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In early June I was finishing up my first summer class, Beltway Politics. The entire course was like a month long career day and it was really informative especially for someone like me who is interested in politics as a career-path. 600 more words

Covid-19 SPIKES at TULSA, Trump and pals say "GET OVER IT!"

Well, it was inevitable, wasn’t it?  We all knew that Trump’s Tulsa Rally would cause a Covid-19 spike.  (Those of us with fuctioning brains knew it.) 575 more words


4 Ways To Champion Biodiversity

Biodiversity is nature. Healthy and biodiverse ecosystems provide services that we depend on for healthy communities and a strong economy. Unfortunately, we are experiencing an unprecedented rate of biodiversity loss… 316 more words


Public letter re: Active transportation infrastructure in Orléans

Following conversations between our supporters, Orléans-area councillors and Bike Ottawa, we wrote to east end federal and provincial representatives to seek public funding for a new multiuse path with protected intersections on Orléans Boulevard.

Our letter is below.


Kanye For President. That is some really CRAZY FUCKING SHIT!

Kanye West for president?

Really!  You have got to be JOKING!

The man is a total JOKE!

Kanye West’s Fourth of July declaration, via Tweet, that he was running for president lit the internet on fire, even as pundits were trying to discern how serious he was.

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#GE2020: Cooling-Off Day Compendium of Singapore Election History

With the election campaign about to end and Cooling Off Day about to begin, I’ve compiled a handy collection of my election history primer as well as my four election specials for your reading pleasure. 493 more words


Randomised forces for campaign battles.

I have been working on a method of developing interesting and varied forces for my campaign battles. I have used various methods before, but here is my latest idea. 449 more words