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Finance minister says province prepared to lower oil price forecasts if needed

As a new report casts a gloomy light on the Canadian economy and commodity prices, Finance Minister Joe Ceci says the NDP government is prepared to downgrade its oil price forecasts, if necessary. 410 more words

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Your secure retirement starts with a golden number: Here's how to calculate it

If you participated in a defined benefit pension plan for most of your working life, your retirement planning has essentially been taken care of. The same is true for the bottom 30 per cent of income earners, who can rely on the Canadian Pension Plan, Old Age Security and the Guaranteed Income Supplement to meet their retirement needs. 648 more words

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How the new border tracking system could affect your government benefits

For snowbirds just starting to plan their packing for this winter’s trip south, a recent report about more robust exit-tracking may have given some seniors pause — especially at the suggestion that their travels could affect the government benefits they rely on. 698 more words


Ontario premier says first conversation with Justin Trudeau will focus on pensions

TORONTO – Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne says the first conversation she wants to have with Justin Trudeau once he’s sworn in as prime minister will be about enhancing the Canada Pension Plan. 505 more words


How the Liberal victory is a major setback for Canada's wealthy

While middle-class Canadians may relish the modest cuts to mid-level tax brackets, Monday’s landslide Liberal majority constitutes a major setback for the affluent.

Those who earn more than $200,000 per year may have gone to bed Monday evening fretting about the new 33% federal high-income tax bracket, which is 4% higher than the previous top federal bracket. 782 more words

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Five key issues between Notley and Trudeau governments

Premier Rachel Notley has only been in office since May, but she’ll soon be dealing with her second prime minister.

While Notley will likely have a better relationship with Justin Trudeau — whose Liberals swept the Conservative government from power on Monday — than Stephen Harper, there are a number of key areas where the two levels of government will have to work together. 521 more words


Peter Hadekel: Trudeau's ambitious promises raise many economic questions

Reading the Liberal party’s election platform is an exhausting experience.

There’s so much ambition and so many promises it leaves you breathless — everything from making housing and post-secondary education more affordable to helping young people and aboriginals find employment, enhancing the Canada Pension Plan, investing in public transit, cancelling the F-35 fighter jet and keeping home delivery at Canada Post. 616 more words