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I LOVE COOKING!  Like a lot! And my kids are learning to love it too! It’s an awesome way to do a little home schooling on the weekends because they learn measurements and chemistry.  367 more words

The Dirtiest Tool in your Kitchen

Girl, this one is going to make you cringe.

You are going to go insaaaane in the membrane when I tell you what the dirtiest tool in your kitchen is! 544 more words

Control by Can Opener: The many forms of Domestic Violence.

Oh, how we laughed my daughter and I as we read the text messages over and over.  The message of “I love you and I wish you well with your anger issues”, “I will be waiting for a relationship with you when you learn to control yourself” and then the zinger, “you stole from me, bring back the can opener!”  Mind you this is not a fancy schmancy can opener, laden with gilded gold or a cherished family heirloom passed down from his mother, it is a $1.29 can opener from the grocery store.  621 more words

Surviving Emotional Abuse

4 Must-Have Small Appliances for Kitchen

Handy kitchen appliances make it easy for you to prepare mouthwatering delicacies without any hassles. Whether you need to bake a cake, make pasta or your favorite ice-cream, it is necessary to have the right kitchen appliances to explore your culinary skills. 368 more words

Food Processor

The Cant Opener

The loneliest place in the world… when you start to make a fresh batch of five can soup and the can opener breaks. Mother of all things righteous, why have you left me defenseless against fate? 346 more words


Study shows that 61 percent of Japanese junior high students can’t use a can opener — SoraNews24

This article is both sad and funny. I sure hope the younger generation can learn to open a can like a gorilla.

But then, I can’t peel fruit with a knife! 74 more words


Cause an Defect Full Moon I

As we said last time, things haven’t felt very satisfying or stable the last several days, as Jupiter Squares Pluto, amplified by the impending 7 August Full-Moon Partial Eclipse, prelude to the 21 August Big One.   933 more words