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On Prepping: Get It Girl!

My Prepping Question this month is:

If you had one month to prepare yourself and your family for an economy crash/downfall what would you do and how would you prepare? 1,006 more words

How exactly to Start a Can Having A Scoop

I have this actually particular can-opener that I usually overlook just how to utilize as well as for some explanation, I’ve never purchased a standard can-opener to displace it. 54 more words

MacGyver: (S01E07) "Can Opener"


*Disclaimer: Written while depressed because of the results of the US Election.*

Riley searches for an apartment and with the help of a bad British accent she gets what she wants. 159 more words

TV Series

MacGyver SN1 E7 - Can Opener

I must admit that I’m having a hard time writing a review for this episode because I’m too f’n excited over next week’s episode.  Why?  Well.   573 more words

Films & TV

Star Wars Millennium Falcon metal alloy bottle opener

Star Wars Millennium Falcon metal alloy bottle opener

This is so cool! My fiance is a huge Star Wars fan so I got this for him to use when he has a beer on football Sunday. 105 more words


October 2, 1866: Open Says Me

It’s the time of year when gardening cooks are busily canning the fruits of their summer-long labors. The idea of canning foods for preservation is certainly not new; the Dutch were preserving fresh salmon in tin cans back in the 1700s. 379 more words

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