' Major Flop, "Race Together" Campaign

Branding is both a science and art. Science because it requires a careful systematic study on how it is approached based on facts and theories; and art because it is geared to appeal to and touch the human emotions. 161 more words

This could be the most important holiday when robots take all our jobs

(Source: www.techinsider.io)

Scott Santens doesn’t just want May 1st to be bigger than July 4th; he knows it will be.

This May Day, Santens, an advocate for universal basic income and moderator of the basic income subreddit, launched his third annual Thunderclap campaign to spread the gospel about the most popular economic policy of the last year. 620 more words