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Spice It Up: Space Base – The Emergence of Shy Pluto

If you are one of the 14 people who regularly watch Gumbo Live! each Tuesday night (insert sound effect for crass commercial here), you know that one of the games over the last four years of reviewing games I truly did not enjoy was Machi Koro. 1,797 more words

Board Games

Meeting on Mimsley Moor

Burrows and Badgers Campaign, Part 1

No one knows exactly how it started and no one knows how it will end. But the feud between the Ruthless Reivers and the Tenacious Tusslers is infamous in this region of Northymbra. 1,292 more words

Other Stuff

Watchout for Pridewash season

June is Pride Month and brands are quick to try and cash in on the rainbow feel-good factor.

But not everything is as it seems. 658 more words

Public Relations

Community Q&A with the Air Combat Group

My next Community Q&A is with Woop, Kai Lae, Gromic, Thaine, Donkey and the rest of the Air Combat Group. ACG is well known for their expansive campaigns from their IL-2: Cliffs of Dover days. 5,056 more words

IL-2: Great Battles Series


Donald Trump supports and encourages POLLUTION and the CLIMATE CHANGE that could eventually kill our planet.

“The coal lobbyists and climate deniers running the Trump Administration wrote every word of this unjustifiable and illegal rule that will pollute the air, explode emissions, and cost thousands of lives,” Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey (D) said in a statement.

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Song of Storms #4

Song of Storms Campaign Journal, pt4.

System: RuneQuest Glorantha.

Year 1625, Earth Season

Lance accepted the offer of Aileena and Uleriand, becoming the Thane of Apple Lane. 935 more words

GM Notes

Gloomhaven #1: Bonding Exercises

(Scenario #1 Black Barrow, and Scenario #2 Barrow Lair)

We met when she tried to rob me. Impulse tried to attack me in a dark alley, only to be thwarted by the elemental defenses I had prepared for the occasion. 623 more words