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Warm BBQ 😕

Its’ Tuesday and I burned through all of the snacks I brought to work well before 11:30. As my hunger would be anything but satisfied, I knew I was going to make a move. 749 more words


Energy Never Lies

Throughout each and every one of our lives, people will come in and out. We don’t know why or what for at the time of meeting them, we just know the reason will reveal itself soon. 518 more words


2 Fawking Years of #FBCPod

It’s officially 2 years of the First Black Champ Podcast and we are just beginning! Special thanks for Barber’s Chair Digital, Jonathan Hood and YOU the listener for rocking with us through trash audio and light streaming numbers! 82 more words


So So Strippers Are Rapping

#BanginOnLunchTables So So Strippers Are Rapping

Missy Elliot’s Da Real World 20 Years Later – 1:44

Missy The Greatest…We Can Fight Over It! – 14:36… 105 more words


A Different Taco 🌮 Spot

The first attempt at breaking up my routine has officially been completed! I took it upon myself to do something different and try something new and I’m very proud of myself for taking even this small step. 494 more words


A Routine To Break Routine

For about 2 months now, I’ve been going through the motions. The motions of wake up, put positive energy in me, workout, go to work, come home, eat, make the most of my time, sleep and repeat. 291 more words


What's The Move...

I don’t belong here…
But where should I go…

I don’t belong in a quad 5 days
Clicking, typing, calling
Slowly wasting away
Sure it pays and I’m thankful… 184 more words