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Alcohol can damage your baby.#Campari


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Hard to forget her hands moving harmoniously while creating her masterpiece. Captivating and talented, obviously Red Hand. #Campari #RedDiaries


Review: Cabo Wabo Reposado Tequila

Caba Wabo Reposado was the very first tequila brand I reviewed on this website. At the time of that original review, I was told that it was produced from agave grown in the lowlands of Mexico’s Tequila producing region. 221 more words


Campari has a new baby and it's beautiful! Campari Cask Tales is born.

It’s a big thing actually, because as far as I know this is the first time in ages that a variation on the original recipe is produced.

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Review: Cabo Wabo Blanco Tequila

When I first reviewed Caba Blanco Tequila six years ago, it was listed on most websites as a spirit produced from agave grown in the lowlands of Mexico’s Tequila producing region.This was important to know, because lowland agave will usually bring more earthy/punky flavours through the distillation than highland agave which tends to bring fruitier/spicier flavours through the distillation. 247 more words


Aperitivo Italian Style

Italy is the land of aperitivos.

What exactly is an aperitivo?

An aperitivo is when you grab an alcoholic drink, typically dry, and have a few snacks before you have dinner. 625 more words


Bar Termini Pitstop

Bar Termini has been calling my name for a while.  I love Soho and having lived for a short stint in Italy, it seemed wrong that I hadn’t managed to visit this renowned London bar.   438 more words