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Learning Tree International Brings IT Training to Canada's North

The first recorded attempt to discover the Northwest Passage was the east-west voyage of John Cabot in 1497, sent by Henry VII in search of a direct route to the Orient.  65 more words

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Tuberculosis champions' in Nunavut improve testing, treatment

A recent CBC News article reported that “Researchers have found a unique way to detect hidden cases of tuberculosis in Canada’s North, where the bacterial infection is still an important public health problem. 114 more words

Myles Haverluck

Success in First Nations

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Chris Warkentin when he got up to the podium and the title of his presentation “Fostering Opportunities for Canada’s First Nations and Canada’s North” lead me to believe this was going to be just another politic speech. 301 more words


Notes from GoMedia: If you are visiting Canada's Arctic, don't forget about Quebec

Canada’s Arctic is so unlike the rest of the country, it might as well be on another world. It is vast, wild, sparsely populated and remote and that is exactly what makes it such a compelling destination. 663 more words


5 things you can do TODAY to change your eating habits

I know often people think they are eating “healthy” food, when in fact it really isn’t much better than many junky alternatives. We are battling against misinformation, false advertising and large companies who have the power to control government funded programs. 474 more words


Canada suspends military operations near disputed Hans Island

OTTAWA – The Canadian army has suspended military operations in the vicinity of a tiny, uninhabited island off the coast of Greenland that has been the source of an ongoing spat between Canada and Denmark, Postmedia News has learned. 537 more words