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Late Pizza Delivery Driver Calls Customer Morally Bankrupt And Fat

Pizza Pizza is a chain restaurant that some readers outside of Canada might remember faintly from a line in a Moxy Fruvous song. No? All you need to know is that it’s a pizza chain, it delivers, and it has a 40-minute guarantee. 433 more words


The Philipsburg Pier. 

The Philipsburg Pier originated as a wooden jetty in the 1780s which enabled trade with the USA via Lake Champlain ports.

The most common good exported via the Philipsburg pier were racehorses, marble, carriages, logs and milled timber. 131 more words



The village of Philipsburg was established in 1784 by Empire Loyalists who moved to Canada from New York after the USA won her independence from the British. 247 more words

Bucket List Holiday - Canada, 2015

Accidentally shot...

A stone marker commemorating Margaret Vincent’s death is hidden on a back country road at Eccles Hill, near Frelighsburg, in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. … 320 more words

Bucket List Holiday - Canada, 2015


Today the leaves are positively dive-bombing off the trees.

The sun is shining again and the sky is azure blue, but yesterday’s snow has caused the autumn leaves to give up hope and cast themselves to the ground. 171 more words


Pulling cheese.

Okay. This is a new one on me. I’ve just had my first string cheese experience.

Apart from the very “American cheese” colour, it looks just like the Kraft cheese sticks that we have in Australia, but it’s a lot more fun because you can pull strings of cheese off and torture your cheese as you eat it. 25 more words

Bucket List Holiday - Canada, 2015

Ausable Chasm, NY. 

Ausable Chasm is located at Keeseville, New York.

It’s beautiful. That is all.

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