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VanLife: One Week In

Oh boy! One week already.

As you know, we had a few crazy busy days before moving into the van. So the first two nights Mark and I had mixed feelings, all in between happiness, excitement, nervousness and tiredness. 465 more words


Egyptian boudoir

In order to try and get the van ready within the first week of being back in the UK, we’re getting as much stuff prepared in Egypt as possible. 65 more words


California Dreamin´ Planning a trip with kids in campervan

One of the nicest parts of travelling happens before you leave: planning, investigating, reading. It’s the perfect excuse to get together with friends who have already been in your destination and listen to their stories from a different perspective, from a more attentive hearing. 596 more words


Epic USA Road Trip, part 3: on the road (finally)

My introduction to American roads was the LA freeway at lunchtime. I suppose every place has its own rules of the road and driving customs (for example, … 963 more words


First Leg of Our Trip - June 8 - June 18

Days 1-4

We started our trip on June 8, by packing up the van and driving to Vail, Colorado.  Most ski towns, at least in Colorado, are strict about parking on their streets or parking overnight in parking lots, which meant we could sleep in town. 455 more words


Pristine T2 goes under the hammer

Volkswagen’s T2 camper is an iconic model with universal appeal. No matter where you go on the planet you’re likely to encounter one in various states of repair, whether in need of a little attention or restored to its former glory. 197 more words


Watch This Space

For those of you that are new to this blog we’ve used it to document some major adventures in our lives. It started with our trip round the world, then we moved onto building a house (with a baby), and most recently moving our entire family to Cairo. 208 more words