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Squamish, British Columbia

The drive was about 1 hour north and one of the most memorable. You take a road along the side of a mountain over looking the coast! 207 more words

Vancouver BC (2 of 2)

Ok so the weather was okish. You can’t expect too much for end of September and early October in Canada. We had rain but we also had sun. 213 more words

Vancouver BC (1 of 2)

We spent 3 weeks total at Burnaby-Caribou RV Park in Burnaby…which is a suburb just south of Vancouver. One of the dozens of suburbs actually. Vancouver is the largest city we have been to in Canada with over 2.4 million people and multiple sprawling downtown areas. 411 more words

2 weeks of Canadian high desert in Kelowna, BC

Okay so it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted anything so I may be a bit Rusty here.

The drive was about 4 hours through some windy and narrow roads. 747 more words

8 days in the town of Revelstoke, BC & pipe mountain coaster!!

There is a lot to do here. The nice thing is that it is very secluded being far from both Vancouver BC and Calgary Alberta. I think this limits tourism and visitors so that the town only has 7500 plus residents but still tons of amenities and outdoor stuff to do. 673 more words

Mount Revelstoke in BC 

Seriously don’t tell anyone how cool it is because I don’t want a massive influx of visitors. The awesome thing about Revelstoke town and Mountain is that it’s relatively small with 7500 residence lots to do and a nice balance of nature as well. 204 more words

4 days in Golden, BC

Okay so the drive from Canmore to Golden was fairly easy and very beautiful. Driving through the Canadian Rockies is always fun quite hilly and delivers extraordinary views. 460 more words