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Double Duty


Science – The above article discusses how UA, NAU, and Lowell worked together to characterize small, near Earth asteroids.  Pretty cool how NAU and Lowell assisted UA in this study. 327 more words


Student Art Show in WAH

Stop by Washington Hall through Dec. 8 for the Student Art Show.

The lower floor of the building is filled with student art work, including colorful prints, charcoal drawings, paintings, photographs, imaginative masks, and more. 11 more words

Inside Centralia College

Scene on Campus: the Thanksgiving Feast for International Students

The International office at St. Mary’s University has hosted a Thanksgiving feast for all the international students on Nov. 24. The feast is hold at the Alfredo’s house in order to help them experience the American culture better. 17 more words

Life In Campus


By Laura Paloma

When you first arrive in the Netherlands as an international student, it feels like you have landed in an international paradise. Everyone speaks perfect English and the dogs and cats are all secretly bilingual. 826 more words

The Bubble

No Traffic, No Parking, No Stress!

Active transport has dozens of benefits for your health, time, and stress. Biking is one of the healthiest ways to get to class, and you get to bypass the blood-boiling traffic that plagues the roads around campus. 272 more words

Campus Life


If I gave the commencement speech at my graduation, this is how I would start:

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears. These words are symbolic of the relations of the citizens of Rome shared, and I believe that each student at Indiana University shares this same bond. 155 more words

Speech Class

Seeking students, public colleges reduce out-of-state prices

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (AP) — Graduating high school seniors: does the University of Southern Mississippi have a deal for you!

The 14,500-student school has cut annual out-of-state tuition and fees from $16,529 this year to $9,964 next fall, even as it increases the cost for Mississippi residents by 4 percent, to $7,963. 779 more words