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Lake Isabella/Kern Valley

16 – 19 March 2017 at Lake Isabella/Kern Valley KOA

Heading from Anaheim into the Sequoia National Forest and southern Sierra Nevada mountains outside Bakersfield, CA was a change of scenery.   325 more words


Top Tots: tater tot, prosciutto, and blue cheese pie iron waffle

There’s no waffling about it: This tater tot waffle with prosciutto and blue cheese tops our list of all-time favorite pudgie pies.  With just three ingredients, it packs a wallop of flavor and texture. 208 more words


Chapter 3 – Crackle and Chase

The days have passed more painfully than they should have. I expected this much from the time we left, but time is a cruel mistress. Having adventured our way to the mysteries of the inner forests beyond any mere human, we have battled with beasts, bloodthirsty demons, and the seductive visions of our minds. 762 more words


Fire On The Mountain

Some of the rough terrain we traversed on the lower slopes:The boys as we slanted our way along an  upper ridge:Sopping wet ground made for great fire conditions.


Campfire Audio Vega

My inner-basshead guilty pleasure IEM.

PROS:  BASS, resolving detailed organic sound, unique shell material, premium ALO cable, leather case, accessories.

CONS:  the sound is eartip depended, the bass quality is source dependent. 4,699 more words

Earphone Review

Rain on The Peninsula

Rollo and I had another go at longlining the swamp. This time we went in from the south side. Fortuitously, we had enough time to bushwhack to “The Peninsula,” an eminence of land surrounded on three sides by wetland. 35 more words