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A new Charter of the Commons

There are plans afoot to replicate the 800-year-old Charter of the Forests with a new Charter of the Commons for our natural resources.

So far as land is concerned, through history there have been waves of inclosure movements when the wealthy stole the commons from the people for their private gain. 125 more words


When James Carville Tried to Save Me

James Carville called in early March 1992.

“This is not your fault,” he said in that red-hot Cajun voice of his, ”I take full responsibility.” 490 more words


Islamophobia Awareness Month: November 2017

Islamophobia Awareness Month was founded in 2012 to challenge stereotypes about Islam and to highlight the ever increasing level of anti-Muslim sentiments. In honor of this November’s Islamophobia awareness month, here are some statistics on the British public’s attitude towards Muslims: 140 more words


Roy Moore, Grover Cleveland, and Morality in American Politics

In 2014, the French president François Hollande was photographed visiting his mistress via scooter. The French barely blinked. In the 1990s, when Bill Clinton faced accusations of adultery while in office, the affair consumed the country. 447 more words


Walls Make Good Games

The pitch to new people playing an RPG is “You can be anything you want to be!”

Right in general, wrong in specific.

Right, in the sense that an RPG can deal with anything from fantasy to horror to romance and you can be just about anything in the grand scope of RPGs. 724 more words

Using Original TRAVELLER Out of the Box--Symera Subsector at Dragon's Breakfast

The premise of the Traveller: Out of the Box series is that the original Traveller rules were a framework to allow a Referee to create his or her own settings to share with friends.

896 more words