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Sparks & Steel

Dusk. Up North. Remote. Silent. The warmth of fire. With my “baby,” Mtech brand’s extreme and virtuoso chopper. September, 2016

Living In Step With Nature

A Stranger Enters The Lodge

If you read the “about” section you’ll see I created Heroes ‘N Pirates as a virtual tribal lodge, a place where like-minded people can go hang out and swap stories. 134 more words

My Life

for Shi Shi

out here the rain and your book
are my only companions,

and the only thing that matters
is the campfire

and keeping the sparks (bright, 33 more words


Whiskey or Scotch?

That is the question.

Do you have a whiskey or scotch preference after a long day of being on the motorcycle? You know, a little something to help you wind down while sitting around a campfire. 30 more words

Pubs And Grub

Campfire Stories: Nearing the End

Campfire Stories is going to be published soon! Everything is complete including my new author biography. The group is entering the marketing part of the process. 269 more words


Get lost

So many interpretations of this simple little phrase…

I am not wishing anyone “get lost” in the context of leaving my general vicinity.

I am not completely meaning that I wish to “get lost” because I’m geographically challenged and would never be able to find my way again. 329 more words

My Life As It's Happening

Firestarter - testing out my Tinder skills

Looking through my forest school portfolio, the largest gap was campfires. I have experienced many over the years but it is not something that I feel confident in. 258 more words