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Perhaps Canada wasn’t as bad of a choice as I first thought. Jessica rolls tight with the Mounties!

Buddy The Therapy Dog!

From Alana F.: “Buddy is a therapy dog for the geriatric patients at Baycrest Health Sciences Centre. He thinks his stubborn hanging-out tongue and big brown eyes are his most handsome features. 60 more words

Everyone Fall OUT For Inspection!

You too, Recruit #5992! Where are your SHOES? I wanna see a SHINE on the bill of your cap. CLEAN paws. SUCK IN THAT GUT! And no DROOL from gnawing on…whatever. 35 more words

Best Buy Closes Future Shop Stores, Will Turn Half Into Best Buys

Future Shop is the best name ever given to an electronics retailer, and also a chain in Canada that for the last 14 years has been owned by Best Buy. 188 more words


The Loquacious Codger

What is that some kind of Art Deco surrealism novel you get for a dollar at those musty dive bargain bookstores? The kind of book the author thinks screams post-modernism and provocateur rebel trouble iconoclasm. 351 more words


lets get nutritional

According to a press release posted on January 8th, Tim Hortons is launching a program to help inform its guests in Canada and the USA about the range of balanced menu options available at Tim Hortons restaurants. 169 more words


Photo A Day: Jan 5, 2015: Canadian Meetups In London

London is a big city.

But the most consistent group of people I have interacted with and continued to see over the past 15 months are those at the expat Canadian wings night held each month at either The Maple Leaf bar, or the Hippodrome Casino. 162 more words

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