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Lac Du Santuaire (Lake of Sanctuary)

Our dear friend Peter and our mother Irene posed for a sunset shot on Sunday. In the background, on the lawn at the shore, a family of geese munched dandelions. 952 more words


Blog Ten: What Canada Geese Do In The Pouring Rain

Canada geese apparently weather a downpour of rain by purposely standing out in it. In this particular storm photographed there were many trees with canopies to act as umbrellas, but the geese chose to leave these sheltered spots. 553 more words

Canada Geese

Blog Nine: There Are Many Times of Peace and Tranquility

One of my favorite times to observe is while sitting on a bench after the typical chaotic foraging behaviors to watch the geese rest at the shoreline or on the grassy slope. 369 more words

Canada Geese

Blog Eight: Mates and Parenting

It’s now mid-summer, shortly after the molting time, and mating rituals are not occurring – at least it’s not obvious that the singles are pairing up and it’s too early for couples to be doing any kanoodling. 1,683 more words

Canada Geese

Catching Up

Been a while since I updated everyone. Summer seems to be flying by and visitors have seen us travelling all over. While all of that’s been going on, life on the pond has continued. 480 more words