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Model Operator

How does one go about learning to be an Osteopath? What does one need to know? First and foremost a thorough knowledge of functional anatomy is absolutely required (functional anatomy includes physiology in my mind). 680 more words

Where Did The Progress Go?

My father was an American. My father was a wrestler (he had several scholarship offers but got drafted in to the Navy during the Vietnam War), a boxer, and a running back. 2,009 more words

A Lesson On Leverage

Let us not be so narrow minded to think that we as Osteopathic Students or Osteopathic Operators own manual therapy. Let us not be so narrow minded as to think we can not learn about our profession from sources that have nothing to do with manual therapeutics. 439 more words

Dose Response

There is a common understanding of a dose-response curve in pharmacology. This is also an issue in general life as well as Osteopathic treatment. The basic idea is that a specific stimulus will provide a given response based on intensity and the same level of response will eventually require an increased level of stimulus through decreasing sensitivity (there are other dynamics where this is not the case and those are noted through observation). 661 more words

Why Global, Local, Focal Matters

To some the saying “global, local, focal” with regards to Osteopathic treatment may not be one they have heard. Considering that it may not be a common saying for some I obviously first need to clarify the statement. 1,147 more words

The Rule Of The Artery Is Supreme (?)

What follows will be a bit of a mental meandering (maybe). I have come across many questions and discussions about what Osteopathy actually is. Common questions are formed as “what is the difference between Osteopathy and (name a hands on practice here)?” I don’t always have a good answer. 1,154 more words

Identity Politics

The often heard statement from Brandon Stevens, Vice-Principal at the CAO is “Osteopaths are optimists – we name things for what they like to do”. This is extremely important, in treatment as well as in having an understanding of the world itself. 889 more words