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The American Hunger Games: Top Republican Candidates Take Economic Policy Into the Wilderness

While I agree with everything Nomi Prins writes in her article regarding the sheer laziness of the Republican Party’s approach to economic policy, instead of trying to use their real world experience to inform their proposals, they fall back on the tried and failed economic ideology of supply side economics. 309 more words

Trends: Recognisable Visuals for Branded Content

Remember this photography style? It’s Murad Osmann’s iconic “Follow Me Around The World”. This image was spotted on the Singapore Tourism Board’s Facebook campaign! Sometimes engaging a photographer with a unique, recognisable style for your visual content can be an effective strategy to increase recall of the campaign. 209 more words


Our appointment with the cure for HIV & AIDS will never come – unless we act now.

Nick Henderson was a participant on the Youth Stop AIDS Speaker tour 2014. He is currently a member of the European AIDS Treatment Group and the Youth Stop AIDS Steering Committee. 655 more words


It's #TimeToChoose Climate-Friendly Food

As the Climate Change talks in Paris shift and develop over different topics, each meal served at these talks should be reflective of the theme inherent in these talks; sustainability, economical in terms of energy and resource usage and de-industrialization. 312 more words

Over 50,000 march in London to demand climate justice ahead of COP21 summit

Nilüfer Erdem, Steve Eason, Amy Gilligan and Kate Bradley report

Tens of thousands of people marched through central London this afternoon as part of global protests for climate justice, on the eve of the COP21 summit in Paris. 579 more words