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So as you will or won’t know we’ve had a 2 week break from work to go on HOLIDAY with Joes parents who are visiting from Wales! 724 more words

A new contentor

As I am ready to make the deal with the van I visited last week, a new van pops up.

This one is a Mercedes 210D from ’90. 114 more words


lockers and cubbies

Travelling light is a good thing, but it’s relative. As before, I really don’t aspire to recreate an entire suburban home on the road. I mean, I (kind of?) get it if you live your life in an RV, but I really don’t need or want ALL kinds of mod cons if they’re weighing me down. 837 more words


The visit

I went and saw the campervan I talked about in the last post. Now I sit exited and a bit scared of whats to come next. 338 more words


Weeks 16&17: Nuts and Bolts

Not a great deal to say here travel wise, I merely add for completeness to keep the week count correct-weeks 16 and 17 were spent back in the UK. 240 more words

maiden voyage

Picture me, crashed out on my campervan bed at 2pm, having a little driving break at a rest stop somewhere along the way. It’s SO GOOD to be on the road and to feel that this whole project has really been FOR something specific. 1,382 more words


I dreamt about a campervan

I am going on a little trip tomorrow. In the North-East of my home lies a little gem, waiting on a visit from me. She probably hides in a big garage, on her small four wheels, all white and tall. 333 more words