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Colby Cosh: How the 1% accidentally pushed so many Americans onto the disability dole (and why it didn’t happen in Canada)

Two Canadian economists, UBC’s Kevin Milligan and Wilfrid Laurier’s Tammy Schirle, have published a new working paper on a subject dear to my heart: the high use of disability insurance, particularly Social Security disability insurance, in the United States. 959 more words

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'A case of career interrupted': Hit with a layoff, couple's reno plans and travel dreams looking iffy

Situation: A couple must cope with a recent layoff and substantial debts that jeopardize retirement plans

Solution: Sell rental property to raise cash flow; use wife’s income, investment income and pensions… 948 more words

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A frugal life, but an even more frugal retirement ahead for this Alberta couple

Situation: Powering down for full retirement in five years, couple needs to manage costs and returns

Solution: Raise the margin of financial safety by managing costs of living and cutting investment fees… 1,154 more words

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Deciding when Canadians get seniors benefits has become too political. Here's how to stop that

Low fertility rates, increasing life expectancies and the aging of baby boomers are causing Canada’s old-age dependency ratio to rise. This increase in pensioners relative to the working-age population will strain the sustainability of our social security system. 506 more words

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Pension-less couple who saved their way to affluence still worry if it's enough to retire on

Situation: Couple in mid-60s with no defined benefit work pensions worries they can’t afford to retire

Solution: A full assessment of their financial assets and rental income shows the worries are unfounded… 1,163 more words

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In their mid-sixties and in a vise of debt, this B.C. couple needs a balance-sheet fix — and fast

Situation: Couple 68 and 64 owe twice annual take home income on mortgages and credit cards

Solution: Cut expenses, pay off credit cards fast, mortgages as due, raise investment returns… 1,148 more words

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Pension-rich, cash-poor civil servant needs to 'liberate' money to pay down mortgage before timing retirement

Situation: Saskatchewan civil servant in her mid-50s has ample registered investments but little cash for debts

Solution: Tap TFSA to reduce mortgage, save five figures of interest, then tally retirement income… 1,073 more words

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