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I took my first dose of Campral about an hour ago.

Campral (acamprosate, for you chemistry types) is normally used in addiction treatment, typically in alcoholism.   143 more words

Treating Addiction with Drugs

While for over two decades we have known that some drugs are useful in combating alcohol use disorder, there is some controversy within the AA community about using them. 245 more words


An unexpected pleasure

There was a time when I thought decaf was a waste of calories. Real coffee always has a place of course, but decaf? Late in the afternoon or after dinner, what the hell use is decaf when beer, g&t, wine or something stronger are all more appropriate, and way more fun?! 481 more words


The Use of Medicine in Alcohol Treatment

Most of us know someone who has an alcohol problem. These are people who over indulge to the point of negative consequences to themselves or others. 351 more words

New Study Shows Naltrexone, Acamprosate Helpful In Treating Alcoholism.

Reuters (10/26, Pittman) reports that according to a meta analysis of 64 studies published in the journal Addiction, the medications naltrexone (Revia) and acamprosate (Campral) may be good initial treatments of alcoholism.  89 more words

Diazepam days

Diazepam has been my friend for the last two days. And, what a lovely friend it is. (Diazepam used to be known as Valium, I assume they changed the name because Valium got something of a bad name.) 179 more words


Pilled Out

I took 150 mg. of Lamictal (mood stabilizer) and 40 mg. of Geodon (antipsychotic) when I woke up.  I later took 225 mg. of Effexor (antidepressant).   66 more words

Bipolar Disorder