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madison, wi 20/50

State Bird: Robin                                                                                                                            State Flower: Viola

The capitol building is situated on a small strip of land in Madison, between two lakes. The land rises slightly, so it’s up on a hill. 500 more words

Warriors and wilderness : France #4

Next for our viewing pleasure, we travel uphill for what seems like the first time since entering the country. The landscape of Normany, Brittany and the Atlantic coastline had been incredibly flat, ideally suited to the agricultural production that seems to dominate – apples, sunflowers and the like- we even knew when we were passing fields of onions or leeks as the warm humidity filled Leo with an aromatic fuzz. 501 more words


The Spanish Gawp

“Gawp” (verb) – to stare openly in a stupid or rude manner.

This is something you will have to accept if you plan to travel around Spain in your campervan. 512 more words

the day of the eclipse and st. louis, mo

We left Memphis in time to make it to the area of eclipse totality in IL, somewhere near Carbondale. We were fortunate enough to have my sweet cousins, Dawn and Eric, and their two kiddos that were renting an rv, planning where we would meet up. 1,487 more words

The Next Adventure

I have just read my last blog from the 26th June this year. I cannot believe where the summer has gone as I look out the window of our study at the strange autumnal half-light created by Storm Ophelia and the dust from the Sahara. 766 more words


Sunday at our favourite beach

Lepe Beach is one of my favourite places in this world. We have so many lovely memories here, any season you’ll find us here drinking tea in our camper and going for walks collecting shells. 27 more words


Camping Trip

Voilà my first blog post. I thought since I seem to travel a fair bit, have had some vaguely interesting experiences and enjoy writing things a blog mightn’t be a terrible idea. 702 more words