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Canada Pension Plan: improved benefits, but still exposed to fossil fuel risk

Welcome as it is that the federal government announced improvements in the Canada Pension Plan on October 4, it would be even more welcome to know that the CPP Invesment Board (CPPIB)  was not risking our future pensions by remaining invested in the  fossil fuel industry.  303 more words

Editorial: The Liberals after Year One — A mixed report card, but only themselves to blame

Is it fair to judge a government only a year after an election? If the government in question made 325 promises during the campaign, as the Liberals did, then yes. 550 more words

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Andrew Coyne: Expansion of the CPP is risky business

As the other arguments for CPP expansion collapse, the one that remains is insurance.

You’ll recall the CPP was supposed to be cheaper than private plans, on account of its larger scale. 923 more words

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Quebec is still holding out on pension reform

Possible changes to the Quebec Pension Plan and the merits of a trust fund for a relative on welfare were among the topics raised in the latest batch of reader letters. 568 more words


Ready to retire but worried about their income, this couple can boost their financial security with a few investment tweaks

Situation: Couple in early sixties wants to increase security and ensure income in old age

Solution: Restructure portfolio to raise income by cutting management fees and risks… 1,173 more words


Philip Cross: How labour laws are gutting Ontario jobs

Under the auspices of its Changing Workplaces Review, the Ontario government is considering a sweeping overhaul of the labour laws covered by the Labour Relations Act and the Employment Standards Act. 770 more words

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B.C. finally gives key support for Canada Pension Plan expansion

OTTAWA — The federal government has secured the support of British Columbia as part of a long-sought enhancement of the Canada Pension Plan, clearing a major hurdle for the new retirement scheme championed by Ottawa. 440 more words