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Harvesting cash from rental properties, small business, key to B.C. pair's five-year plan

Situation: In their early to mid-50s, a couple with a small business and two rentals wants to retire in five years

Solution: Harvest cash from assets now and the plan should work… 1,073 more words

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Trade-offs abound as woman must raise funds to pay down mortgage

Situation: Woman, 62, recently retired with health issues has a mortgage stretching to her 80s
Solution: Sell assets to get cash for rapid mortgage paydown, then sort out other retirement priorities… 1,015 more words


Retirement plan adds up for this single B.C. woman, but new house not part of the equation

Situation: At 53, woman with a good company pension and some savings wants to plan retirement

Solution: Add up future income streams to assess retirement readiness… 967 more words


‘It's a real crapshoot’: Woman with serious illness needs a financial plan for the best — and worst — of outcomes

Situation: Woman in mid-life has been diagnosed with a cancer that may be mild or aggressive

Solution: Raise cash and investment returns for expectation of long life, but prepare for the worst… 946 more words

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Reality check: Do 'payroll taxes' really hurt young workers?

OTTAWA – Newly minted Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was hoping to lure young voters into the Tory tent this week when he said “payroll taxes” ultimately hurt new and young workers —a key constituency in 2015’s Liberal election win. 916 more words


Colby Cosh: How the 1% accidentally pushed so many Americans onto the disability dole (and why it didn’t happen in Canada)

Two Canadian economists, UBC’s Kevin Milligan and Wilfrid Laurier’s Tammy Schirle, have published a new working paper on a subject dear to my heart: the high use of disability insurance, particularly Social Security disability insurance, in the United States. 959 more words

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'A case of career interrupted': Hit with a layoff, couple's reno plans and travel dreams looking iffy

Situation: A couple must cope with a recent layoff and substantial debts that jeopardize retirement plans

Solution: Sell rental property to raise cash flow; use wife’s income, investment income and pensions… 948 more words

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