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Intoxicated Freshmen Terrified When Weekend Shuttle Doesn’t Go Straight to State Street

Last Friday night, a group of intoxicated freshmen on the weekend shuttle were terrified when the bus took them through the West Side, instead of going right to State Street. 390 more words


Campus events Oct. 23 - 27

Don’t miss out – here’s what’s happening around campus this week!

Thursday, Oct. 26

Spooky Movie all day long. Starting at 10:30am in the concourse, you can catch… 113 more words


The genesis of progress.

The complexities of life in the 21st century has weeded many beliefs and practices that for years had a strong hold on the African Society. Many of these cultural biases and proverbial innuendos targeting natural occurrences and medical or scientific norms have dwindled in the face of realities of the new millennium.  620 more words


Addressing Visitor Management and Emergency Response in Education

With K-12 schools and colleges deep into another year of learning and activities, keeping students safe is a top priority for school security officials. As these facilities increasingly become targets for threats and attacks, they face the challenge of maintaining a welcoming and open environment while ensuring the comprehensive safety of the students, teachers and staff. 560 more words

The Ally Way

The Ally Program at FSCJ is a program geared toward providing resources, support, and advocating rights for individuals who identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender (LGBTQ). 194 more words


CUTE: Trendy New Clothes To Guarantee You Won’t Get Raped!

Written by: Courtney Schaefer

Attention shoppers, there’s a new boutique fashion outlet selling rape repellant clothing for the non-loose women in your life and this Christmas, we’ll all be asking for it! 367 more words


Student Government Meeting Has a Surprise Announcement

Let’s Talk About Parking, Library Hours and That Halal Food Truck

By: Kenny Velez

On-campus parking issues, as well as the announcement of the on-campus Halal Food Truck, were just a few of the things mentioned in the Student Government (SG) meeting that took place on September 14. 593 more words