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Chubby Bounty Hunter 012

The dry mouth gets disinfected by this one.




A Not-so-Shortcut to Donuts

It was just another typical Thursday night.

My dear friend Ryan and I were packing up the dingy old jungle-car, as we had for so long and fondly called it, for another of our weekly road-trips. 1,040 more words


Soda Pop Backstory - WIF Consumer Corner

Origin Stories of

Famous Soft Drinks

from contributor ROBERT GRIMMINCK

 Whether you call it soda, pop, or soda pop, carbonated water with lots of sugar in it has been a staple of the beverage world since… 3,097 more words

Top Ten List

Brown Bottling Group and Kroger donating cash to Mississippi's children's hospital

All through the month of July, Brown Bottling Group and all the Kroger grocery stores in central Mississippi will be donating $1 of every purchase of… 91 more words

Regional Events

#1331 - Ginger Ale

Look, I’m generally a pretty accepting person. I don’t rightly care about the brand of most things, be they breakfast cereals or chips or clothes or what-have-you. 21 more words

Sketch A Day

Fort McMurray Wildfire Could Double in Size by Tonight: Govt

The 101,000-hectare fire could double in size by tonight amid 27-dgree temp. and 40-kmph wind gusts

The massive blaze claiming Fort McMurray had grown to at least 101,000 hectares, as of posting, and was  moving northeast, away from the community, senior wildfire manager Chad Morrison told… 479 more words

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