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The end of the beginning or the beginning of the end?

On November 16th, loaded up, fuelled up, tuned up, warmed up and revved up – we began heading east.

Greeted on a fine Wednesday morning by a light easterly (head wind that was to steadily grow stronger the longer we were on that road otherwise known as the Nullarbor Highway), we ticked along at 80 being passed by everything that was not powered by a horse or a man. 355 more words


20 reasons why you need to travel in a van

In the summer of 2015 we traveled the Adriatic coast from Venice to Greece in a van. We rented the van from Wicked Campers, but we would suggest buying your own van and making it yours. 226 more words


If You Go Down to the Woods Today!

It’s a little on the chilly side for an overnighter so we packed the puppy in the back of the van and headed out for the day. 203 more words

People who inspire us

Q&A with yinyangdogvan

We will be trying to catch an insight into some other vandwellers’ lives along our journey and seeing what things we can learn from them. 599 more words


The Van Plan - part 3; beginning to build

This is an non logical ordering of how the van build last week, partly because there were days I was so tired I didn’t write it down and partly because the ‘logical order’ I spent three months planning did not work once in the van. 989 more words

24/7 with one person

This is Mitchell. He looks like he’s alone in this photo but he’s not. That’s because I am on the other side of the lens. As he is, with every photo taken of me. 586 more words


Switzerland & England: 10/22 - 10/28

Swiss National Park >>>  >>> (UK) Sevenoaks

10/22 – Hiked the Swiss National Park and Drove through Liechtenstein!
10/23 – Rhine Falls and a long day of driving through Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany,  Luxembourg, Belgium, and France! 1,901 more words