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What? No Can Opener??????

What the heck?  Didn’t we bring a can opener?

We pulled in to Fallen Rock RV Park about 6:30 or so and I really didn’t feel like getting the charcoal grill out and fired up.   148 more words


Safety Can Opener

I’ve always had a manual can opener, but after trying out my sister-in-law’s Safety Can Opener from Kitchen Power I knew I wanted one too.  Why?   132 more words

Kitchen Gadgets

The Easiest Way to De-Gunk a Can Opener

We recently shared the best way to fix a rusty can opener, but what about that everyday gunk that tends to accumulate on this kitchen tool? 139 more words


Void of a Can Opener - Part 3

(If you missed Parts 1 & 2, catch up on the action in this category.  And now the adventure continues.)

The crunching sound of metal upon asphalt was getting closer.  628 more words

Peas and Almonds Unique

My first recipe comes from the National Canners Association circa 1947. This book is amazing for several reasons,  first of all, there are several paragraphs dedicated to selecting the right can opener,  so amazing.   282 more words


Repeating Astroevents

One of the reasons I wrote about Anxiety specifically recently, is that several folks have expressed concern recently about whether nightmares of one kind or another that they endured when an astroevent happened, will recur when the event repeats.   934 more words

Repeating Events

Stations of the Tōkaidō

This is a technical note about astrology, though I think most folks will find it useful.

Because we all go around the Sun at different speeds, for part of the year most of the planets appear to go “backwards,” or “Retrograde.”   … 1,452 more words