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Birth Defect Lawyer In Campion Colorado

Your legal help for birth defect issues in Birth Defect Lawyer In Campion,Colorado or anywhere in the US is just a call away. Dial now 877-959-5302 to get immediate legal attention for your case or fill out your details at… 138 more words

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'Break now, my heart, and die!'

Break now, my heart, and die! Oh no, she may relent.
Let my despair prevail! O stay, hope is not spent.
Should she now fix one smile on thee, where were despair? 86 more words

'When to her lute Corinna sings'

When to her lute Corinna sings,
Her voice revives the leaden strings,
And doth in highest notes appear
As any challenged echo clear;
But when she doth of mourning speak, 53 more words

'When thou must home to shades of underground'

When thou must home to shades of underground,
And there arriv’d, a new admired guest,
The beauteous spirits do engirt thee round,
White Iope, blithe Helen, and the rest, 68 more words

Where Shall I Refuge Seek?

Where shall I refuge seek, if you refuse me ?
In you my hope, in you my fortune lies,
In you my life, though you unjust accuse me, 103 more words

How to Become a Jesuit Saint in Under Twenty Simple* Steps

Last week our study focus turned to some of the great men in the history of the Society of Jesus. Throughout the week we novices researched and presented the lives of Francis Xavier, Pierre Favre, Matteo Ricci, Edmund Campion, Jean de Brebeuf, Rupert Mayer, Pedro Arrupe and Alberto Hurtado. 688 more words


Silent Retreat - 6 Days Nov 2015

I spent 6 days, mostly without speaking, at The Campion Renewal Center in the small town of Weston Massachusetts. I enjoyed every minute of it. During the six days my mind slowed down; my actions became more deliberate; I wrote 24 letters, rested a lot, and read a good portion of three books. 135 more words