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The Tiny Debate

There are so many options for going tiny. And if you just do a quick Google search you’ll find heated debates on all the different methods, with enthusiasts defending their opinions. 615 more words

Tiny Living

House On Wheels

A couple months ago Hubby and I, sick of watching our money go down the drain while renting, bought a used camper and have been living in it ever since.  507 more words


Friday Favorites - A Corgi's Favorite Things

Hi y,all! Paisley here.  My mom wanted me to tell you all about my favorite things for this weeks Friday Favorites.  I hope you don’t mind this little guest post, frankly I’m impressed I was able to stay awake long enough to write this for you fine folks.  763 more words

Where in the world has Big Boy been? Here's a glimpse...

Over hill and dale, hither and yon, our home away from home, “the Big Boy” has rolled and rolled and rolled. This links to my facebook “Where in the world is Big Boy?” album. 14 more words

New Dream: Slum Lording.

I had never spent much time wishing to be a slum lord. Actually, no time would be more accurate. That is until 4 days ago. I saw an apartment building on “the strip” of my town listed for $75K. 732 more words

Why I Live in Gypsy ~ The Airstream

To which my reply is usually answering the question with another question: Why not? Around these parts, living in a camper tends to put you in a group with an unbecoming name; or either you’re lazy, of which I am far from. 916 more words

Family And Friends

The Prairie Pantry

The weekend before Austin’s birthday, I was in search of a tortilla press or a rolling pin.  I have a rolling pin back home, but do not have one with me in the camper and I had decided to make homemade tortillas instead of purchasing them at the store.  1,168 more words