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In their mid-sixties and in a vise of debt, this B.C. couple needs a balance-sheet fix — and fast

Situation: Couple 68 and 64 owe twice annual take home income on mortgages and credit cards

Solution: Cut expenses, pay off credit cards fast, mortgages as due, raise investment returns… 1,148 more words

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Pension-rich, cash-poor civil servant needs to 'liberate' money to pay down mortgage before timing retirement

Situation: Saskatchewan civil servant in her mid-50s has ample registered investments but little cash for debts

Solution: Tap TFSA to reduce mortgage, save five figures of interest, then tally retirement income… 1,073 more words

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Five things you should know before you start your work day on April 4

Good morning. Editor Nicole MacAdam (@nicole_mac1) here. SNC is considering a $3.5 billion acquisition of British construction company, a C.D. Howe report sounds the alarm over Ottawa’s plan for an expanded CPP, and the energy industry gathers to talk about electric cars. 798 more words


New report suggests a 'fully-funded' expanded Canada Pension Plan might not be such a sure thing

A new report that looks at the federal government’s blueprint for an expanded Canada Pension Plan warns the larger payouts are predicated on returns that may not materialize over the next 40-75 years. 625 more words


After being announced in federal budget, here's how the new consolidated caregiver tax credit works

If you care for and support a family member, the tax system currently provides three potential caregiver non-refundable credits you may be eligible to claim on your 2016 tax return: the infirm dependant credit, the caregiver credit and the family caregiver credit. 826 more words


Holding off on CPP until they are 70 would make huge difference to this couple’s retirement income

Situation: Couple aiming to be fully retired in four years needs to carefully co-ordinate timing of pension and investment drawdowns

Solution: Do the math correctly and watch expenses and the plan can work… 1,179 more words

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The CPP deferral debate: Spend your risky dollars first because they may not be there in your 80s

I know that Ted Rechtshaffen is a smart fellow. That is why it pains me to refute his recent Counterpoint in which he explained why it makes sense to start CPP at 60. 558 more words

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