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The biology of change! The fine line between mobilising, organsing and campaigning!

Mobilising, organising and campaigning aren’t synonyms. They aren’t interchangeable terms that can be used instead of each other. It has taken me years to understand this. 842 more words


The MOC method in less than 10 minutes - all you need to know! [UPDATED: the fine line between mobilising, organising and campaigning)

The MOC method is a great way for strategic thinkers and change makers to systemise social change. In the next 10 minutes, this post will give you the basics of the MOC method. 1,232 more words


Ask an election question: challenging my candidates on poverty

Susan works in CAFOD’s Education team.

I have a confession to make. Despite years of working for CAFOD and writing to my MP about social justice, I had never attended a hustings meeting of election candidates in my constituency until this month. 648 more words


CAFOD campaigner? Don’t be shy, reply

Sarah works in CAFOD’s Campaigns Team.

Every month, we email CAFOD campaigners – maybe you’re one of them – to share news, feed back on progress and offer new ways in which we need your help. 719 more words


5 Great Crowdfunding Success Tips

Crowdfunding can be a great way to raise money for neat projects and great causes.  Goals are very important to reach and these are some great tips to focus on and keep in mind when launching your campaign. 253 more words


Making the Best of Your Crowdfunding Perks

Let’s face it.  We all love perks and would prefer to even sometimes give to campaigns who feature a neat perks. We all love the band performance we desire, the new iPhone gadget that prints on the go, and the latest recipe book from Florence.  222 more words


Easter: Christ the redeemer of all creation

Father Augusto Zampini Davies is a RC priest, Moral Theologian and theological advisor to CAFOD. In the second of a series of blogs, Father Augusto explains how caring for creation is at the heart of the Easter message. 878 more words

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