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Audible Storytelling: Podcasts are fun

There are times when I’m on my home from my day job and I just can’t focus on whatever book I’m reading at that moment, yet I still want something a little more engaging to do than waste my cellphone data scrolling Facebook or Twitter. 532 more words


Indie Doctor: Music PR gurus share tips for best campaigns

If the world of music PR feels completely alien to you, you’re not alone. Trying to explain the ins and outs of what a PR exec does is a head-scratcher for us, so we’re not going to try. 601 more words

Indie Crush

Digital #Advertising Is #Effective Tool for Engaging #People on Early #Psychosis

A search engine–based advertising #campaign targeting #people who may be experiencing early #psychosis #symptoms proved #effective at bringing users to a #website where they could obtain more #information about the #disorder. 8 more words

To be free,share and supporting others,are the most.
When someone mark you as the one who seems care,there you get their attantion.
Know that your neibours are also in same journey with you. 6 more words


A tous les amis de la francophonie: venez célébrer votre culture dans les espaces verts d’Ottawa !

La langue française a été élevée au statut de langue nationale officielle du Canada, au même titre que l’anglais, en 1969. Aujourd’hui, le français et la culture francophone font donc partie intégrante du patrimoine culturel Canadien et sont source de fierté pour les nombreuses communautés francophones du pays. 801 more words


Launching Youth Biodiversity Heroes GYBN Project

On this year’s World Day of Social Justice, GYBN LAC is launching the trailer for its project, the Youth Biodiversity Heroes!

Biodiversity is under threat in some of the regions with the biggest diversity of species and cultures. 133 more words