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Any Plans for Labor Day?

Any Plans for Labor Day?

Labor Day is sneaking up on us. What are your plans? Do you wish to visit the tranquility of the ocean or the solitude of the Redwood Forest? 48 more words

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Howling at the Moon

With fall quickly approaching, time is running out for the summer bucket list to be completed. One of those sad, empty check boxes was next to… 600 more words

SOL Water bag purified water with the sun

Tortoise Gear’s latest gear – the SOL Water bag – uses the sun’s rays to purify your water when you are out trekking, hiking or camping. 493 more words

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Coal-Roasted Steak

We had heard rumors for awhile that you can cook steak directly on top of the coals in your campfire and the juices would keep the steak from getting ashy. 237 more words


The Truck Stop Bounce.

August 25th.  What I have learned from the road today:

The Truck Stop Bounce

My Homage to the late, great and never lost from my heart, Harry Chapin. 569 more words