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The Cozy Relationship Between Illegal Immigrants and the University of California

The debate surrounding the relationship between illegal immigrants and various academic institutions across the United States has been one of extreme length, divisive rhetoric, and emotional turmoil. 615 more words


The Best Recording Choice by Price & Solution in Campus Public Safety Today

The ATIS Phoenix 2.0 Phone & Radio Recording platform advances the metric of how well Campus Public Safety departments operate in fast paced environments. The PhoenixPRO software application exponentially improves the way campus dispatchers & end users conduct investigations, lock out, escort, and other critical campus emergency services. 32 more words

It is well...

At one time or the other you my have had a discussion about basic needs and it tended to deviate from the academic script real fast to include things like internet and television. 673 more words


Top 10 Low-Cost Business Ideas For African Student Entrepreneurs

Starting a small business as a student is advantageous all the way. You do not want to be a broke undergraduate. When you eventually graduate, you would not want to sit idle eagerly waiting to be called by a company’s HR. 877 more words

Oil Terminal Meets Activism at Clark

Clark College found itself at the center of local activism on June 8, with multiple hearings for a possible new oil terminal that could be built in the Port of Vancouver. 323 more words


Where is Ruffin?

“Do you know where Ruffin Residence Hall is?” If you don’t, it’s ok; many students at NCSMI don’t. The campus of UNC Chapel Hill can be very confusing. 272 more words


Get Involved!

Getting involved on campus is extremely important for students to do in order to not only have a full college experience but also to help find your passion and gain skills you didnt know you had. 144 more words