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Stranger in the night . . .

SITTING on the roof gazing at stars. Eyes following the smoky path of the Milky Way to a dim glare on the southern horizon. Cool breeze and the occasional bark of a dog. 532 more words


Feeling hot hot hot.

First of all, sorry about not posting for a while – to make it up to you all, we’re now going to do four super long posts in a row. 728 more words


On the road

THURSDAY AFTERNOON: Sitting in Flo’s Cafe, just south of Doncaster on the Great North Road. The chap on the next table is giving us advice on driving through France. 1,267 more words


Tea and empathy

THERE is something perverse about packing a van on the hottest day on record in order to drive to Spain in search of the sun. The irony is not lost on me as I struggle to fit the Fiamma bike rack I purchased on eBay from a chap in Holmfirth, and stack boxes of belongings, and restack them until they complete the three-dimensional jigsaw that represents the past thirty-three years of our lives . 271 more words


Beginning at the end . . .

WHERE do I start with something like this? This isn’t really the beginning because it feels more like the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end. 523 more words


Dear fellow road user ...

Dear fellow road user,
I recognise your right to drive below the speed limit. Most of the time it’s not against the law and sometimes that’s the safer option. 162 more words


Lacanau or never

Last Monday we went to Palmyre Zoo, where we saw sealions play trumpets, monkeys in hammocks and wolves a-prowling. While Darius wasn’t a huge fan of seeing the larger animals in enclosures, the zoo made up for it with a large park where you are thrown to the goats, not lions. 328 more words