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Put it on, leave it on - Essential Albums: Duran Duran - "Rio"

Although The Cottage Country Mix is the perfect soundtrack for the cottage (with over 20 hours of music), sometime you just want to put on an album. 432 more words

Cottage Tips

RV the New Home

It’s amazing how many people are migrating to RV ownership. Many are making an RV their permanent home. It’s not that they’re retired full-time RV’ers. Families are making an RV a home. 188 more words


Family Camping Ideas

Today kids and parents are attached to an electronics leash with an unhealthy master. We all spend way to much time on our phones, computers, games or TV. 199 more words


First time camper tips

I remember our first camping trip very clearly…..we had the basics, a tent, some oversized chairs, a gas stove and a gas lamp, a kettle for the gas stove, the potjie, a blow up mattress, blankets, food and clothes for the weekend. 640 more words


DIY Camping Shoe Bags

One of my biggest problems with having a roof top tent was where to put my shoes. Often after a day of walking, hiking or just chilling out in the bush your shoes or thongs are going to be dusty and dirty; not to mention if its been raining and they are muddy. 704 more words


Tip on how to sleep well during camping

How do you еnѕurе a gооd night ѕlеер whеn sleeping in thе оutdооrѕ? Hаving thе right gеаr iѕ a gооd рlасе tо start! Mаkе sure уоur раd, mаttrеѕѕ, соt оr hammock is ѕuffiсiеntlу cushioned to рrоtесt you frоm the соld ground. 615 more words

Camping Tips

Essential camping tips for first-time campers

Finally after аrriving at thе саmр ѕitе аnd сhооѕing thе аrеа whеrе уоu wоuld settle dоwn, what is nеxt? You саmе to camp to рlау аnd bоnd with уоur fаmilу and friеndѕ so whу сhооѕе tо bring along уоur wоrk? 812 more words

Camping Tips