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Schwarz's values in sustainability education

I have been using Schwarz’s model of the universal human values, because it has very specific implications for political campaigning – targeting messages to the nature of the audeience. 242 more words


The festive ride of #KarnivalOnWheels comes to an End

What fun it is to have a feel of carnival integrated with a float that travels across the country. Kurkure Pakistan has been on a fun ride this past month to entertain people of 10 cities of Pakistan with #KarnivalOnWheels and what an amazing journey this has been. 164 more words


Maybe interested in the Independent Broad Left Network in UCU?

Monty Python had it right

….. “Are you the Judean People’s Front?    ###k off – we’re the People’s Front of Judea”

Well we’re the Independent Broad Left Network… 50 more words


Issues Matter

By Tomas Payne

Isn’t it about time for us to talk about issues based on facts and data instead of oft repeated mantras that take on a sacred quality? 145 more words

Political Myths

We’d Do Anything For Vets, Except Support Them In Politics

There quite a few Veterans organizations that not only help veterans on a daily basis but serve a strong role in activism on their behalf, personally I follow vote vets.org and I know that their organization is quite angry about the number of bills designed to help their fellow veterans ending up on the floor of the house, denied a vote or even a discussion. 171 more words

Feminist Fashion

First appeared on This Charming Yan on May 7 2016

Femi-shion? Fash-inism? It’s a title yet to be confirmed, but feminism’s place in fashion, and vice versa, has been analysed then re-analysed and seems to be a constantly contested concept. 117 more words