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Guide Dogs Not Allowed IN

The following email (reproduced below) about the discrimination faced by guide dog owners is self explanatory. As a guide dog owner I am saddened and angered by the fact that 75 percent of guide dog owners report having been refused access to a taxi when accompanied by their guide dog. 393 more words


Democrats Take Advantage Of The GOP's Epic Month Of Dysfunction

As we sit, we gripe and we write, we have to acknowledge one very important and sad fact, the Republican Party didn’t one day appear in congress on their own, they were elected there. 240 more words

Campaign Ideas - Eberron

  • Excursion. A new train called Excursion travels from Khorvaire to Xen’drik through a super gate connecting the two great continents. One group of passengers will have a trip they won’t soon forget as the trip sends them to a different Eberron.
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Calendar Interview

I have just been interview by ITV Calendar with regards the £1.6m propaganda scandal. It will be screened on the East Riding edition on the Sunday news.