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Aperitivo: Italy's Happy Hour

Aperitivo…Aperitif…Happy Hour. Wherever you come from and however you say it, Aperitivo is basically an excuse to drink and eat salty snacks. And here, it is a ritual. 368 more words


joe camilleri - campari, rose and soda

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon we had just finished some jobs around the house and were soaking up the sun on the front deck. Cass had opened a bottle of rose that was slightly too sweet so he had the idea to add some Campari to it and top with soda. 74 more words


Yours Truel-ly

Photos by Susan Whitney.

Yours Truel-ly


1 oz Bourbon Whiskey (I used Bulleit Bourbon.)
1 oz Campari
1 oz Amontillado Medium Sherry (I used Savory & James Deluxe Medium Sherry Amontillado.) 257 more words

Classic With A Twist

Martin Miller Gin - Month of Gin

Kicking off day one of the Month of Gin with a personal Gin Girl Favorite Martin Millers Gin. I discovered this gin while bartending in Washington DC and have been enamored ever since. 223 more words

The Gin Room