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Trump BOUGHT his bigly crowds!

Trump PAID Audience.

The BEST way to get people to show up to a Trump Rally is TO PAY THEM!

Trump’s large union crowd at Shell was given the option of not showing up — and not getting paid… 218 more words


Episode 4: Dragons and Drow

As the sun starts to set behind the ever-present clouds
that darken Barovia’s skies, Siri sadly tells the others what has happened with
Ireena, although she doesn’t understand why. 1,982 more words


Jeffrey Epstein was KILLED!

SERIOUSLY?  Somebody says Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide and we are supposed to believe that.  We might as well believe that: DONALD TRUMP IS THE LEAST RACIST PERSON WE HAVE EVER SEEN!   437 more words


Dies Veneris Campaign Update: Turn 10

As Loyalist and Traitor forces concentrate around the twin Knight Worlds of Herault en Herestias, a dark plot begins to reveal itself.

The loyalists have managed to come together through adversity to conduct their final strategic meeting. 518 more words


Microsoft | Office 365 Supports Digital Literacy Skills

Did you know that #Microsoft #Office365 could supply all the apps and services your employees need to develop the critical 8 #DigitalLiteracy Skills? Why not roll out a Digital Literacy Campaign first, instead of just throwing new tech at them? 884 more words

Office 365

Trump & Putin must GO DOWN!

(They probably both “go down” on eachother, but that’s different.)

Okay folks, here’s the deal!

We can bring down Trump, but …

we have to bring down Putin in the process, or Putin is just going to try again with a newer, lamer Trumpier, Trumpstitute!  277 more words