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becoming trailer trash – how to find a decent, cheap camper

so… I kinda bought a camper this weekend.

it’s all a little surreal! i’ve wanted a camper for YEARS and now I have one! Talk about the power of intention! 615 more words

Tiny Living

Spring 2017 Bedroom Redo Ideas.

Hello there! Before I start this post, I need to give you some important information… I live in a camper. Currently my family is on week 11 of our complete home renovation, but we’re also on week 11 of living in the RV that sits in our front yard. 269 more words

Bedroom Redo

What's with Sundays?

This morning I woke up positive that today was going to be good.  The past 3 or 4 Sunday’s have just not been fabulous so I went to bed feeling a little bit dreadful but woke up feeling great! 983 more words

My Story


We left off with my husband FINALLY being ready to take the plunge of going tiny. We weighed our options and came up with the reasons why we wanted to live tiny. 706 more words

Tiny Living

Bathroom Update

Living in a camper can have a little bit of a generic feel. Everything is so monochromatic and brown…so much brown. I could think of a million renovations I want todo, but I am trying my hardest to stay practical. 146 more words


super easy and cheap DIY decor 

Diy CAN be cheap and easy. Truthfully, i have gotten most of my ideas from pinterest, and then some are just straight from the brain. For instance, i took a normal, cheap floor lamp from walmart and spray painted black and added an edison bulb. 50 more words


Camper Shower

During the winter I occasionally like to take hot showers. Sometimes after a long, cold run outside there is nothing better than getting in a hot shower. 512 more words