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Study shows that 61 percent of Japanese junior high students can’t use a can opener — SoraNews24

This article is both sad and funny. I sure hope the younger generation can learn to open a can like a gorilla.

Cats across the country lament the loss of their favorite sound.

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Cause an Defect Full Moon I

As we said last time, things haven’t felt very satisfying or stable the last several days, as Jupiter Squares Pluto, amplified by the impending 7 August Full-Moon Partial Eclipse, prelude to the 21 August Big One.   933 more words


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The can opener was invented 48 years after the can.


Change your life in the Kitchen (Serious)

Ok, Ok.

I’ve discovered the most life changing and incredibly brilliant kitchen tool.

Like, seriously man. I’m not even kidding.

The first time I tried this beautiful device, I….I actually almost cried with joy. 385 more words

Can Opener

This has outlasted an electric &

10 crank Can Openers over the past 45 yrs!

You can tune a piano but ya can’t tuna fish 🎶 Ya need to open the fish❕



Electric Can Opener Reviews: You’re Guide to Getting the Finest Product for You

If there were one kitchen appliance that is given the least consideration as far as its features are concerned, it would be the lowly can opener. 477 more words

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March IV - More Week 1

Other than what we’ve already discussed, the main events during the first week of March are an Exposition of Jupiter-Uranus at 6pm PST on 2 March, and the Station of Venus at 1am PST on 4 March.   1,270 more words