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Another Scary Tale - Perchance the Last

Deep within the woods around a campfire sat ten foxy cheerleaders, goddesses all, toasting marshmallows and bashing their boyfriends. Throughout the night one by one they each disappeared never to be seen nor heard from again until there were none. 24 more words

Creative Writing


I wrote this fictional short story as an assignment for one of my classes at U of T, Generating Stories, taught by Ken Murray. Some stories tend to stay inside of us until the time is right to share them. 686 more words


The Cat in the Box:​ Amazement​ of Unpredictable things

A major difference between just a blogger and a writer is that bloggers can write about anything but a writer needs something more than a blogger. 1,243 more words

The Lady in the Farm House

Let me start off by saying that I was a Boy Scout for ten years. I started when I was seven, earned my Eagle Scout badge, stayed in until I aged out. 1,773 more words


campfire fingers sway
in foreign tempos
the winds, night’s violins

© Anthony Gorman 2017

Hands In The Garden

Haiku #311

A wandering deer

goes closeby smoking campfire

For a roast hind leg


Just started tonight’s fire.

Now time to cook dinner!

Winter 2018