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Old Age Security is melting away, so more of you will rely on low-income support cheques when you retire

There are three tiers in Canada’s retirement income system, even though the Canada Pension Plan, Tier 2, has been getting all the attention lately. Workplace pensions, at Tier 3, have a certain stature, because in the private sector you’re considered lucky if you get one. 623 more words

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Kevin Libin: It turns out shockingly few workers will benefit from the steeper CPP we're all forced to pay

Perhaps someday our grandchildren will learn the stories of the political heroes that vanquished the Great Canadian Pension Crisis.

They won’t be very interesting stories. But the politicians playing hero would have us believe that the enhanced Canada Pension Plan, which the Trudeau government unveiled in detail this week, was truly historic. 877 more words

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William Watson: Introducing the Liberals’ all-new middle-class moron tax

The federal Liberals are reforming the CPP because Canada’s middle class is apparently too dim to look after its own retirement needs

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William Watson: Introducing the Liberals' all-new middle-class moron tax

My favourite line from the backgrounder the federal department of finance just put out to coincide with parliamentary hearings on the Canada Pension Plan reforms it agreed to in June is the following: “With the automatic collection of contributions for all workers, the CPP is a simple way to save.” Well, yes. 768 more words

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Business a.m.: Language dart at Couche-Tard meeting, Poloz backs pension reform

Here’s our look at the big stories this morning on the business beat:

Language surfaces again: Alimentation Couche-Tard chairman Alain Bouchard took exception to a shareholder shot at chief executive Brian Hannasch’s lack of fluency in French during the company’s annual meeting in Laval on Tuesday. 663 more words


Personal Finance Workshop - Retiring on a Low Income

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Canada Pension Plan Changes will hurt economy in short term: officials

OTTAWA – The federal government expects the proposed expansion of the Canada Pension Plan to curb economic and employment growth slightly in the short term before boosting both of them in the long run. 852 more words