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Best Ways to Get a Campsite at the Top Ten National Parks

Securing a campground site during holidays and the weekends at any of the top 10 National Parks is no easier than getting tickets to the Super Bowl. 122 more words

To Leash Or Not To Leash

There is no question my dog Gus loves the outdoors and hiking, but his safety is just as important as mine. In this video we answer a question from one of our readers; “Do you leash Gus or not? 9 more words


Sawyer Water Filter & MSR Miniworks Review

My social media friend and brother in Christ, Dane Cramer, put together a great video reviewing the Sawyer Water Filter and the MSR Miniworks. You can check out his website Featherdrop.com


How Green of a Camper Are You? Ways to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Your Trips

Green and camping seem to  go together naturally. What can be greener than spending time in nature? Unfortunately, every time we go camping, we witness activities that are the complete opposite. 814 more words

Ontario Parks

A Drive Through Door County

After sitting around for the past two weekends I really felt the need to escape while still staying off my ankle as much as possible. My husband offered to drive us to Door County for the day and I did not hesitate one second to except his offer. 184 more words

Which Direction is Which?

Turn your watch into a compass. If you’re lost, hold a watch with 12 o’clock at the left and the hour hand pointing at the sun. 32 more words

Good to Know

Use duct tape to close a wound. If you can’t get immediate medical assistance, cut duct tape into strips and apply along the length of the laceration for DIY butterfly stitches.