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8 State Parks in 3 Days: First Day

This is a trip I took back in September.  I’d been meaning to post it as soon as I got back, but one thing led to another, and here I am . 691 more words

Travel Diary

The Ironman TravelMaster Multi Rod Fishing Rod and Reel


.Other than 4wding, there’s no better recreation than fishing. I reckon the two aussie pastimes are best when together (some of the best fishing spots are by 4×4!) and yet a quick trip to your nearest estuary, beach, dam or river is always a goodie, even if you got there by pushbike. 634 more words

Ironman 4x4

Camping at Lake Tekapo

No, you’re not allowed to camp in the area surrounding Lake Tekapo. There are designated backpacking and camping areas outside the town a ways, but nothing directly on the lake and away from the roads. 319 more words


The ins and outs of heat sources

I’ve been assured the welding job to be done on the Travco before November 8 was started yesterday.

After another month of restless waiting, I am again thinking about the customization to be done over the next 6 months or so. 770 more words


What Does Travel Mean To You?

What does travel mean to you?

This question is central to my interest in travel, and arguably to the all who are inspired to trek our globe.  161 more words

Cultural Education

Camping in search of volcanos

We've just spent nine nights camping in wonderful places as we track ancient and not-so-ancient volcanic activity across western Victoria and into South Australia. The days are often long, 400km stretches along back roads, through dead flat landscape and rugged mountains, all formed by geological action and therefore all food for speculation. 1,238 more words


Canadian Thanksgiving

I always meant to post a blog about Thanksgiving.  Luckily for me if I’m too busy during the Canadian Thanksgiving I can just hold off until the American Thanksgiving!   521 more words

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