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Several Jesuits Caught Holding Massive Keg Party in Chapel of St. Ignatius

SEATTLE UNIVERSITY – Several Jesuit priests are facing disciplinary action after they were caught throwing a rager in the Chapel of St. Ignatius. Several reports confirm that 5+ kegs were in rotation. 92 more words

Seattle University

SU Housing Announces New “Efficiency-Quintuple” Floor Plan

SEATTLE UNIVERSITY – Seattle University Housing recently unveiled their new plan to curb the housing crisis: the Efficiency-Quintuple. The new floor plan will cram five miserable students into a standard Campion or Bellarmine dorm room. 69 more words

BREAKING: Seattle University Student Who Was Going to “Stay Organized” This Quarter Already Panicking, Drinking Heavily

THE LIBRARY?- Hard Copy has been receiving numerous reports from inside sources at Seattle University that many students are already “over it.” On Monday March 28th the university resumed from Spring Break. 117 more words

Maturizarea campionului

Peter Sagan este in acest moment in apogeul carierei. In urma cu 3 ani era un tanar talentat fara prea multa minte. :) In ultimul an s-a maturizat enorm, si-a calmat “demonii” si a facut si performante. 115 more words


In springtime there are flowers

Winter in Guernsey can be a bit bland – gusting winds and strangely persistant and large flurries of big fat raindrops. It can make for a glum existence especially in January and February following the excitement of Christmas when weather doesn’t matter. 154 more words