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Sunday Duck-day

On Sunday morning Dave and I went to Haddon Lake Park. We’ve been there hundreds of time over the years. Sometimes I just need my duck-fix, so it’s the perfect place to spot waterfowl. 499 more words

night's echo

geese calling, flying
in the dark


NOW SHOWING: An Uncommon Shrub with Cool Seeds and Flocks with "Zugunruhe"

This week in Gallagher Creek Park, Ben discovered an uncommon shrub (or small tree) producing its unusual, papery seed capsules.  So of course, I had to buzz over and have a look.   883 more words

Portrait of a Cackling Goose

A Cackling Goose in portrait. A Cackling goose is a sub-species of the Canada Goose. They are smaller and have a shorter neck than a regular Canada Goose.


My 3 Favorite Trumpeter Swan Photos

It is impossible for me to choose which one of these photos is my favorite.  They are not close-ups, they are favorites for the swans and the background of flooded  Somenos Marsh in winter.  64 more words



Have you ever tried to shoot a group portrait? You get everyone lined up and facing the camera, but there is always one uncooperative subject. That was certainly the case with these Canada Geese ( 39 more words