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That sinking feeling

A couple of nights in Denmark and already we were feeling really good about being in Scandinavia, a gorgeous family welcomed us onto their campsite…Neils, his wife and their son live in a lovely white thatched cottage with parking for around 6 motorhomes. 839 more words

Mikey’s story I

Imagine eating dinner with your family and out of nowhere your Dad asks you to leave everything and everyone behind and travel across Europe for a year. 368 more words

Why an American RV?

As Vanessa wrote in ‘Could you drive from Singapore to England?” we’d fallen in love with traveling via a RV back in 2011 when we hired one in Washington DC and drove south (and west) all the way to Florida. 1,145 more words

Germany, North

So we left The Netherlands on Friday and took The Afsluidijk which is the largest dam in Holland, the 32km long causeway connects Dan Oever to Zurich, a village in Friesland. 835 more words

Belgium, Bruges

Bruges, the capital city of West Flanders turned out to be a whole lot more than chocolate, beer, waffles and frites even though I am sure you could survive on those four staples for a long time. 408 more words


In my >>last blog post<< I talked about some of the ways I can be my own worst enemy when it comes to actual progress in….well, pretty much anything. 1,111 more words


6 Things You Didn't Know You'll Need When Living in a Camper

It hasn’t been long, but it’s been long enough!

If you think it’s that I’m tired of sharing 120 square feet with a handsome young lad and my boyfriend (love you, Aks!), you couldn’t be more wrong! 741 more words