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Professors form Campus Antifa Network to “drive racists off campus”

While Conservatives are petitioning for the government to label Antifa a terrorist organization, two professors are embracing Antifa and organizing a “Campus Antifascist Network” (CAN) to fight against “hate groups” on campus. 764 more words


The Collington Pool Table

Note: Thanks, Marian Fuchs, for this great piece.

It’s a fairly sure bet that there are some residents who do not know about a little gem of a room nestled behind some glass cases, behind the library.   577 more words


School and Staff Changes

Written by Alfredo Martinez

State and federal regulations, personal aspirations, and faculty additions have resulted in a number of changes at JPCatholic.

Former Chair of the Theology, Dr. 444 more words


Affirmative Action, Harvard, and the DOJ

For almost three years, Harvard has been entangled in a lawsuit targeting its admissions practices. The suit, brought by Students for Fair Admissions, alleges… 583 more words


A visit to Taylor's Lakeside Campus

Hi guys, CASS here! Actually, I’ve visited the campus some time ago, but still decided to write a very short post about it ♥ (This picture was not taken by me, by the way ^^) 287 more words


Tupper's Excellent, Adventure-filled Day, Part 3

When we last checked in with our intrepid hero (that’s me!), I had just met a whole bunch of Bryant students from Zhuhai, China.

I bet you thought my day couldn’t possibly get any more exciting. 171 more words

Bryant Students

The Boiler Maker Special

One of the Zetas told me a funny thought- she wondered if West Lafayette is really just a fake town, all for show, for the students at Purdue University. 746 more words