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How do our Tepui Roof Top Tents Hold Up Over Time?

Wondering how our Tepui roof top tent units holds up over time? Gropie on the Tventuring forum just did a nice write up on how his Ayer model roof top tent unit is doing after two seasons. 389 more words

Compact Camping

Tent Topped!

For the Tent Topped campers out there, how long have you been camping this way?

Here was my first trailer and tent unit from about 12 years ago. 79 more words


Home-Built Trailer Racks

Many of our customers and forum members add a rack set-up when building a DIY Trailer project.

It is a common configuration of a Roof Top Tent, Kayak / Canoe and bikes on the trailer racks with their lightweight home-built camping trailers. 65 more words

Compact Camping

Explorer Box Trailer Collection

Have you been thinking about building an Explorer Box DIY Camping trailer?

We’ve started a Tventuring Forum thread with customer Explorer Box home built camping trailer pictures I receive and as an index of the Explorer Box (and variations) build threads people have posted there about the builds and out on their overland trailer supported adventures. 34 more words