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Real Life Weddings - Grecian Goddess, Tequila and a Campervan

Once upon a time there was a girl called Sarah and a boy Nick in a Thai curry house, despite it being their very first date, cupids bow hit a bullseye and they both knew then and there it would be forever.  1,024 more words

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Day 6. Driving north...totally on a mission.

Driving north…totally on a mission. Kildonnan to Oban.

It was becoming apparent that the mechanical issues we had experienced had eaten a massive chunk of our holiday. 2,742 more words

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Keeping your Bongo in good nick - rust and mould!

Two of the most common problems that Bongo owners encounter are mould in the Auto Free Top and rust.  We have now owned out Bongo for 4 years and I am happy to say that we have managed to keep both these problems at bay. 583 more words


Our Pet Friendly Holidays.

In 2015 my holidays have all had one thing in common. A certain adorable labrador called Hugo!  This little( now got big) guy has shared all our trips away in the UK. 667 more words

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Stranger in the night . . .

SITTING on the roof gazing at stars. Eyes following the smoky path of the Milky Way to a dim glare on the southern horizon. Cool breeze and the occasional bark of a dog. 532 more words


Feeling hot hot hot.

First of all, sorry about not posting for a while – to make it up to you all, we’re now going to do four super long posts in a row. 728 more words


On the road

THURSDAY AFTERNOON: Sitting in Flo’s Cafe, just south of Doncaster on the Great North Road. The chap on the next table is giving us advice on driving through France. 1,267 more words