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Camp Sunset: How to make the perfect cup of camp coffee

Small comforts can make a huge difference when you travelespecially when you’re camping. One of the easiest treats you can make yourself at  104 more words


Not Bear Grylls? No money for glamping? Tip 7: Food and drink and camping in the tropics

One of the many wonderful things about camping in the tropics is the fresh fruit, nuts and fish. Sometimes there’s not much else – and sometimes there’s not even that. 493 more words

Tropical Camping

Not Bear Grylls? No money for glamping? No. 6: Weather tips for tropical camping

A. Thunder and lightning do not necessarily mean it is going to rain in the tropics. (But it might)

B. If you suddenly have lot of frogs around, it is definitely going to rain – there might even be a typhoon coming. 372 more words

Tropical Camping

Not Bear Grylls? No money for glamping? Here are some handy tips for camping in the tropics. 1: tent tips

This blog is about camping, not some wilderness experience. These tips have been gathered from years of tent-based camping in the countryside in the tropics. If you have some more, please send them in and I’ll add them to my already long list. 523 more words

Tropical Camping

Tips For Choosing A Camping Tent

Choosing a camping tent can be a hard task given the large number of tents on the market. To make this task easier, here are tips for choosing a camping tent: 347 more words


Camp Sunset: How to wash dishes—and leave no trace

Leave your campsite better than you found it. That’s a golden rule of responsible camping, and one that we did our best to keep at  133 more words


RV Campgrounds: Amenities and Activities

Many of today’s campgrounds are destinations in and of themselves, offering a wide range of getaway activities that go beyond the standard swimming pools and camp stores. 99 more words