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After losing everything in Fort McMurray fires, engineer mulls his readiness to retire — maybe to far north

Situation: Ft. McMurray resident who lost his house wonders whether he can retire in the far north

Solution: Add up company pension, savings, government benefits and check tax rates… 1,140 more words

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Tristin Hopper: Don’t want to raise the retirement age? Raise the smoking and drinking rates

Last week, the federal Liberals quickly shot down a proposal from their own economic advisory council that the retirement age should be raised as high as 70. 1,010 more words

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Dual citizenship that costs $3,000 a year in accounting bills alone forces retiring couple to tread carefully

Situation: Mid-60s couple must comply with U.S. and Canadian tax rules and boost income

Solution: Income will rise as debts are paid off, income boosted, but investments are limited… 1,186 more words

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Dad’s retirement at age 42 a large risk for family with five children, mom working part time

Situation: Dad, 37, with five young children wants to retire at 42 and raise his kids on savings
Solution: Abandon the plan and work to age 60, then take early CPP and later OAS for security… 1,163 more words

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Yedlin: Why Calgary should house Canada's infrastructure bank

Last November, the prime minister’s economic advisory council determined an infrastructure bank was the right mechanism to spur investment in the upgrading or replacement of existing infrastructure, with the ultimate goal of boosting economic growth. 893 more words


Couple must cut debt — and cut off their adult kids — to hit their retirement goals

Situation: Couple almost 60 wants to retire but fears lack of savings will force them to sell house

Solution: Cut gifts to adult children, accelerate debt paydown, cut investment costs, track spending… 1,133 more words


Canada Pension Plan Investment Board lags international financial community on recognition of climate change risks and stranded assets

In what the WWF has called   “a landmark moment for responsible investment in Europe” , the European Parliament voted in November 2016  to mandate that all workplace pension administrators must consider climate risk and risks “related to the depreciation of assets” -stranded assets-  in investment decisions.   757 more words