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May 26 My! How the Babies Have Grown!


It’s ages since I’ve added a post in this blog as I’ve been busy having fun with my family on holiday here from Canada! They have now returned home  and the house is sadly  quiet without the sound of our twin 16 month old grandchildren scampering everywhere! 300 more words

Make way for Ducklings

Although different birds mate at different times, spring is in fulls wing here in New England. So it seemed strange to me that I had not seen any baby ducks.The swans are still on the nest and the Canada Geese have tons of baby goose-poop machines. 191 more words


60 Heading to 60 - 39

Yesterday was another glorious day and we decided to collect my son Kyle and head down the Hawrelak Park in the River Valley. We sat and watcher the water fowl as they elegantly swam and occasionally flew around the lake. 46 more words


Pandapas Pond - Part One

Eight minutes.

I timed it.  In just eight minutes I can drive from my house to Pandapas Pond, one of the best family nature spots I’ve ever visited – living in Blacksburg is the best! 1,326 more words



While the “Majestics” wait for their eggs to hatch, several Canada Goose couples have already seen  their eggs  give way to fluffy goslings.

The families mingled until no one seemed to know which baby belonged to which parent. 12 more words