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Canada Geese Enjoy Cool Minnesota Creek

The sun was so bright and these Canada geese were so far away, I wasn’t sure how these photos would turn out. But I think I really like them. 25 more words

Nature Photography

Wednesday ~ April 18, 2018

Happy Wednesday!

I have never met a Blue Heron that I didn’t want to photograph.  I can’t help myself.  :)

I have three photos for today. 200 more words

Daily Posts

Will Decapitated Decoys Keep Geese Off the Grass? An Update

It’s been over two weeks since our neighbors put out headless decoys to keep the Canada geese off their lawn. For those wondering if it works, the answer is: sort of. 242 more words

Kit Dunsmore Writer

For the Birds

A pair of Canada geese loudly hissed, then charged at me from the left. I stood up on the pedals of my bike and began to sprint as fast as I could. 624 more words


Generally always in a bunch, this Canada Goose (Branta canadensis) was in the middle of a field all by itself. Maybe waiting for it’s boy/girl friend!


Cat Among the Pigeons

Aki wouldn’t like this. It’s seven in the morning. The temperature drops a degree each mile I ride my bike out Glacier Highway. Now it hovers at 27 degrees F. 207 more words