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The Curious case of Diamond Marketing

Why are diamonds so expensive?

Because it’s rare?

It’s valuable?

Well not really. Actually, its worth 50% less the moment you leave the store after purchase. 863 more words


Other stories- mental health awareness week

Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, Mental Health Awareness Week takes place from 18-24 May 2020. The theme this year is kindness, in response to the coronavirus pandemic… 461 more words

We really must DUMP TRUMP!

The headline says:

The pandemic could reshape the world order. Trump’s chaotic strategy is accelerating US losses

The pandemic could reshape the world order. Trump’s chaotic strategy is… 517 more words


Churches are ESSENTIAL? (Not!)

Trump is trying to KILL church-goers!  (Apparently the Gospel of Prosperity is ESSENTIAL, and his people can only get that AT CHURCH from their FAKE PREACHERS like Paula Goddamn White-bread.) 452 more words


Age of Ashes #19: A Viking's Burial

In a missing chapter of our tale, the Ekujae elves informed the party that they are the promised “outsiders” who might save them from the Cinderclaws, who lair in the jungle “beyond the ashes” that keep the elves at bay. 491 more words


THINK! (Before you vote.)

How do we VOTE in America?  

A better question is:  How SHOULD we vote in America?

The fact is, candidates for every office in America are allowed to legally LIE!  961 more words